Wine Tasting in Turin: 11 Places You Have to Try

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Wine tasting in Turin

While Rome and Venice get most of the attention from foreign travelers, northern Italy has much to offer. With a gorgeous Alpine backdrop to the north and beautiful hilly countryside to the south, Turin (Torino) is a world-class travel destination. Turin not only has an envious number of museums, but the culinary scene and amazing things to do at night add even more reasons to visit the city. A big part of dining and socializing in Turin is their wine culture. 

Being a major urban area, there aren’t as many Turin winery tours as in the countryside, but there are plenty of world-class wine bars to choose from. Many of these are situated alongside historic piazzas, have views of the River Po, or are located near renowned institutions like the Egyptian Museum. Because the city’s wine scene focuses more on cafes and enotecas, you’ll find plenty of variety. While most establishments focus on selections from the Piedmont region, wine tastings in Turin can also showcase wines from around Italy and the world. Turin is also a jumping-off point for some of the best wine tours in Italy, so you certainly have choices! 

With such an amazing wine scene, you’ll have plenty of options for where to grab a glass (or a bottle) during your stay in Turin. Drop the bags at one of Bounce’s many luggage storage locations so you can make it to every cafe, enoteca, and wine tour. Here are the best places for wine tasting in Turin: 

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Vineyards in Barolo, Italy

Bar Ristorante Arancia di Mezzanotte

Historic Turin has an extremely high concentration of lush public parks and historic town squares. One of the most charming is the Emanuele Filiberto Square, which was modeled in the Parisian style and dates back to the 19th century. Surrounding the square are rows of your quintessential Italian businesses. There are gelaterias, cafés, bakeries, restaurants, and of course, a world-class wine bar. 

Arancia de Mezzanotte is a traditional Italian restaurant that focuses on curating a menu that showcases wines from the Piedmont region as well as other Italian specialties. They have a narrow (by American standards) but not cramped dining room that fills up in the evenings, but their sidewalk patio seating along the square is the most coveted. If you’ve done a wine tasting elsewhere and are in the mood for something different, try a refreshing spritz and some finger food. Or better yet, order a bottle of a Piedmont red for the table and enjoy the crisp alpine air on the patio. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you navigate the menu. 


Piazza Emanuele Filiberto, 11I, 10122 Torino TO, Italy

BEVA Vini & Ristoro

Beva is one of Turin’s standouts in terms of the ever-trendy natural wine category. This bar and restaurant serve delicious organic and unfiltered local and regional wines alongside their menu of modern Italian dishes. They focus on food and wine pairings, so the staff will be very helpful in helping you put an order together. 

One of the better features of their wine menu has to be their modern offerings. Hipster foodies and traditionalist wine snobs alike will love this place. BEVA frequently hosts wine tastings and other events, so check their calendar! If you’re putting together your own Turin wine tour, this is a must-hit spot. 


Via Alessandria, 3/d, 10152 Torino TO, Italy

Enoteca Prunotto 

The classic Italian enoteca is one of the true joys for wine enthusiasts. Part bar, part deli, an enoteca is a great place for wine tastings because you have a way to sample wines while talking to a bartender, as well as an ample selection of bottles you can take home. Enoteca Prunotto is one of the best places to taste wine in Turin because of its comfortable, casual layout, as well as the bartenders and owners who are there to guide you through their impressive selection of international, regional, and local wines. 

This place can get slightly crowded on weekends and evenings because locals absolutely love it here. They serve the local Grappa wine variety. This boozy and robust style is a favorite among locals and is a must-try if you’re visiting Turin and the Piedmont region. Enoteca Prunotto is also a great place to buy specialty cheeses, cured meats, olives, and all the best specialty foods for making a picnic or party tray. They serve coffee and have a selection of pastries as well. Because of its casual atmosphere, this is an easy place to walk up to for a glass of wine and some lighter bites, and this is the perfect spot to land after a day of sightseeing or a quick drink before a sit-down dinner. 


Corso Vercelli, 70, 10155 Torino TO, Italy

Food and Wine Tasting Tour at Piedmont Region Winery

The Piedmont wine region is such a legendary and fertile area for the production of wine that it’s been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. World-renowned names like Dolcetto & Gabi, Moscato, Brachetto, and (perhaps the most famous) Barolo all call this region home. In terms of day trips from Turin, driving out to the country for a walking tour of wine country is one of your best options. You’ll learn about the rich history of local wines and how they are produced, and yes, there will be samples. Vineyards regularly offer wine tastings, and there will be an educational aspect of visiting the vineyard that is a crucial part of a memorable wine day tour.

Easily the most appealing parts of these walking tours are viewing the beautiful grounds and where the wine is made, meeting the experts that make the wine, and sampling the wine. These companies are generally family-run, so you’ll meet with people who are genuinely passionate about this industry and the product. Two of these Piedmont-based institutions are the Barolo and Sobrero families. They both own and tend to large plots of beautiful land, and they are the grandchildren or great-grandchildren of the founders of these incredible companies. 

These wineries will not only have the grapevines, large vats, equipment, and everything else needed to produce wine, but they will also have tasting rooms and wine cellars full of vintages. Tour guides will walk you through the grounds explaining the various stages of production. The tours will end with a wine tasting session where you’ll sample the delicious products and even discuss them with the winery’s expert staff. 

There are a few options for day trips and walking tours heading from Turin city centre out to the hills of the Langhe and Piedmont countryside. There are ones that are full-day trips and include the ride from Turin, and there are walking tours that can be booked directly with the winery, so choose the one that fits your schedule. 



