Best Coffee Shops to Work From in Vancouver

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Best coffee shops to work from in Vancouver

If you have headed to Vancouver, BC, for a work trip, you might be feeling a little sad. It can feel like you are going to miss out on all the fun things that this city has to offer if you are having to work remotely while you are in Vancouver. After all, you can enjoy incredible shopping in Vancouver, and there are also lots of great art gallery locations and museums to make the most of when you are done with work each day. But you can enjoy great coffee as well as quality work locations when you choose your coffee shop work spot from this list.

Working in Vancouver, BC, can be really fun, and you don't have to choose to sit inside your hotel room and stare at the walls while you work. You will be able to enjoy window seats, beautiful views, great lighting, and local culture with ease when you head to Vancouver for a work trip. These great coffee shops will give you the right location to enjoy your work day as well as excellent access to the best parts of town when you are done working.

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Vancouver coffee shops

Best Coffee Shops to Work From in Vancouver BC

Small Victory

This little bakery is one of the best coffee shops in the city. You will love the light and airy surroundings and the comfortable communal tables here. You can sit by a window at this coffee shop and enjoy a classic coffee or even a fancy coffee drink. The menu is extensive, and you can enjoy lunch as well as breakfast here. There are also really good sweets and pastries here to try if you just want a snack.

This location offers you access to plug-ins and free wifi, and you will love the quiet and efficient service that offers you the right workplace environment to really get things done. You will be able to immerse yourself in the nice parts of Vancouver without feeling like you can't get any work done.


1088 Homer Street and 3070 Granville Street


While this location is busy and a bit noisy sometimes, it is also really fun and comfortable. You can easily get a table with an electrical outlet here, and you will have a great time as your work in this shared communal workspace. The staff here is friendly and laid back, and you will be able to get great coffee as well as really good food here too. This location is a trendy, hipster-friendly spot that offers you a lot of fun social experiences along with a great workplace. You will be working alongside college kids here, which means that this is one of the best coffee shops to hang out in if you loved this kind of social atmosphere in your college days.

Digital workers will find this location to be fun and engaging, and totally refreshing when compared to other chain coffee shops. You will not feel like just another number when you sit down here, and you will love that the team that works here is so friendly and chill. The overall atmosphere will make sure that your work day is comfortable and mellow, and you will want to stay all day here even when your work tasks are over for the day.


325 Cambie Street

Pallet Coffee Roasters

There are a few Pallet Coffee Roasters locations in the city, and you will find that all of them are work-friendly. This is a great place for easy access to plugs and for comfortable tables and seating. You will love that this hidden gem is quiet enough to work in if you have to focus intensely but chill enough that you will feel right at home. The space here at this location is quite large, and there is plenty of room to spread out and get comfortable as you work all day.

Coffee lovers will enjoy the specialty coffees here at the coffee roasters locations, and you will also benefit from a great food menu that will take care of you all day as you work. This is one of the best coffee places for your workday needs, and the atmosphere here is really enjoyable when compared to other places in the city.


395 Alexander Street

Where to work while you're in Vancouver

Timbertrain Coffee Roasters

This is a great spot to work if you love really good coffee and also need access to vegan food and snacks. You will find that there is a great selection of menu options here for those with food allergies or preferences, but there are also all the classic pastries and other really enjoyable breakfast foods here. Despite the small location, this spot offers you a comfortable working space for your remote work needs.

The wifi here at Timbertrain Coffee Roasters is great, and you will enjoy awesome internet speeds that will make sure that you can get your work meetings done or send large files to your home office. There are also a few secluded corners that make great places to have a work meeting while you enjoy a delicious coffee and a vegan snack.


311 W Cordova St

Gene Coffee Bar

The eclectic nature of this coffee shop is ideal for those who love memorable and unique places to enjoy a work day, and you will love the friendly staff and excellent service here. This is a local favorite, and it is often one that slips right past those who are in town just to visit briefly. You will find that this coffee bar and restaurant can make it easy for you to work effectively while also soaking up some local Vancouver culture.

Gene Coffee Bar is a great place for those who love natural light, large window seats, and great coffee. You will be able to people-watch as well as work with an intense focus here, and the polite and helpful staff will not bother you all day unless you need something.


2404 Main Street

Harken Coffee Shop

This minimalist coffee shop location is one of the best in the city, and you can head here and work in comfort every day during your trip to Vancouver. You will love the cozy location here, and the wifi is fast and reliable. Best of all, the entire menu is vegan at this location, which makes it perfect for those who have dietary preferences or restrictions. This is one of the best coffee shops in the city for alternative diets, as well as a peaceful working environment.

You will love the lunch menu here as much as the breakfast menu, and the comfortable environment will make you a huge fan of this coffee spot from the moment that you first sit down here.


338 Powell Street

Cafes to work from in Vancouver

The Garden

This is one of the swankiest and coolest locations to work in the city, and the food and drink here are as special as the location itself. You can sit down here for a quiet and comfortable work day that will offer you the right blend of responsive staff and peace and quiet for your workday needs. This is one of the best places to head if you love a quiet cafe with really unique and filling foods. as well as excellent coffees.

This coffee shop would fit in in a huge city like New York, and it offers all the atmosphere that you might have been looking for without the high prices and the difficulty of getting a seat. Unlike many locations in the city, you will be able to enjoy a peaceful working day when you sit down here to take care of business.


868 E Hastings Street

Nelson the Seagull

This location is really cozy and comfortable and as memorable as the name of the business itself. This is one of the most popular working locations in the city for remote workers, and you will not regret heading to this spot to take care of your workday. The staff here are friendly and helpful and will make you any kind of coffee that you want. Make sure to check out their specials and their local food options when you are sitting down to work here as well.

This is one of the best places in the city to sit down for your workday, and you will not regret heading to this quaint little location for your working cafe needs. Being one with the city is really easy here, and you will also be close to a lot of the things that make this part of the city really fun when the evening arrives. Sitting down here will offer you access to some of the most comfortable tables and chairs in the city, as well as the best staff and the best coffee to fuel your workday.


315 Carrall Street

Unique coffee shops in Vancouver


There are three locations under this brand's heading in the city, but this is the newest and most interesting location. You can find plenty of table space here to sit down with great plug-in access, and the wifi is also really excellent here. The service is friendly, the staff are helpful, and you will enjoy the unique food and drink options on the menu here as well.

Sit down near the large windows at the front of the shop, and you will be able to order as much coffee or tea as you want without breaking the bank. This is a great place for those working remotely to have their own working space all day, and the team that services the tables will leave you alone unless you need something. Make sure to try any local pastries that have been brought into the shop, and order the specialty coffees and teas when they are on offer.


555 Great Northern Way


These coffee shop and coffee bar locations are the best places that you can choose to work at while you are in Vancouver, BC. You will love that many of these places have speedy free wifi as well as communal tables and comfortable seats. The food menu options here are excellent as well, and you can enjoy coffee roasters coffee, and more. Vancouver is a great place to head for work because you have so many great coffee shop locations to enjoy for your working day needs.

These shops offer a relaxing atmosphere and all the comfort items that you need to make the most of your work days while you are in Vancouver. It's easy to work in comfort near window seats and with a good coffee in hand at any of these locations. Vancouver BC is a common work location and one that can offer you a really enjoyable work experience that you cannot get in other places.

Make sure that the first thing that you do is get your bags into secure storage. You will be able to make the most of your time in Vancouver BC when you are working if you have a great coffee shop picked out that offers you access to local culture as well as comfortable workspaces. We can take care of your luggage in secure storage while you take care of your work day with peace of mind.

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