Toronto Bus Station Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Toronto Bus Station, Toronto, Canada

The Toronto Coach Terminal is a 1930s Art Deco building that looks more like a mausoleum than a major transport hub. Externally it hasn't altered much since it first opened, but internally is a different story. The terminal had just four platforms originally, but when they couldn't cope with the amount of passengers using the terminal an expansion plan was put into place. Now Toronto Coach Terminal has a total of seven platforms where travelers can catch Megabus, Greyhound and Coach Canada buses to a variety of destinations including Niagara Falls.

The sheer volume of passengers passing through Toronto Coach Terminal means it's a constant hive of activity. It's not somewhere you'd want to spend any length of time either, as the coach exits are permanently open to the elements and it can get pretty chilly inside, especially on the platforms. If you've a while to wait for your coach to depart, stow your bags with a luggage storage service near Toronto Coach Terminal and find somewhere warmer to pass the time.

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Bag policy at Toronto Coach Terminal

Leaving bags unattended anywhere in Toronto Coach Terminal is a definite no-no. If security doesn't remove them for you, undoubtedly someone else will, and having to sort out the complications of lost or stolen luggage can take all the enjoyment out of a trip. It's not overly easy maneuvering suitcases around the lengthy queues that can form at the platforms either, nor is it convenient to take your luggage with you if you're boarding a coach to Niagara Falls. Unless your accommodation is near the famous Ontario landmark, you'll have a better sightseeing trip if you store your luggage near the coach terminal rather than carrying it with you.  

Food policy at Toronto Coach Terminal

Toronto Coach Terminal is a place to pass through rather than somewhere to sit around and take in the view. Lingering over a coffee while watching coaches arrive and depart won't be much fun as there are limited options for sitting down as well as purchasing food and drink. You can pick up a take-out coffee and panini or pastry from Tim Hortons in the Atrium, but for anything else, you'll need to go further afield. The easiest place to head for to find food is the PATH, the subterranean walkway lined with outlets and stores that connects Toronto Coach Terminal with Maple Leaf Square.

Camera policy at Toronto Coach Terminal

Taking photos at Toronto Coach Terminal is allowed but finding a subject to take a photo of, unless it's a selfie, could be a little more difficult. When the terminal is busy, as it usually is, snapping off a shot without including a hundred other people in it is next to impossible, and asking all of them if they mind being in your picture could turn out to be so time-consuming you'd miss your coach. The best thing to do is save your camera batteries until you arrive at your destination or pass somewhere more scenic during your journey.

Rules at Toronto Coach Terminal

There are no specific rules for using the Toronto Coach Terminal but general good behavior is expected as it would be in any public area in Canada. Being drunk and disorderly, smoking, and throwing litter on the floor are prohibited. The terminal waiting rooms are there for people who are catching buses and not designed to be used as cheap overnight accommodation. It's recommended to arrive around thirty minutes before your coach departs, which is just about the maximum length of time you'd want to stay in the terminal anyway.

Lockers at Toronto Coach Terminal

There is a luggage storage facility in Toronto Coach Terminal. It's a self-service amenity that's available twenty-four hours, seven days of the week, but not the most secure and the rental charge doesn't include any protection for your luggage or any valuables it might contain. Keep in mind the terminal is always heaving with people too, so vacant lockers are always at a premium.

Save yourself the time, bother, and worry of storing your bags there by using one of the Bounce luggage locker services near Toronto Coach Terminal or in the city itself. Bounce has over twenty luggage storage points throughout Toronto including in Downtown a few minutes walk from the terminal. Use a Bounce locker to store your baggage and included in the minimal daily per bag fee is the use of a security seal plus a comprehensive protection that, should any rarity happen, covers you for up to $10,000.

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