Music Festivals in Turin in 2022

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Turin is the capital city of the Piedmont region and is one of the most prominent destinations in northern Italy. The city has earned the nickname “Paris of Italy” because of its regal atmosphere, breathtaking architecture and colorful history. While there was a time that travelers overlooked this part of the country, Turin has slowly established itself as a must-visit for those traveling in the Piedmont area.

Because it is a booming cultural and tourist hub, it is really no surprise that more and more major events and festivals are being held in Turin. Throughout the year, especially during the summer months between June and September when the climate is perfect for an outdoor event, the Italian city hosts a wide variety of gatherings, including music festivals highlighting all genres.

If you are looking to visit Turin in 2022 and would like to catch one of the different events happening during your trip, look no further than this guide. Here, we have compiled some of the biggest music festivals in Turin in 2022; the list includes everything from jazz music and opera to raves and electronic music festivals.

Pro tips: To avoid the hassle of carrying a big bag around during the events, look for a Turin luggage storage locker and secure your belongings there! Ensure you have knowledge of transportation in the city, to make seeing the festivals a breeze. Read our guide on getting around Turin.

The best music festivals in Turin in 2022

Evergreen Fest

One of Turin’s most exciting cultural events, Evergreen Fest is happening from June 9th to July 24th and will be held at the lovely and lush Tesoriera Park. This marks the 7th edition of the event and similar to previous versions, participants can enjoy a wide range of concerts, theatrical shows, workshops, book readings, film screenings and other fun activities for all ages.

The Evergreen Festival is a great event to attend because of the variety of activities being held throughout the weeks. For those traveling with their families, don’t forget to check out the many children’s workshops, which include everything from gardening and manual skills to theater and magic. The best part is all events being held are free of charge and can be enjoyed by both locals and tourists.

Torino Jazz Festival

Founded in 2012, Torino Jazz Festival is a jazz music event that has constantly been regarded as one of the most popular festivals in the city. Held over a period of multiple days, the music festival was initially created to uphold and enhance Turin’s jazz tradition and has gone on to be among the most important events in Europe’s music scene.

During the Torino Jazz Festival, the entire city transforms into an open-air jazz venue where anyone can catch performances by some of the world’s most prominent jazz musicians – whether it’s in bars, clubs, public squares, or even out in the streets. For 2022, the festival will take place over 9 days, from June 11 to 19, in venues such as the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory, the Vittoria Theatre, Intesa Sanpaolo Tower Auditorium and in several jazz clubs in Turin. Ticket prices vary according to event and can be bought online through the festival’s official website.

The Blue Mama Festival

One of the most exciting Turin music festivals to be held in 2022, the Blue Mama Festival is a one-day event that will be held in the city’s famous live music venue Spazio211. Branding itself as an “unmissable” event, the music festival shines a spotlight on African American music culture, featuring genres such as blues, R&B, soul and afro funk.

Taking place on June 19, the Blue Mama Festival will host different up-and-coming black artists, such as funky band Martin Craig & The Black City, funk fusion group Underbar Trio, soul and R&B artist IKOCOS, and hard blues group Boogie Bombers. The event will also feature an exciting and lively set from DJ Luciano Morciano. Tickets to the event cost only €5 and can be bought through affiliated ticketing websites.

Flowers Festival

Taking place in the municipality of Collegno, about 8 kilometers outside of Turin, is the fairly new but exciting Flowers Festival. Only established in 2021, this music festival has already gained a positive reputation because of the quality of artists that have graced their stage, predominantly budding indie artists and musicians. In 2022, the event will return to Parco della Certosa and will be held from June 29 to July 16, with a different artist playing each day of the festival.

Some of the performers included in the Flowers Festival lineup are Gue, Rkomi, Carmen Consoli, Caparezza, Willie Peyote and Manuel Agnelli. Tickets can be bought online on the festival’s website or through ticketing circuits. Additionally, concertgoers may buy from the ticket office set up in the venue before the show.

Stupinigi Sonic Park

Another major music festival taking place not too far from Turin is the Stupinigi Sonic Park, one of the most famous events in the Piedmont region. Returning for its fourth edition, the festival will take place over a course of multiple days, from 26th of June to 20th of July 2022, and will be held at the hunting lodge of the prestigious Palazzina di Caccia Park, which is a historic Baroque building and designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A fixture in the Turin summer calendar, the Stupinigi Sonic Park has hosted both local and international artists throughout the years. For this year, the music festival’s lineup consists of artists such as Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets, Achille Lauro, Ben Harper, Elisa, Marracash, LP and Carl Brave. Prices of the tickets to the event vary depending on the date and are available online through various ticketing outlets.

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Rock-ish Festival

If you are one who likes listening to rock music, then the Rock-ish Festival in Turin is the perfect music event for you. The first festival in the city that is solely dedicated to alternative indie rock, this annual event hosts some of the hottest acts in the Italian rock independent rock scene today.

