Venice Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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gondolas in Venice canal

One of the most romantic and unique cities on the planet, visiting Venice is high on many people's bucket lists. Constructed on a maze of over 110 different islands, Venice is famous for its canals, beautiful cityscape, and Venician cuisine. Due to its beauty and uniqueness, it's among the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. 

The exact date Venice was founded is unknown but is believed to have been 1,500 years ago by immigrants following the fall of the Roman Empire. Venice was originally ruled by a Doge (or Duke) and had a close relationship with the Byzantine Empire. Despite several serious conflicts and changes in power over its history, Venice has continued to prosper due to its position as an integral seaport. 

Today, Venice's economy is driven in part by tourism due to amazing historical sights and a reputation as one of the world's most romantic cities. Stow your belongings at a Venice luggage locker and discover the beauty of the City of Canals.

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10 best ways to experience Venice

Here is a city that surely appears on more people’s wish lists than any other. With its Bridge of Sighs, its classic canals, and a seemingly endless amount of historic architecture to marvel at, is it any wonder that so many people dream of visiting this iconic city?

Many of the streets are narrow and cobbled, and you are seriously going to inhibit your visit if you are carrying large quantities of luggage. Bounce luggage storage services have thought of this, and they have the answer to your problems. Let them guard your bags while you travel light.

Best tours of Venice for food lovers – My Venice Travel Guide

What better way to experience Venice than through its food and wine? This company specializes in showing small groups the tucked-away little gourmet secrets that most tourists never get to experience. At the same time, you will be exposed to much of the exquisite beauty that this traveler’s paradise is so famous for. Let them build a tour for you or help you tailor-make a tour to your own requirements.

To find out more call 39 335-544-5188 or email at

Best bike tours of Venice – Cycling Venice Lagoon

This is a company that offers the perfect antidote to those who don't want to spend their holiday visiting old museums and palaces. Instead, they will guide you to those hidden gems that are mainly frequented by locals and where you will find the best food and chicchetto or spritz. Cruising in a small group on an eco-friendly bike, you will discover places that most travelers won’t even know are there.

To book a tour email at or call on 39 347-649-0787

Best walking tour of Venice – Lucia Venice Walks and Tours

Lucia is a qualified and experienced guide with a passion for, and deep knowledge of, Venice and all that it has to offer. She proposes a wide range variety of tours, including visits to the Jewish ghetto, Dorsoduro and San Marco or architectural and art tours. She is also happy to sit down with her clients and design a tailor-made tour based on a combination of their interests and her in-depth experience.

To discuss your tour, call 39 349-225-8189 or email her at 

Best tours of Venice by boat – Classic Boats Venice

This is a company uniquely linked to the traditional boat builders of Venice who handcraft all of their boats. They offer a wide range of tours that can last from two and a half hours, right through to eight hours, which will give you a real taste of the lagoon and the wonders of this amazing city. Whether you opt for a historical tour, a romantic evening on the water, or a sunset cruise, this company will have a tour that will meet your requirements. 

To book your tour, call 39 041-523-6720 or email at

Best kayak tours of Venice – Real Venetian Row

There can be few places in the world where you can paddle around such breathtakingly beautiful architecture and such a unique cultural history. Real Venetian Row offers you an opportunity to experience this iconic city from a totally different perspective while remaining active and not damaging the environment. What’s more, you will be accompanied by one of their knowledgeable guides who will make the whole experience into an informative and unforgettable one.

Email them at or call them on 39 389-985-1866

Best of Venice by canal – Sup in Venice

Here's a cool way to cruise the canals of Venice, get some exercise, and not harm the planet in one fun-filled tour. Paddleboarding is an unusual way to experience Venice but one which is bound to be accompanied by plenty of laughter. Throw in a local Venetian guide with a lifetime's worth of experience to share and you are bound to come away with plenty of great memories.

Call 39 389-985-1866 or email at

Best off the beaten path tour of Venice – Friend in Venice

Every year, Venice receives millions of tourists. Nadia is a local who knows the city like the back of her hand and who believes in sharing more than just the usual tourist drawcards. She likes to take her clients on a voyage of discovery and show them what it is like to live like a Venetia. If you want to get beneath the skin of this city and expose yourself to authentic life and some of the hidden gems of Venice, you need to speak to Nadia.

Call her on 39 338-919-6695 or email her at

Best tour of Venice for art enthusiasts – Fiorella Pagotto

Fiorella is a native Venetian with a passion for the rich artistic heritage that her home is so famous for. If you share her passion and want to delve more deeply into the world of art you will find yourself surrounded by, you need to talk to Fiorella. She offers a choice of five different tours, and each of them will expose you to a different aspect of Venice and the artists that have been so influential there.

