Toronto Airport Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Toronto Pearson International Airport, Canada

Toronto, the capital of the Canadian province of Ontario, attracts more visits annually than any other city in the country. A large percentage of its twenty-eight million-plus visitors arrive on planes that land at Toronto International Airport, but they're only part of the average fifty million-plus passengers who use the massive installation every year.

Toronto International Airport or the Toronto Pearson International Airport covers an area of more than four and a half thousand acres with two terminals, five runways, and a complex network of taxiways as well as multiple cargo and hanger areas. Hundreds of thousands of aircraft fly in and out of YYZ and even the frigid, snowy Canadian winters don't halt operations as continual snow clearing ensures their safe take-offs and landings.

There are excellent transport connections existing between Toronto and the airport, which is located twenty-two kilometers outside of the city center. You won't want to tackle them with baggage in tow though, especially if you're planning on going up the CN Tower. Deposit your bags with a luggage storage service near Toronto Pearson International Airport and you'll have two hands free to cling to the safety rails while you're looking down from the dizzying heights of the tower's observation deck.  

Bag policy at Toronto Airport

Most check-in desks at Toronto International Airport open at least two to three hours before the relevant flight is due to take-off. That's great as it means you can get rid of large suitcases relatively early, but it still leaves you with your cumbersome hand luggage. That's something you're stuck with until you board as you can't leave it lying around anywhere unless you stow it in a locker. You'll need to double-check you've not packed any liquids, aerosols or gels bigger than 100ml in your carry-on bags before going through security too. If you've not separated them into a re-sealable plastic bag, they'll be taken from you.

Food policy at Toronto Airport

If you have a few hours to go before boarding your flight or are on a long layover, you won't need to resort to quelling your hunger with fast food at Toronto Pearson International Airport. You will in fact be totally spoilt for choice by the airport's gastronomical offerings. If you've never had molecular cuisine, don't miss your chance to try a mac and cheese-topped flatbread followed by some Nutella popsicles. There's plenty more normal places to eat if those dishes don't tempt your taste buds, so if you prefer pizza, pasta, a sandwich, a salad, or a craft beer and some pub food, you'll find them easily enough.

Camera policy at Toronto Airport

It's always nice to have a souvenir photo of whatever trip you take and getting either that first or last shot while in the airport somehow adds an extra something to your vacation memories. There's no reason why you shouldn't take photos of yourself or your traveling companions at YYZ so long as you're careful not to include strangers or any of the airport staff in the shots. Avoid pointing your lens towards security cameras, the security area, passport control, or any patrolling police officers too, or you could find yourself needing to invest in a new piece of photographic equipment.

Rules at Toronto Airport

The rules at Toronto Pearson International Airport are pretty much on par with the majority of airports worldwide. Smoking or vaping in either of the airport's two terminals is strictly prohibited. You will find both have designated smoking areas, though, which are located outside. They're open-air so you'll need to dress up warm before heading out for a puff in winter. 

Pets are not permitted in the terminal areas unless you're traveling with them, and then they must be confined to a pet carrier at all times unless using the pet relief areas which are located in terminals one and three.

Lockers at Toronto Airport

There are luggage storage facilities available at Toronto Pearson International Airport in both terminals, though if you're traveling with larger than normal or extra bulky items you will need to book a space in advance of arriving. There is a quite high per-item fee for a storage time of up to six hours, which increases if you want to leave your stuff for longer but less than twenty-four hours. If you need to leave your luggage for twenty-four hours or more, you'll need to pay for a minimum two days of storage.

Use a Bounce luggage storage service near Toronto Pearson International Airport and not only will you find it convenient, you'll save yourself a good fistful of dollars too. Bounce is the economical, go-to option for storing your bags while you're in Toronto as you'll only be charged a small daily fee for each item you deposit.

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