Toronto Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Toronto may not be Canada's legal capital — that honor goes to Ottawa — but in many ways, the biggest city in Ontario is the cultural and financial center of the country. The biggest city in Canada, Toronto's population of over five million makes it home to a significant percentage of Canadians. Located on the shores of Lake Ontario close to the border with the United States, Toronto is known as the Center of the Universe to Canadians, both affectionately and disparagingly.

Toronto is also a city that keeps on growing. As the biggest city in a country known for its large immigrant population, Toronto is often considered the most cosmopolitan city on earth. Something like 180 different languages are spoken in the city, and Toronto's diverse neighborhoods reflect this mosaic of cultures. Wherever you're from, Toronto can feel strangely like home. And yet, there's also something quintessentially Canadian about this modern metropolis.

A weekend in Toronto

cn tower in toronto

12 Best Things to do in Toronto

This dynamic Canadian city sits on the banks of Lake Ontario. It is a city surrounded by wild country and filled with green spaces. The towering skyscrapers and modern downtown area are cram-packed with delightful eateries, making this a city with plenty to offer to the curious traveler.

To get the most enjoyment from your visit you will first need to store any large bags so that you are traveling light. Here Bounce luggage storage services can be of assistance. They have teamed up with local partners to ensure that luggage storage is both cheap and convenient.

Best Toronto tours for wine enthusiasts – New World Wine Tours

Once, New World wines were looked down upon by wine connoisseurs, but they have now carved a place for themselves in any wine buff's collection. Here is a company that is proud to show off the region’s cold climate wines and terroir-driven wine estates. To experience that farm–to–table experience, they offer the services of their experts so that you get to taste some of the best wines in the region.

Call 1 647 794 0101 or email to discuss a tour at

Best Toronto tours by Segway – Go Tours Canada

Here is a company that quickly saw the potential of showing off the delights of Toronto from the comfortable and fun vehicle, the Segway. Don’t worry if you have never ridden one before. They have trained more than 100 000 Segway riders. Combined with their knowledge of, and passion for, Toronto you can be assured of a great adventure that will be both informative and enjoyable. 

Email them at or call them on 1 416 642 0008

Best walking tours of Toronto – Buzz Tours

Sometimes, the best way to get to know a place is through the tried and trusted method of walking. Here is a company that offers a unique walking tour experience so that you can benefit from the in-depth knowledge of their local guides. They won't only show you Toronto. They will reveal some of its hidden secrets, its out-of-the-way coffee shops, and its most dynamic shopping areas in a way that only a local can. They want your experience to be a memorable one, so they restrict their tours to small groups.

To book a tour, call 1 647 986 2899 or email them at

Best Toronto tours by boat – Toronto Harbour Tours

Leaving from picturesque Pier 6 of Toronto’s waterfront, this company offers a unique way to take in some of the most stunning views of the city skyline. Their boats have been plying the waters for more than twenty-five years, and they can provide both narrated sightseeing tours or private charters. Discover the Queen's Quay Terminal, the Harbourfront Center, and the Ontario Islands in a way that you would never be able to experience them from the land.

Find out about all the tour options on offer by calling 1 416 203 7786 or email at

Best Toronto tours for foodies – Eating Through T.O.

This is a company that knows a thing or two about where to find the best bites in town. They offer a range of tours themed around different types of food so that you can opt for one that most suits your taste buds. Whether it is dumplings or pastries, chocolate or pizza, these guys will be able to show you some of the best that Toronto has to offer and throw in a few surprises at the same time.

To discuss a tour, call 1 647 794 0101 or email for more info at

Best day tours from Toronto – Toronto Eco Adventures

This is a company that is keen to show off some of the great outdoors that surrounds Toronto and which Ontario is so famed for. In a relaxed and comfortable way, you get whisked away from the city and exposed to a whole different world. Here nature and geography dominate, and all you need to do is to take it all in and maybe try to capture some of those memories on camera. Whether you fancy hiking in Algonquin National Park, swimming and canoeing at Bon Echo, or exploring Killarney and French River, there will be a tour that suits you. 

Call 1 647 409 7400 or email at

Best multi-day tours from Toronto – Lake Fever Wilderness Company

This company can get you out into the great outdoors to do some camping, even if you don't have any gear. Not many companies offer you the opportunity to hike in the woods, dip in the lake, and then sit around a campfire while you discuss the day's adventures with your fellow travelers. You don't even need to worry about bringing your own tent or sleeping bag.

Call to arrange the adventure most suitable for you. 1 647 859 9726 or email

Best winter tours from Toronto – Travelling Chicken

For some, the idea of venturing into Ontario during the winter might seem a little daunting. Here is a company with a different view and the ability to make it happen for you. From skiing to dog sledding, skating to snow tubing, these guys don't believe that outdoor adventure should be restricted to the summer months. Let them show you how to make the most of the cold weather, but if you happen to be in Toronto in summer, they have plenty of other adventures on offer too.

Find out more by emailing at or call 1 647 625 9033

Best layover tours of Toronto – Wine Region Rentals

Why should your layover be a dull affair confined to walking in circles around the airport terminal? This company will pick you up, show you Toronto and still get you back in time to catch your connecting flight. Discover the Distillery district, the HarbourFront, and snap a few shots at the CN Tower, or design a tour to suit yourself. This company are happy to discuss the options with you. If you fancy stopping off for a drink somewhere along the way, that too can be arranged.

Call 1 416 358 0932 or email at

Best way to see Niagara Falls – Zoom Tours Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of those must-do adventures that feature high on many people's bucket lists. This natural wonder is just too iconic and breathtaking to miss, and this company has the expertise to make your visit a memorable one. Whether you want a boat cruise, an evening tour, or a private tour to your own specifications, Zoom tours can make it happen for you in a convenient and hassle-free manner.

