Rogers Center Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Baseball field at Rogers Center, Toronto, Canada

Home to the Toronto Blue Jays, the Rogers Center is much more than just a ballpark. Its convenient location, right in the heart of Toronto, makes it an ideal spot from which to explore the city once you have finished visiting the stadium itself.

Completed in 1989, this was the first stadium in the world to have a fully retractable roof. Although many think of it as a ballpark, the Rogers Center is far more diverse than just baseball and football. Attached is a 348 room hotel and the park hosts every kind of major event from concerts through to circuses, and from monster truck rallies to WWF wrestling events.

The park can seat 54 000 fans and covers a whopping 12.7 acres. As if watching an event live were not enough, at the north end of the ground there is a state-of-the-art video screen that measures 110 feet long by 33 feet high and is capable of projecting 43 trillion colors. That makes even the replays quite impressive.

The park’s downtown position also makes it a convenient place from which to visit some of the city's many other attractions.  You can easily store your luggage in one of the many locker rental facilities near Rogers Center. After that, you will be in an ideal position to stroll the waterfront with its famous St Lawrence Market, wander through the AGO art gallery or hop a ferry across to the Toronto Island Park.

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Rogers Center, Toronto, Canada

Rogers Center bag policy

While diaper bags and purses are welcome in the park, there are some luggage rules you need to be aware of. No bag larger than 16'' x 16'' x 8'' will be allowed in and no hard-sided coolers will either. There are bins at the entrances and if a bag does not fit into one easily, it will not be allowed into the grounds.

Having to then find somewhere to store it could prove to be a costly inconvenience. With locker rental in the vicinity, this is another good reason for considering storing your luggage in advance.

Rogers Center food policy

You are welcome to bring in your own food but it will need to be wrapped or bagged, and if it is in a cooler, it will need to conform to the stadium's bag policy. Non-alcoholic drinks may be brought in but only if contained in plastic containers of less than 600 mls.

In the grounds, there are dozens of different food concessions. There you will find everything from burgers and fried chicken right through to fruit and vegan options.

Rogers Center Camera Policy

Rogers Center welcomes the use of personal video or still camera equipment. Professional cameras with detachable lenses of over 3'', bi-pods and tripods will not be allowed into the stadium. Please be considerate of other fans viewing pleasure when taking your photographs.

Rogers Center rules

  • Dress requirements do not allow the wearing of mascot apparel
  • You may not leave the grounds and re-enter
  • No noise-making equipment
  • Nothing that can possibly be construed as a weapon will be allowed in
  • This is a no-smoking stadium and that includes the use of vapor or electronic cigarettes.
  • No alcohol can be brought into the grounds but it can be purchased from vendors and stands within the stadium. Responsible drinking rules apply.

Rogers Centre lockers facilities

There are no lockers in the center itself. Given the strict bag policy, if you are carrying anything that may preclude you from entry you are well-advised to find a local locker rental service and place any items in their care for the duration of your visit. This will also free you up to enjoy some of the other delights that this city has on offer without the hindrance of having to lug baggage with you.

Fortunately, there are several locker rental services in the vicinity. Try to find one that offers an online booking facility as this might save you the disappointment of finding all lockers full when you get there. Better services also tend to offer comprehensive protection coverage.

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