6 beaches near Turin: Where to go for sun, sand, and surf

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Best beaches near Turin

Turin might not be the first place that you think about when planning a beach holiday, but you can actually access some of the best beaches around when you visit this city. Being able to cool off during a scorching summer and enjoy stunning views at these beaches can make for a regenerating day during your trip. Heading outside of the city for a swim or to hang out on the beach can be really fun and can make your trip even more memorable.

Before you decide where you are heading for your refreshing dip or your visit to a beach to get some sun, you need to consider what you are going to do with your luggage. Bounce can help with that. We have lots of luggage storage locations in Turin, and regardless of which beach location you choose to visit, you will undoubtedly feel better if you are not worried about your personal items being lost or stolen.

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Watersports on Lake Orta

Spiaggia Miami

Located on Lake Orta, this is one of the most popular beaches near Turin. Head here for access to a great place to swim, as well as loungers and umbrellas, and eateries. This is one of the most famous beaches on this list because of the beauty of the natural location here and the ease with which people of all ages can swim. The trip to get to this beach location is not long, and you can easily spend just part of a day heading to this pretty spot to catch some sun and relax.

Spiaggia Miami travel distance from Turin

This beach spot is about an hour and a half away by car, or you can ride the train from Torino Porta Nuova and be here in about three and a half hours. The total distance to cover is roughly 75 miles (120 km).

Activity recommendations

Plan to rent some chairs and an umbrella here, or consider renting out a spot that is connected to a resort or restaurant. You will be able to get drinks and food easily no matter which route you take, and the famous soft sand will welcome you with open arms.

This beach area is unique because there are forested areas right by the water as well, which means that you can take a break from the beach and head into the shade if you want to hike or just take a look at the natural beauty around you. You can rent boats and kayaks here to paddle around or head over the hill and explore the nearby town for part of the day as well. While this is not a sea beach area, this is one of the nicer lake areas that you can access near Turin.

Ligurian Sea beaches near Turin

Spiaggia di Spotorno

While this beach is not a soft sand beach, the pebbles of the beach are very small, so you will be comfortable in bare feet here. There is a town nearby and many amenities on the beach itself. This is also an ideal place to stay for a weekend away from the city if you want to make this your getaway from Turin during your trip. It can be crowded here during peak season, but you should have no trouble getting a spot to sunbathe and have fun if you arrive in the morning.

Spiaggia di Spotorno travel distance from Turin

Driving to this beautiful beach will take you about two hours. You can also ride the train from a station like Torino Porta Susa and arrive in about four hours.

Activity recommendations

Many Turin locals feel that this is one of the best places to head out to spend a day in nature while taking a dip in the sea. Of all of the various beaches that you can head to, this beach location offers a larger stretch of coast and gives you the chance to both swim in the Ligurian Sea and enjoy sunbathing on the beach. There is a lifeguard on duty here during the summer months, and the water is lovely and warm for a large part of the year.

The nearby restaurant offerings will ensure that you can get food and drinks as you need them. Chairs and umbrellas are not free, but you can easily rent anything that you need to be comfortable on this beach during your visit.

Lago d'Orta beaches near Turin

Explora Beach

This lovely beach area is also on Lago d'Orta, and it offers everything from views of nature to sunbathing and swimming. There are many restaurant options nearby since this lake is located right by a city and you can enjoy many water sports here too. Of the various beaches in this guide, this is one of the most family-friendly, and it is also an ideal place to spend the larger part of a day if you want to relax during the summer.

Explora Beach travel distance from Turin

This beach spot is about an hour and a half drive from the city. There is no train route to take you to this spot.

Activity recommendations

You can rent sun loungers and umbrellas here, and most of the sunbathing spots are located on soft grassy areas. There are also bathrooms and changing rooms nearby if you don't want to stay in your wet clothing after going for a dip. The restaurant that is located right by the lake serves up good food and drinks and can be the right place for lunch or dinner if you have chosen to spend more than a few hours here.

If you plan in advance, you can rent catamarans here as well as jet skis, which are ideal for those who love to enjoy nature while also engaging in adventures. This is one of the best lakes located near Turin, and you will love everything about your time enjoying this sunny beach during your trip to Italy.

