Rooftop Bars in Vancouver: 7 Places to Drink with a View

Published by: Bounce7 September, 2022
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Vancouver is one of the most enjoyable cities that you can visit, and you might head here to go on outdoor adventures, to enjoy some of the best shopping anywhere in Canada, or to head to museums and historical locations. There is something for everyone in this beautiful city, and you will never be bored when you choose to head to Vancouver for vacation or even a day trip. Making the most of your dining experience in Vancouver is easy when you visit these rooftop patio locations.

If you are going to be in Vancouver, you need to make sure that you put some of these rooftop bars on your list of things to do. Being able to enjoy a few drinks above the city skyline on a rooftop terrace is something that will make your trip far more special and memorable. These locations offer comfy lounge sofas, trendy rooftop bar experiences, live music, and more. There is something for everyone to love about dining at these rooftop bars in Vancouver, and you will be able to find the perfect rooftop bar on this list for your time in the city.

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Once your bags are stored safely, you will be ready to choose a rooftop bar or a rooftop patio from this list and sit down for a really enjoyable dining experience that you will not soon forget!

Drinks with a view in Vancouver, BC

Best Rooftop Bars in Vancouver

The Keg

What It's Like:

The Keg is a classic dining experience in Canada, and this chain of popular restaurants and steakhouses offers you access to really good food and fine dining that you cannot enjoy in other locations. You will love this particular location as it is one of the only rooftop bar locations for The Keg chain in Canada. The softly swanky outdoor seating is comfortable and cozy, and you will love that you can see the downtown Vancouver area and its surrounding mountains so well. Watch the lights come on and enjoy looking around at the beauty of this part of the city as you have a steak and some red wine.

Our Recommendation:

The wine list is extensive here, and the various creative and unique steak offerings are always really enjoyable. The menu here offers fusion options as well as extensive tapas-style starters and small plates. You can also enjoy a list of craft beers and creative cocktails if you are not a wine lover. The service is great, and the soft music and peaceful atmosphere will charm you immediately as soon as you sit down.


1011 Mainland St

Joe Fortes

What It's Like:

This is one of the most popular rooftop bar locations in the city, and you will love the rooftop garden feel of this location that is so unique from many of the other rooftop patio spots in Vancouver. The menu here is really excellent, and you can get steaks, seafood, and more. The oyster bar is also arguably the best in the city, and if you love this delectable dining experience, then you need to head to Joe Fortes for your dinner or lunch. You will need reservations before you show up since this location is so popular, but you can make sure that you get ideal seating when you call in advance.

Our Recommendation:

This rooftop bar is one of the best to choose for wine lovers. The panoramic views of the city pair well with a glass of red wine, and you will find that this is one of the best rooftop patios for a relaxing atmosphere. The service is prompt, and you can enjoy refreshing cocktails, stunning views of the city, and even brunch at this location. This rooftop bar is open year round, and you can count on Joe Fortes for a memorable experience that you might not be able to enjoy anywhere else in the city.


777 Thurlow St

Rooftop restaurants in Vancouver

LIFT Bar Grill

What It's Like:

Coal Harbor is one of the most picturesque locations in Vancouver, and you can head here to enjoy really excellent dining, classic cocktails, and a view of the water. While not as high above the city as some of the best rooftop bars in downtown, this location offers you views of the north shore mountains as well as the waterfront. You will be treated to an excellent menu of seafood, fusion plates, and steak here, and you can count on a peaceful atmosphere with great service when you sit down at this rooftop bar.

Our Recommendation:

You can enjoy lunch or dinner here, and you will want to make sure to order off the signature cocktail menu. The specials are often locally sourced, which makes them fresh and delicious, and you will find that the shareable plates are also really enjoyable. This is a very unique and memorable way to pass an afternoon or an evening in Vancouver, and you should have this cool location on your list of places to have a meal.


333 Menchion Mews

Darby's Public House

What It's Like:

This Kitsilano location offers you access to delicious food, a lively atmosphere, and a seasonable rooftop terrace location. You can count on great beer as well as a really good steak here, and you will find that the fusion and Canadian dishes are also very enjoyable. This is a well-rounded menu that will have something to offer for everyone, even picky eaters or those with dietary restrictions.

