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Turin is the capital of the Piedmont region in Northern Italy, known for its Fiat production and the best chocolates in the world. It’s not as popular and touristy as other cities in Northern Italy, but it’s full of stunning architecture, brimming in history, and filled with unique museums, art galleries, and incredible attractions that will make your trip worthwhile. In case you’re wondering what to do here, there are plenty of options to fill your schedule, whether you’re looking for a historical excursion or an outdoor adventure.

But no trip to Turin is complete without visiting its cool stores and malls, from luxury shopping malls to specialist ateliers, markets, and concept stores. The city offers an exciting mix of shopping opportunities for locals and visitors you don’t want to miss. There are numerous ethnic and artists’ shops, boutiques, and little stores selling everything from accessories and clothes to local products. No matter your budget or preferences, you can find something that will entice you to splurge.

You don’t want to shop around with too many items on hand. And if you’re only here to stop by for shopping, it’s a hassle going to places carrying your suitcase. It’s best to leave your extra bags at a safe luggage storage locker in Turin to maximize your shopping experience.

Turin Shopping Centers

Centro Commerciale Lingotto

Housed in a historic old fiat car factory in Lingotto, Centro Commerciale Lingotto is actually the only shopping center in the historic central area of Turin city. It attracts over seven million visitors each year who enjoy an eclectic mix of shops, service facilities, and restaurants. Its parking area has about 4,000 spaces, which are free for the first few hours. It means you’ll never have to worry about parking your car while shopping in Turin.

Lingotto Shopping Center has four courtyards, a hall, and an urban space. Each part provides unmatched services and an exceptional shopping experience. Perhaps, you’re looking for a unique gift for your loved ones, toys for your kiddos, electronics and telephony, or shopping for household items and groceries. Its gallery allows you to find anything and everything you need for your purchases without hassle.

Besides browsing and buying, this shopping mall is a great place to hang out and be entertained. It features the UCI Cinemas multiplex and games room for your entertainment. It also houses a travel agency, pharmacy, bank, and a choice of snack bars and restaurants for all tastes and preferences.

Lingotto Shopping Center is easily accessible through various means of transportation, including the subway, trains, and buses. It is open seven days a week between 10 am to 9 pm on Mondays through Saturdays and 10 am to 8 pm on Sundays. It's a fun place to start a night out on the town.

Parco Dora Centro Commerciale

Shopping in Turin is made easy and convenient with Parco Dora Centro Commerciale. Located in Via Livorno, Parco Dora Shopping Center is a large shopping destination in the city, featuring an array of stores, essential services, entertainment, and casual dining options.

Customers shop at the Ipercoop hypermarket, where they can find everything from clothing and accessories to any kitchen ingredients they need. You can also find shops and department stores that offer household appliances, IT, and electronics. If you need key duplication, shoe repair, beauty and personal care, publishing, and optics, this shopping mall has got you covered.

Once you’re done shopping, enjoy a light snack, a hearty brunch, or a casual dinner in one of the restaurants, pizzerias, bars, and ice cream parlors in the shopping mall. To complete your day, watch your favorite film at The Space Cinema, an ultra-modern cinema with eight large rooms and three games rooms. There are also consultancy offices, dental offices, and a photographic studio to print and develop your analog or digital photos.

You can reach the Parco Dora Shopping Center through various major transportations. Five bus lines pass in front of the park entrance, and it’s close to two train stations, Torino Porta Susa and Torino Porta Nuova. It is open every day, from 11 am to 7 pm.

Area21 Shopping Center

Inaugurated in October 2011, the Area 21 Shopping Center is a one-story shopping mall in Turin located right next to the Juventus Stadium. It’s suitable for Juventus fans and those looking for a place to dine, as it offers an array of restaurants and snack bars. It’s a perfect place to shop, spend time with friends and family, and hang out before a football game or after touring the stadium museum.

Here you can get everyday clothing and footwear from famous brands, household goods, and furniture under one roof. If you need dry cleaning or quick service tailoring, personal care and beauty, as well as pharmacy, Area 21 Shopping Center has them all. Additionally, it has exhibition areas that guarantee massive traffic and excellent customer visibility. It is open every day from 9 am to 9 pm.

Turin Shopping Streets

Via Roma

For chic and fashionable shopping in Turin, you shouldn’t miss Via Roma, the city’s most elegant shopping area with stores and boutiques that sell items for all budgets and styles. They also have famous brand shops like Calvin Klein and an Italian fashion brand, Pinko. Even the world’s most valuable fashion houses, such as Hermès, Gucci, Michael Kors, and Louis Vuitton, have their stores on this elegant arcaded street. Mid-range stores also stand out in the same street, including brands like COS and Max Mara.

There’s no doubt that Via Roma is one of the city’s most valuable thoroughfares, which has evolved significantly since its conception. It has a rich history, with a line of old yet nicely renovated buildings from the sixteenth century. The street’s southern end hosts several foreign consulates, and the city’s well-known Cinema Lux is located here, too.

