Is Venice safe to visit? A comprehensive safety guide

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Everyone has heard of Venice: the beautiful city in North-East Italy and the capital of the Veneto region. Venice is actually made up of 118 small islands found on the Adriatic Sea. These islands are all separated by stunning canals and one of the main means of transportation in the city is by boat. You can also take a gondola ride to admire Venice from above, which looks impressively similar to what it did six hundred years ago.

With a rich history and countless world-famous landmarks, Venice is definitely a city that almost anyone would want to visit. This is why it is not surprising that nearly 20 million people visit Venice each year. The city welcomes them through three airports; the Treviso airport, the San Nicolo airport and the Venice Marco Polo airport which is the closest commercial airport to the city center. Tourists often outnumber the locals since metropolitan Venice is home to just over 640,000 people. The busiest time of year for travelers to come to Venice is between April and June as well as September and October when the weather is best.

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Is Venice safe to visit right now?

The first thing that you should be asking yourself when planning a vacation is: how safe is this country? Luckily, Italy is a safe place and is ranked 32nd according to the 2021 Global Peace Index of 163 countries. Safety can sometimes change which is why you should look up the travel restrictions put in place by your government before booking a trip. Right now there are no travel advisories for Italy and it is a safe destination as long as you take regular security precautions.

Next, you should look into the specific city that you'll be traveling to, and researching some basic safety info is important as well. There is no such thing as a flawless safety guide and we recommend reading a few articles before you visit Venice. Although it is a safe city, tourists can experience pickpocketing and scams here. But if you know what to look out for, becoming a victim won't happen to you.

Top petty crimes and scams in Venice affecting tourists

The most effective way of being safe is to be educated. We've compiled Venice safety tips so you can be aware and at ease as you see the marvelous sights in the city.


Pickpockets tend to gravitate towards crowded areas, and naturally, there will be lots of them in Venice since it is such a popular tourist destination. It is good to note that pickpockets can sometimes work in teams, one person could be a distraction while the other one will steal your things, so it is important to keep your belongings close and to always be aware of your surroundings.


Similarly to pickpockets, scammers do exist in Venice. Thankfully, most scams are easy to avoid if you know how to identify them.

Some common ones include the "gold ring" scam where a vendor will put a ring on your finger while trying to sell it to you. Often the ring is too small or impossible to take off, and they will then become angry and demand that you pay them for it. This can also happen with bracelets and similar trinkets. You should also keep an eye out for fake petitions, and never give your luggage to a stranger who is offering to help carry it.

Natural disasters

Venice does not experience big natural disasters often, but flooding is common during the winter months. It is easy for the canals to fill with instances of heavy rainfall and high tide, and this can sometimes lead to closed-off roads. Remember to bring some rain boots and you will be just fine!

Is Venice safe to travel alone

Venice is known to be a romantic destination, but what if you prefer traveling alone? The city has a relatively low crime rate and is a safe city to explore on your own. Try to not walk around by yourself after dark, but if you do we recommend staying close to restaurants or other establishments that are open late since more people will be around. A Venice trip is on the bucket list of many tourists, and you should definitely not rule it out for solo traveling.

Because Italy ranks 23rd on the Bounce Women Travel Safety Index, Venice is a safe city for solo female travelers as well. Just like in other cities, women should still be cautious when walking around alone or at night. Narrow streets should be avoided as well as dark areas. Instead, try to stick close to the tourist attractions, and be careful when using public transport by yourself at night. Staying safe is unique to the individual and all visitors, whether male or female, are responsible for doing their research and avoiding dangerous areas.

Safest neighborhoods in Venice

Looking for somewhere safe to stay? Venice has lots of great neighborhoods, and generally, they are pretty safe for tourists so you shouldn't have any issues finding a hotel. Try visiting these popular locales.

San Marco

Just off of the Grand Canal and home to the Piazza San Marco plus several great museums and art galleries, San Marco is one of the best places for those who want to experience the city's culture. Stop by during your trip to Venice.


If you're a foodie you'll definitely want to check out Dorsoduro. This neighborhood has some of the best restaurants, bars and cafes. Look for fried cicchetti and typical Venetian dishes like meats, seafood, pasta and of course, desserts.

San Polo

Although small, San Polo has plenty to offer for people visiting the city. Stop by the Rialto Bridge and Market, go sightseeing at the Church of San Giacomo di Rialto, or hang out in the bars around Campo San Polo.

Overall, most of Venice proper is very safe and you won't have to avoid any areas.

Is Venice public transportation safe?

A busy city like Venice has to have ways to get around, and you'll have several options to choose from whether you're traveling through the streets or the canals. If you want to get around using the water you should definitely take the water taxis or the water bus, and they are both very safe means of transportation. Taxis also help the flow of tourism and can take you around the streets safely, too.

Some of the public transport hubs, like the Santa Lucia train station, can have pickpockets, so keep your belongings close at all times and leave your money and smartphone tucked away.

Important emergency numbers in Venice

Venice is one of the most popular European cities and with such a huge amount of tourists visiting year round it is important to have safety services available. Below are a couple of numbers that will come in handy. As usual when in a foreign country you'll want to know your embassy number.

  • Police: 112
  • Fire Brigade: 115
  • Medical Emergency: 118
  • Carabinieri of the Piazzale Roma (bus station): +39 041 523 53 33
  • Police station of San Marco: +39 041 270 55 11

Knowing how to be safe in Venice

Venice is definitely one of the most important cities in Italy and with so many tourists visiting each year it has really made a name for itself. Now that you know what to look out for you're almost ready to take off and experience the city for yourself. We suggest that you read up a bit more on the area and its neighborhoods first. Take a look at Where to Stay in Venice: The Ultimate Guide and How to Get Around Venice for a memorable trip.

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