You can email her

Best boat tours of Venice – Venice Boat Experience

This company offers to show you around in luxury as your cruise the lagoon on a recently renovated Bora boat built in 1964. Touring in classic style, they offer wine tasting excursions, island visits, and much more. Your skipper, come guide, will also reveal some of the lesser-known history and folk law of the region meaning that this is guaranteed to be an all-around adventure done with a rare touch of elegance.

To find out more email at or call on 39 041-528-3547

Best tours of Venice by gondola – Venice Tours Srl

Let’s face it – there can be nothing more emblematic of a visit to Venice than to glide across the water in a gondola. No image could possibly conjure up anything that says Venice more than this one does. This company offers guided gondola tours that will take you past all of the most quintessential sights and inform you of exactly what it is you are witnessing. If you prefer something even more romantic, why not opt to be serenaded by local performers as you drift through this magical experience.

Book your tour by calling 39 041-476-1926 or email at

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

A weekend in Venice

Whether you're whisking your partner away for the perfect romantic getaway, or you're just spending a couple of days in Venice during your Italian road trip, you won't be disappointed. During your short break in Venice, check out some of these excellent excursions. 

  • Spend a day exploring St. Mark's Basilica. This remarkable basilica dominates St. Mark's Square and is among the most breathtaking buildings in Venice. Among the highlights of the basilica are the gilded religious mosaics that cover the exterior and interior.
  • Plan a gondola ride along Venice's labyrinth of canals. Possibly one of the most romantic activities in the world, a gondola ride around Venice isn't to be missed. 
  • Delight in delicious Venetian cuisine. Home to perhaps the best restaurants in Italy, some of the best spots to dine out in Venice include GLAM, Osteria Da Fiore, and Osteria Alla Frasca. 

Venice Lockers

Venice is a compact city, perfect for walking around on foot. However, due to the city attracting approximately 30 million tourists each year, its narrow streets and bridges can become crowded. You also won't want to bring any cumbersome suitcases on your gondola ride. Avoid the hassle and book yourself in at a Venice luggage locker. Bounce has luggage storage services in Venice at local businesses, where you can securely deposit your belongings before going about your day. Book via the Bounce app, and be free to explore the City of Canals without being burdened by your backpack. 

Off the beaten path in Venice

If you're not a fan of big crowds, you might be looking to leave the beaten path and discover some of Venice's lesser-known attractions. There's plenty to explore around Venice, so you won't struggle too much to find some quieter excursions across the city. 

  • The Basilica S.Maria Gloriosa dei Frari is much less famous than St. Mark's but still offers some fascinating sights. A number of Doges and well as renowned artist Titian are buried in the basilica, and there are works by several famous artists, including Titian, Donatello, and Bellini.
  • Escape the city at San Giuliano park. This preserved Venetian lagoon is ideal for getting in touch with the local nature. Due to its position across the causeway, the park offers panoramic views of the Venetian skyline and features a bar in case you fancy a libation. 
  • Learn about modern art at the Giardini della Biennale. These gardens contain around 30 ornate pavilions displaying contemporary artworks by local artists.

What to do alone in Venice

gondola at Rialto Bridge

While Venice is better to visit with loved ones, it still offers plenty for solo sightseers to enjoy. If you're traveling alone, it's always a good idea to drop your bags off at a Venice bag storage location. If you're alone in Venice, check out some of these local attractions. 

  • Tour Doge's Palace. Once the residence of the Doges of Venice, this grand Gothic palace now serves as a museum, complete with lavish decor and furnishings.
  • Discover a plethora of stunning art at the Gallerie dell' Accademia. One of the best of Venice's many fine art galleries, the Gallerie dell' Accademia contains works by the likes of Titian, Vittore Carpaccio, and Giovani Bellini. While not usually on display, the museum also holds Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. 
  • Shop til you drop Venice's many classy fashion boutiques. The Le Mercerie and San Marco areas of Venice are among the best shopping districts and feature stores like Guess, Calvin Klein, and Gucci. 

The best souvenirs in Venice

When you're nearing the end of your trip to Venice, you'll no doubt want to pick up the perfect souvenir. You'll find plenty of great options across the city, and one of the best is Murano glass. This glasswork takes its name from the small island in northeastern Venice and is said to be the birthplace of glass blowing. Ensure you visit the workshop and watch the masters at work before choosing an exquisite piece of jewelry to remember your trip.

If you're looking for a more reasonably priced memento, consider picking up a traditional Venetian mask used during Carnivale or a Gondolier's hat. Venice is also known for its food, so consider picking up some pasta, grappa, or some delicious baicoli. 

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