This 2022, the event will take place on June 30th at the popular Spazio211 music venue from 8:00PM until the late hours. Some of the artists that are part of Rock-ish Festival’s amazing lineup include Gomma, Zyp, The Woods Burn, Tomorrow Martina, Atlas and The Unikorni. Tickets to the event can be bought on pre-sale online or at an early bird rate of €10 or at the ticket desk on the day of the event for the regular price of €15.

Kappa Futur Festival

Arguably the biggest and most famous Turin music festival, the Kappa Futur Festival is the one event that you should not miss if you will be in the city this July 2022. Founded in 2008, the event is an electronic and techno music and digital arts festival that is held in the every year at Parco Dora. Since its inception, the event has grown in size and in fame and is often regarded as one of Europe’s finest music festivals, with the 2019 event setting a record attendance of 60,000.

After being absent for two years due to the pandemic, the Kappa Futur Festival is once again taking place in 2022. Happening from July 1 to 3, the three-day festival is set to draw electronic and techno music fans from all over the world. The lineup will consist of some iconic and up-and-coming talents in the scene, both local and international. Some of the artists who will be taking the stage at the Kappa Future Festival 2022 are Diplo, Carl Cox, Solomun, Four Tet, CamelPhat and Peggy Gou.

Tickets to the festival can be bought online through their official website. Ticket prices vary according to package; there are some single-day passes, multiple-day passes and VIP passes with access to additional facilities. Because the Kappa Futur Festival is a huge event, tickets could easily be sold out before the event so it is best to book ahead of time.

Apolide Festival

Perhaps one of the most unique festivals that you will ever attend, the Apolide Festival is the perfect event for curious minds. Held in the dreamy Pianezze di Vialfrè Naturalistic Area, which can be reached less than half an hour from Turin, this four-day festival offers attendees a chance to escape and connect with nature. The ninth edition of the event will take place this year from July 21 to 24.

The Apolide Festival is not just about music, although this is a big part of the event. Aside from the concerts held throughout the days, attendees can also participate in a range of immersive and holistic activities, such as sports, books, camping, shows and more. Some of the artists that are part of the festival lineup include Cosmo, Subsonic, Marco Fracasia, Kid Carmine and LNDFK. Tickets are available in different combinations (with or without camping passes) and can be bought through the festival’s official website.

Todays Festival

No doubt one of Turin’s most anticipated summer events, the Todays Festival is a huge event that should be on your list if you’re planning to visit Turin in August. The festival is known to bring some of the biggest local and international musical performers in the world over a period of three days. This 2022, Todays Festival will hold its seventh edition from the 26th to 28th of August and will have two main stages, one in Spazio211 and the other in the former INCET factory.

Todays Festival 2022 will bring host bands and artists over the course of three days; some of the most recognizable names from their lineup include FKJ, Tash Sultana, Geese, Mystic Jungle, Squid and Molchat Dolma. Additionally, the event will also include some showcases, meetings and training events with some of the best personalities in the local music industry. Tickets are available from single-day to multiple-day passes and the prices range from €11.50 to €109.50.

Reset Festival

Established in 2009 by a group of musicians, the Reset Festival has long been dedicated to showcasing the best music in Turin. The festival prides itself as an excellent venue where the new generation of Italian musicians can be heard. However, more than just offering performances, the festival also features a training program and events where professional musicians and artists can come together to connect, share projects and build a network. In doing so, the festival aims to provide opportunities and equip individuals with the necessary skills to pursue a professional music career. The 2022 edition of the Reset Festival will take place from October 3 to 8 at OFF TOPIC.

C2C Festival

One of Turin’s longest-running music festivals, the C2C Festival is a world-famous progressive and electronic music event held every year. Founded in 2002 as a series of party nights known as Club to Club, C2C has continuously evolved over the course of two decades and is now one of the hottest and sought-after events in Europe. Throughout its many editions, the festival has brought out some of electronic music’s biggest names on stage, including Thom Yorke, Kraftwerk and Aphex Twin.

This year, C2C Festival will celebrate its 20th year from 3rd to 6th of November and will be held in different venues across the city. Some of the artists that are expected to perform at the festival are Jamie XX, Caribou, Autechre, Jockstrap, Kode9 and Bicep. Single-day and multiple-day passes are now on sale through the C2C website and range from €35 to €90.

Planning to spend some more days in Turin?

Although music festivals are a huge part of Turin’s culture and tourism industry, it is not all that the city has to offer. In fact, once the festival season has died down and you still have a couple more days to spend in the city, you can find plenty of fun activities to do.

For instance, Turin is known for its impressive museums where you can find anything from ancient and contemporary art to vintage cars and royal weapons. You may also learn more about the city’s rich coffee culture by visiting the many historic cafés found all over Turin and trying out the famous bicerin coffee drink. Be sure to save room for brunch!

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