Call 1 416 276 9127 or email at

Best way to tour Toronto by Bike – Toronto Bicycle Tours

Connecting with this city by bike couldn’t be easier. You won’t need to be super fit and you won’t be fighting with heavy traffic. Most of the tours are on paths or dedicated bike lanes. Their guides will introduce you to aspects of Toronto that will help you see the city in a totally different light, even if you are a local. Whether you opt for a downtown tour, an island tour, or prefer to put together something just for your friends and family, Toronto Bicycle Tours have the kit and expertise to make it happen. 

Email them at or call them on 1 416 477 2184

Best ghost tours of Toronto – Haunted Tours of Toronto

If you have the fortitude for it, then spending seventy-five minutes delving into Toronto’s dark past might be the thing for you. Whether you want to immerse yourself into the haunted past of Canada’s oldest university, wind your way through the spine-chilling side of the Distillery District, or explore ancient graveyards and hanging sites of the city, this company’s guides will ensure that you never see Toronto in quite the same way again.  If you are of a nervous disposition, then think very carefully before booking your tour. But those who love a spooky thrill will have a great time. 

Call 1 416 238 1473 or email them at

As any Torontonian will tell you, you could spend a lifetime in this Canadian city and still never see it all. But if you only have a weekend, you can still get a glimpse into what makes the city so special. 

  • See the Toronto skyline from above with a trip up the CN Tower. At 1815 feet tall, the CN Tower was once the world's tallest freestanding structure. A true icon of the city, the view from the top is incredible. And if you're feeling really brave, you can take part in the Skywalk, where you walk around the outside of the tower secured by a safety harness.
  • Ice hockey occupies a place in Canadian culture that few other sports can claim in any country. More than just a game, the sport ties the nation together and is a source of national pride. The Hockey Hall of Fame is a tribute to this national obsession and houses artifacts dating back to the earliest years of the sport. Large bags are not allowed inside, so make sure you drop yours off at a luggage storage service in Toronto before you visit.
  • Experience Toronto's up-and-coming vibrancy in the Distillery District. Built in the 1800s to house a distillery, this neighborhood has been renovated. Now, the old buildings are full of theaters, galleries, restaurants, and bars.  It's the ideal place to hang out and enjoy a drink or a bite to eat.

Toronto lockers

In the summer, Toronto can be quite a walkable city. But that all changes when winter comes and the snow begins to fall. Plus, as a North American city, many of Toronto's attractions are quite spread out. Luckily, an excellent transit system helps you get around. You can make things easier on yourself by not carrying more than you need to. Drop off any heavy bags at a Toronto suitcase storage service so that you can travel unencumbered.

Off the beaten path in Toronto

Along with its better-known attractions, Toronto has plenty of secrets to uncover. As a city that keeps on growing, there's always something new opening up. Look a little deeper, and you'll find some fascinating parts of Toronto most tourists have yet to discover.

  • You don't expect to find castles in Canada, but that's exactly what you'll see at Casa Loma. Built in the early 20th century, this extravagant castle was the home of a local tycoon. However, his extravagant house bankrupted him. Guided tours allow you to appreciate the ambition of the man who built this unique house. Large bags aren't permitted, so make sure you drop them off at a Toronto luggage storage locker before you go.
  •  Street art is a facet of any major city. In Toronto, the city has decided to deal with graffiti by making it legal in one particular street. Rush Lane in the fashion district is a boldly decorated open-air gallery where the city's most talented street artists show their skills. Bring a camera and enjoy this unique artistic experience.
  • Admire the esoteric at The Monkey's Paw. This bookstore is full of rare and antiquarian books you simply won't find anywhere else, and browsing the shelves is almost like taking a trip back in time. It's also the home of the world's first random vending machine. Put in a $2 coin, known as a toonie, and the machine will give you a randomly selected book to enjoy.

What to do alone in Toronto

bicycle against a fence

Despite its size, Toronto is a remarkably safe city, which makes it great to explore by yourself. Traveling alone lets you see exactly what you want and can let you cover more ground than you would otherwise. In Toronto, you'll find plenty to do whether you're traveling by yourself or with others.

  • Thanks to successive waves of immigration, Toronto's food scene is one of the most exciting in North America. Experience some of what the city has to offer with a guided food tour that will take you to some of the most interesting restaurants in Canada. Sample dishes and delicacies from around the world and meet other travelers as you enjoy Canada's culinary capital.
  • Kensington Market is one of the most diverse and eclectic neighborhoods in his famously diverse city. Take a stroll through this district and enjoy the vintage clothing stores, record shops, bookstores, and seemingly endless bars and restaurants. Long known as one of Toronto's coolest districts, it's a fascinating place to explore.
  • See the market National Geographic rated the number one in the world at St. Lawrence Market. This massive food market is the perfect place to pick up local produce and try a selection of delicacies from around the world. Leave your heavy bags behind at a luggage storage shop in Toronto before exploring this vibrant market.

The best souvenirs in Toronto

Toronto may be the best shopping city in all of Canada. Replica CN towers and Canadian maple syrup can be found in just about every souvenir store in the downtown area. But if you want to pick up something a little more authentic, grab a hockey jersey or other branded memorabilia of the Toronto Maple Leafs at the official store located in the city's massive hockey stadium. You could also pick up some swag from the Toronto Blue Jays, Canada's only major league baseball team. Or if you're really looking to push the boat out, shop for jewelry made with Canadian diamonds at Linara.

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