Venice Train Station Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Train station platform in Venice, Italy

Nowhere on earth is quite like Venice. This Italian city spent much of its history as an independent republic built on maritime trade. Located in a lagoon on the eastern side of the Italian peninsula, Venice is known for its extensive network of canals that function the way roads do in more land-based cities.

You may not expect such a watery city to have a train station. But Venezia Santa Lucia does indeed connect Venice to Italy’s rail network. Sitting right on the Grand Canal, it’s one of the only ways into the city from the mainland, and every year welcomes 30 million passengers to Venice.

Navigating this ancient city is notoriously tricky. You can make things easier on yourself by dropping off any unneeded bags at a luggage storage facility near Venice Train Station. That way, you can lose yourself in the quaint streets of the city and not worry about your stuff.

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Venice Train Station bag policy

There are no strict limits on the amount of bags you can bring to the train station. Some train providers set a limit on the number and weight bags they will let a passenger carry, but it tends to be quite high. Your real limit on what you bring to Venice Train Station will be how much you’re willing to drag along with you. Although it serves so many passengers every year, the train station is not particularly large, meaning it can get incredibly busy at times.

Venice Train Station has a luggage storage service near Platform 1. However, like the rest of the station, it can get extremely busy. The last thing you want to do when you arrive at this magical city is wait in a long line. You may save yourself time by tracking down an independent luggage storage service near Venice Train Station and leaving your bags there.

Venice Train Station food policy

Having a picnic is a great way to kill time on a train journey, and you won’t find any rules against bringing your own food or drink with you to Venice Train Station. Furthermore, Italy has a liberal policy towards alcohol, so you can carry open containers with you. If you find yourself hungry at the station, there are a few places where you can get a bite to eat. The station has a basic food court where you can get a coffee or a snack to refresh you on your journey. This being Italy, you’ll also find a pizzeria inside the station close to Platform 1. And thanks to the train station’s central location, you won’t have to step far outside to find one of the hundreds of bars and restaurants Venice has to offer.

Venice Train Station camera policy

There’s no rule against bringing your camera to Venice Train Station. If you want to take photos of the station and document your trip, you’re welcome to do so. However, the use of professional equipment such as tripods, monopods, or lights is frowned upon. Besides, with the crowds the train station receives, you wouldn’t want to carry such heavy equipment with you anyway. Make things easier on yourself by dropping it off at a luggage storage locker near Venice Train Station.

Venice Train Station rules

  • Smoking is not allowed inside the station concourse. However, the platforms do have smoking areas far away from the station where you can light up if you need to.
  • Although alcohol is allowed inside the station, public intoxication is not allowed and may result in rejection or even arrest.
  • You can reach the station from central Venice on foot or even by vaporetto, the public transit boats that serve as buses in the city.

Venice Train Station lockers

For the moment you step out of the front door of Venice Train Station, you’ll want to dive into everything this incredible city has to offer. You can make your trip much easier on yourself if you take a little time to locate a luggage locker near Venice Train Station first. The car-free city is one of the most pedestrian-friendly in the world, and you’ll do lots of walking in the maze of ancient and narrow streets that make up Venice. Leaving behind your heavy bags will make your trip much easier and more enjoyable.

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