Our Recommendation:

Just because this location feels like you have landed at your favorite pub does not mean that you cannot get an excellent glass or bottle of wine here. You should also ask to see the craft beer list if you are a beer lover. Make sure to call ahead for reservations if you want to sit near the edge of the terrace for the best views. You will find that there are few places in Vancouver with this well-rounded a menu, and the service and comfortable seating will make you feel right at home.


2001 Macdonald St

Best rooftop bars in Vancouver

The Roof at Black & Blue

What It's Like:

This is one of the largest rooftop bars in the city, and you will love that this location offers you access to more than one cozy fireplace, comfortable loungers, and more. You will be able to sip a glass of wine by the fire and admire the view of the city streets and the north shore mountains here. This spot feels a bit like a ski lodge, and the comfortable dining here pairs well with the excellent food and the extensive drinks menu.

Our Recommendation:

This spot is a great choice if you love shareable platters and if you want to catch happy hour to save a little money. You will have access to a full steakhouse-style menu here, an extensive wine list, lots of craft beers, and more. This is one of the most well-rounded menus in the city and easily one of the most enjoyable dining locations.


1032 Alberni St 3rd floor

Reflections: The Garden Terrace

What It's Like:

This is a lovely rooftop terrace that makes you feel like you have been transported to another world. This is also a great spot to head to if you have food allergies and need cauliflower crust or vegan options for your dining experience. This is a very popular location that appeals to all ages, and the extensive wine list and beer list are a big benefit to heading here. This is one of the most popular after-work dining and drinks locations in the city.

Being transported to another world is easy when you head to The Garden Terrace for a meal, and you will feel relaxed instantly when you sit down to have a meal at this beautiful location. This is like sitting in an inner courtyard that is private and removed from the rest of the world, and you will forget that this location is right in the heart of the city.

Our Recommendation:

This location offers something for everyone, and you can easily find something to love on the menu here. Between an excellent beer list and a great wine selection, there is no shortage of wonderful drink options. You will love that you can eat here quite easily if you have food allergies as well. There are few locations in the city that offer all the benefits that this restaurant does, and you will want to put this spot on your list for sure if you want excellent drinks and vegan dining options.


801 West Georgia

Rooftop bars in Downtown Vancouver

The Vancouver Club

What It's Like:

While a private club, you might know someone that lives in Vancouver and has a membership. Because this is not a public location, you can enjoy quiet and peaceful dining as well as excellent views of the city. This club actually focuses on young people in their membership, so the overall feeling here is really youthful and exclusive. You might not be able to get access to this rooftop patio, but if you know someone with a membership, you should put this rooftop patio on your list of places to eat.

Our Recommendation:

The menu here changes with the seasons, though there are always the main standbys on the menu, like steak and seafood. You will find that there are special events from time to time as well, so you might be able to enjoy unique dining during an event here when compared to times that the regular menu is on offer. You might want to inquire about a visit to check out the location and see if you might be able to have a drink at least. There are times when potential new members are allowed to take a look at the venue, and you might be able to check things out on one of those days.


915 Hastings Street W

Drinks in Vancouver with a skyline view


Vancouver is unquestionably one of the most beautiful cities in Canada. You will be able to enjoy all kinds of adventures and fun when you visit this lovely city, and adding a visit to a rooftop bar or rooftop terrace can make your trip complete. Sitting down with a glass of wine to look out over the city skyline can make memories that you would miss out on otherwise. There are so many rooftop patios and rooftop bars that you can try in Vancouver that you can even visit one every single night if you wish.

Vancouver offers you access to many unique experiences, and these lovely dining locations are just part of what the city can offer to you when you visit. You will be able to enjoy so many kinds of dining when you head to Vancouver, and these rooftop bars will give you access to views of the city as well.

Make sure that you put your luggage into secure storage with us before you do anything else when you get to Vancouver. We will take care of your bags so that you can have a great time in Vancouver without worrying about your luggage being underfoot. Picking the right rooftop bar to have a fun evening out is much easier when you are not worried about your luggage!

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