Best places to go wine tasting in Turin

Il Carlino Ubriaco 

This is the definition of a “neighborhood spot” in that the clientele is almost entirely locals, and the owner is usually working the bar and cheerfully talking with regulars. While the food is great, you’ll want to stop in for a few glasses from their tasting menu or share a bottle of wine and some light bites before heading to one of the neighborhood’s exceptional restaurants. The snacks on the menu are not to be overlooked. Il Carlino Ubriaco specializes in hyper-local delicacies like Acciughe al Verde, which are salty anchovies with a heavy dose of garlic. Their cheese and salami plates are certainly dependable as well. 

Il Carlino Ubriaco has a nice selection of sparkling white wine, which is perfect for hanging out on their patio during a summer afternoon. They also have a wide selection of regional wine options from Piedmont and Langhe. The staff is friendly, but the vibe is more casual than the geeky energy you can feel at some of the more intentional wine bars. Il Carlino Ubriaco is, first and foremost, a comfortable and relaxed place to eat and drink. It just so happens to have an incredible wine selection. 


Via Luigi Galvani, 9/a, 10144 Torino TO, Italy

Oinos Vini

This traditional Italian trattoria is another charming spot located near the Parco del Valentino. There is a nice, old-school atmosphere and a casual food menu that pairs well with the ambiance. While most locals will be drinking a spritz or aperitif in the afternoons, local (and traveling) wine enthusiasts flock here for the reasonable prices, deep selection, and friendly crowd. Reservations are recommended, but if you’re in a pinch, the owner and staff are friendly and accommodating.


Via S. Pio V, 30/F, 10125 Torino TO, Italy


Found near the world-famous Egyptian Museum, Pepino is one of Turin’s iconic wine bars. Located in a charming historic cafe, the small but comfortable Pepino overlooks the Piazza Carignano, and they offer a smaller but well-curated list of local wines. The real draw here is the quintessential charm of this cafe, but if you are interested in fine vintages from renowned wineries across the region, Pepino also has you covered. 


Via dei Mercanti, 7, 10122 Torino TO, Italy 

Ristorante del Cambio

This Michelin-starred restaurant has one of Turin’s deepest wine lists. With a barrel-aging cellar in its basement, they are able to offer 3,000 labels from renowned wineries across the globe. You will, of course, need to reserve a table well in advance, but with such an amazing wine list and incredible food, it’s something you should be planning an evening around. Sometimes, the best wine tastings are at a restaurant, and you can’t get better than Ristorante del Cambio. For restaurants with wine cellars, this spot should really be the model.


Piazza Carignano, 2, 10123 Torino TO, Italy

Wine bars in Torino

Rossorubino Enoteca 

This is one of Turin’s most popular spots with local wine geeks. They regularly host wine tastings with visiting vintners and experts. Being an Enoteca, they have a deep list of bottles you can take home, as well as a substantial tasting menu for ordering by the glass.

Rossorubino’s shelves are stocked with some true rarities, and they have a decent selection for every price point. They are most famous for stocking Baratuciat and Montanera vintages, and their staff is extremely helpful for picking out the right bottle for you. Whether or not there is an event planned, this is should be on your go-to list for wine tastings in Turin.


Via Madama Cristina, 21, 10125 Torino TO, Italy

Spaccio Vini e Olii

While traditional, hearty Italian food pairs famously well with wine, sometimes a lighter Mediterranean dinner is more appealing, especially during the summer months. Spaccio Vini e Olii specializes in Greek, southern Spanish, and southern Italian fare and curates a wine menu that fits perfectly with the food. Understandably, the dinner menu skews heavily towards seafood. Their grilled octopus, calamari, and catch of the day are the most popular items. Their appetizers are famous, especially the simple-but-perfect anchovies and tinned fish with freshly-baked bread and artisan olive oil. All of this pairs well with imported Greek and Spanish wines. If you’ve been traveling through Italy and (as unlikely as it sounds) are craving something other than Italian food, this is a nice place to head. 


Largo IV Marzo, 17, 10122 Torino TO, Italy

Trattoria Bar Coco’s

This quaint trattoria located in the San Salvario neighborhood is a mainstay in Turin’s wine scene. It’s less than a 10-minute walk from Porta Nuova, with most of the trek taking place through the beautiful Parco Del Valentino along the river. This bar is located near the city centre, and all the crowds that come with it, so expect a decent but manageable crowd on nights and weekends. Their food menu is the main attraction, with a rotating menu of specials showcasing regional cuisine. The menu leans on comfort food, like a Milanese cutlet and a seasonal risotto. Coco’s does not take reservations, so it’s advisable to either plan ahead or prepare to wait on their patio for a table. Luckily, there are several cafes nearby that are fun to pop into for a glass of wine while you wait.

The wine menu is heavily local, with the seemingly omnipresent Barbera, Dolcetto, and Barolo brands featured heavily on the list. They do glasses of wine off a tasting menu, but the real treasure trove is in their deep list. You’ll find the regional classics but also some international labels and selections from other Italian regions. If you have dinner plans elsewhere, this is a great place to pop in for a glass of wine and some appetizers, and they also serve coffee and pastries during the day. The charming atmosphere and friendly staff are worth a visit, even if it’s just for a short while. The wood-paneled interior and lovely decor make this spot seem like a snapshot in time, and with a deep wine cellar and traditional food, it just might be. 


Via Bernardino Galliari, 28, 10125 Torino TO, Italy


Whether you’re passing through for just three days in Turin or staying for weeks, there are countless things to do here. The history, culture, food, and especially wine tastings are all exciting ways to spend your time in one of Northern Italy’s true gems. Just make sure to drop the bags with Bounce so you’ll have one less thing to worry about. 

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