Spiaggia del Malpasso near Turin

Spiaggia del Malpasso

While this is another pebble beach, the pebbles are very fine, and you won't need water shoes or protective footwear to enjoy the beach here. The mountains loom majestically over this beach, and there are forested areas near the water as well. Enjoy crystal clear water and easy access to sunbathing when you head here. The only downside to heading to this beach is that many of the local resorts own chunks of the beach area, and you can't use these spots without staying at the hotels associated with them.

Spiaggia del Malpasso travel distance from Turin

Driving to this beach will take you about two hours. There is no train route that will take you to this area and the beaches located in it. Spiaggia del Malpasso is not far from Savona and other beaches on the Ligurian Sea like Spiaggia di Spotorno.

Activity recommendations

This beach area might be a great choice for a weekend away from Turin. Since most of the beach space belongs to different hotels, you will have better luck getting a nice spot to enjoy the beach if you are staying at one of these locations for a couple of days.

You can rent chairs and umbrellas here, and you are able to get food and drink at local beach restaurants and bars that are right by the coast. This is a really picturesque beach spot that has lovely, clear water, soft surf, and natural beauty for days. While there is no train route to take you to this beach location, renting a car is easy, and you can make the most of the entire region if you have a car to explore in.

Spiaggia di Varigotti  near Turin

Spiaggia di Varigotti

The sand here is soft, golden, and beautiful, and there are plenty of places to sunbathe. This is the kind of beach that people think of right away when someone mentions going to the sea or the lake in Italy. There are few places as pretty as this waterside spot in all of Italy. Parking is very accessible here, or you could choose to stay in this part of Italy for a couple of days to make the most of your time at the beach.

Spiaggia di Varigotti travel distance from Turin

Spiaggia di Varigotti is a two-hour drive from Turin. There is no train route to get you to this beach spot.

Activity recommendations

This beach is in an urban area which means that there is shopping nearby and lots of places to eat. This is one of the prettiest parts of Italy and an area that many people come to for a weekend getaway outside of Turin. The village near the water is home to lots of lovely places to stay, and you can reserve private beach lounging locations if you are staying at one of the beachside hotels.

Due to the number of hotels right on the water, you might have a bit more trouble finding a place to sunbathe here than at some other beaches on this list. However, you can still swim, and there are places to rent kayaks, jet skis, and other kinds of water sports equipment right on the beach.

This is one of the best places for younger people to head to have fun since the location is affordable, and there are many free areas to access the beach as well. If you want to have a full-service beach experience, the hotels in the nearby village are the right choice to help you to be pampered as you enjoy the sea and surf.

Beaches on Lake Orta near Turin

Lido di Gozzano

This charming beach area offers soft sand, clear waters, and lots of places to lay out in the sun. There is a restaurant and a beach bar to enjoy here as well, and the proximity to Turin makes this an easy choice if you have a free afternoon to head to the beach. The beach restaurant also offers a lot of really nice seating and a fireplace to hang out by when the evenings are cool. This is actually a really great place to head to just for a delicious meal with a lot of ambiance.

Lido di Gozzano travel distance from Turin

It takes three hours by train to get to this location and about an hour and a half to drive here. It's close to Spiaggia Miami on the southern end of Lake Orta.

Activity recommendations

Head here to kayak, paddleboard, or just swim in the clear water. You can also find a free spot on the beach with ease and read a book or get a tan. Many people choose this beach area and stay in the nearby village, but Lido di Gozzano is close enough that you might just pop over for the day instead.

This is one of the prettiest beaches near Turin, and it can be a great place to head for a meal with an amazing view as well as some time spent enjoying the beach and the water. People of all ages can have fun here, but the area does have all of the right amenities to be fun for adults. Being able to lounge in the peace and quiet or head over to the bar for a drink can make this a very attractive choice for those who are looking for a more adult-focused experience.


Travel can get expensive, so these beaches are great ways to save money if you're visiting Turin on a budget. And, if you have a few extra days, some of these beaches and others further afield make for amazing weekend trips from the city.

Turin offers you more than just famous shopping streets and museums. You can enjoy beaches that will give you the chance for a nice swim in natural waters that will feel like a refreshing bath, or you might want to choose to head to the sea to enjoy some fun in the sun and sand. From dipping your toes into the fresh water to watersports, dining, and drinks, there is the perfect beach spot near Turin for any traveler.

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