If you’re done shopping in Turin for the day, stay in one of the hotels on the street. It features a number of high-end accommodations, including the Hotel Principi di Piemonte. It’s a luxury five-star hotel with a brilliant restaurant, Ristorante Casa Savoia, one of the most prestigious landmarks in the city.

Via Garibaldi

Via Garibaldi is a shopping hub in the city of Turin that runs from the northwest part of Piazza Castello to Piazza Statuto. It was renamed in honor of Giuseppe Garibaldi, one of the country’s founding fathers, along with Giuseppe Mazzini, Camillo Cavour, and Vittorio Emanuele II.

This street is only open to pedestrians and is actually one of the longest pedestrian streets in Europe. It comes alive and is mostly crowded on Saturday afternoons, providing a space for locals and visitors to shop, eat, socialize, and discover religious buildings from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Via Garibaldi is lined with shops, bars, street vendors, and restaurants and is an excellent reference point for trendy fashion. It also sports the most popular brands and cheaper fashion stores. Walking around the street will take you to some quirky small shops where you can find interesting items and unusual gifts for loved ones.

Via Lagrange

Another street you should check out if you’re fashion shopping in Turin is Via Lagrange. Like Via Roma, many major designer brands have a store here, including Chanel, Prada, and Miu Miu. It’s also home to the new Lagrange 12, a luxury multibrand store housed in an ancient historic 17th-century building. It boasts an exclusive 1,200 square meter space with three floors dedicated to shopping. You’ll find various sought-after international brands like Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, and more inside the store.

While shopping, you’ll marvel at the fascinating old buildings around the street, like the Palazzo Bricherasio. It is located near a local favorite coffee shop, Costadoro Coffee Lab Diamante, where you can stop for a nice coffee break in the middle of shopping. Near the building is an elegant boutique, the O L'autre Chose, offering a large selection of female footwear, high-quality clothing, and dazzling accessories.

Via Po

Connecting Piazza Castello with Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Via Po is a busy street in the historic city center you should visit. It features lots of quirky shops, lovely boutiques, and cafeterias in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. While shopping, you can admire the stunning architecture of old buildings and churches on this fancy street.

Via Po was established during a 17th-century urban renewal project. For over 300 years, it has been one of the city's primary commercial and transportation arteries that forms a covered pedestrian lane, crossing the entire historic center and ending at the Po River. It is often full of locals and tourists browsing the wide selection of boutiques and shops that are open until late in the evening.

Turin Markets

The Porta Palazzo Market

No real shopping in Turin will ever be complete without exploring its markets. The Porta Palazzo Market is your one-stop destination for daily fresh produce you should add to your kitchen pantry. It is the largest food market in Europe, with hundreds of stalls. It includes a central market that offers clothing, food, and footwear, a fish market, and a market of food, offering meats, cheeses, fresh pasta, cold cuts, and more.

Piazza della Repubblica is the heart of Porta Palazzo, where a massive outdoor market happens every day. It’s at the soul of ethnic Turin, serving as a meeting point of tradition and cultures with its eclectic mix of products, colors, tastes, and smells. It’s popular among locals and visitors who want to get a taste of the other vibrant side of the city.

Farmers from Turin and the different parts of the region come here to sell their goods directly to the public. It’s one of the few places where you can come into daily contact with folks who grow their food. No matter what you’re looking for, from oils, vegetables, fruits, bread, and local delicacies to household items, vintage products, clothing, shoes, and jewelry, Porta Palazzo has got it all covered.

The Balon

If you’re a fan of everything vintage, don’t miss out on an exciting opportunity to visit the Balon. It’s Turin’s famous flea market beyond the Piazza della Repubblica, where you can discover real antiques, used objects, books, second-hand clothing, and vintage items to add to your collections or as a gift. Street merchants have come here since 1857, making it one of the oldest markets in Turin. It’s also a historical flea market where immigrants used to sell and trade their goods.

In case you’re still here on the weekend, don’t miss out on a chance to check out the Gran Balon. It’s the city’s minor antique market that opens every second Sunday of the month, bringing about 250 stalls, fifty shops, restaurants, and bars in one location. Second-hand dealers, antique sellers, and traders come here to exhibit their handicraft products, clothing, ceramics, furniture, wares, and vintage items.

Mercato della Crocetta

Located in the residential district of Turin’s upper-middle-class, The Crocetta Market is a chic market established in 1927. Since it’s situated in one of the city’s best areas, it’s often called the high-class market, drawing the attention of the high society locals.

People love to shop here, as it offers excellent bargains and high-quality at low prices. You can also find wines, fine produce, and other local delicacies in the Crocetta Market. It is open from Monday to Friday, between 7 am and 2 pm.

Shopping in Turin

Besides the alpine peaks surrounding it, its incredible food scene, entertainment, and art, Turin is known for its fashionable shopping. It’s a city of many faces, allowing you to enjoy extraordinary experiences in one place. You probably only have a day or two to explore its art galleries and museums, or you’ve got all the time you need to discover its off-the-beaten paths. No matter what you’re here for or how long you plan to stay, you shouldn’t leave without shopping in Turin.

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