Where To Find The Best Street Food In Venice

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Fruit and vegetable vendor in Venice

Enjoying good food in Venice is easy! There are so many opportunities to eat delicious food in this city that you will probably run out of time to try everything that is on your list! If you are headed to Venice, you probably have planned first and foremost to see amazing historical sites like the Piazzale Roma or the Grand Canal. You might also have come to town to check out the Venice retail therapy that is available in the many shopping areas in both the touristy areas and the more secret spaces that the locals know about. That's why it's a good idea to do a little research on the best neighborhoods in Venice so you'll know where to go once you arrive.

You should also plan on making time for the food in Venice when you visit. Whether you are at the Rialto Bridge area or in the Cannaregio District, good food is never far away! Make sure to drop off your luggage in safe and secure storage while you are shopping to have a really nice time in the city.

Fish market in Venice

The Best Street Food Vendors in Venice

Al Mercà

If you have ever wanted to enjoy a mini panini that you can walk around Rialto Market with, you need to stop in to this local favorite. This is a really delightful place to eat that offers whimsical foods that you can enjoy on the go. This is a Venetian cuisine classic, and the flavorful and popular snack is hard to beat for satisfying goodness.

Paninis are originally an Italian invention, so if you have had them in other places and liked them, you are in for a real treat when you visit this food shop! Paninis at this shop are small and can be consumed in a couple of yummy bites. This is a really fun and special eating experience that is not available to you in other places in Europe.

Aqua & Mais

A classic Venetian tradition is deep-fried fish served in a paper cone. You can enjoy this treat at many different locations throughout the city. This is a great place to stop in for this classic Venetian food vendor meal, and you will love the crispy and flavorful fish. This might not be the right option if you are not a fish-lover, but for those who enjoy fresh and delicious cuisine that includes fish, this will be heaven!

Fried foods served in paper is a very Italian experience and you will be surprised at how much better this method makes the food taste. There is something magical about knowing that you are dining in a classic way as you walk through historical streets lined with buildings that have existed for centuries. Being steeped in history and being allowed to enjoy essentially Venice street food makes the entire experience of visiting this city magical. It's also the perfect way to fuel up before embarking on some of the best hikes in Venice.

Fruit in Venice

Antico Forno

While not technically a food vendor stall, this location is a great place to enjoy some really filling sandwiches and get delicious pizza slices to go. This is also a local cuisine favorite because of the craft beers that are on the menu here. You can get some small sandwiches to go or you can drop in here to take a break and enjoy this wonderful place that is near the San Polo shopping streets.

This is a great stop to rest your feet if you are tired and you will get to enjoy a really lovely family atmosphere here. This is a local favorite as well as a tourist location and you will get quality service and excellent food and drinks. Sometimes it is nice to be able to duck in off the street and just sit down for a bit to relax and think about the amazing day that you are having.

Harry's Bar

This is the most famous of Venice's small wine bars, and this location is credited with inventing the Bellini. This is the wine bar to visit if you want to catch sight of a celebrity or two and enjoy some Cicchetti with your wine. Cicchetti are small plates of snacks that are served alongside drinks and they can be everything from fried meatballs to small sandwiches and pasta dishes. Fresh fish might even be included.

Harry's is located right by the water, and it offers a special feeling that no tourist restaurant could ever compete with. This is a special place to visit, and you will see why this is the king of the small wine bars in this city. World-famous locations like this often look just as unassuming as Harry's, so make sure that you do not walk right by thinking that you are looking for a large and obvious building.

Fresh seafood in Venice

Pasticceria Tonolo

If you love pastries and donuts, this is the place for you to try street food in Venice. Come here for some fritole which are like large and much more delicious donut holes. Traditionally this is a Carnevale food in Venice, but it is sold year-round at places like this shop. There are many places that offer this kind of Venetian cuisine near the Piazza San Marco and other areas of the city and they are one of the most common options for street food in Venice.

Donuts made in other places in the world are never going to compare to these treats and you will be in love instantly as soon as you try the first fritole in your hands. Italian pastries are really amazing and there are not many other places in the world that can compete with Italy for bakery items of all kinds. This should be a planned stop during your visit even if you only grab a small handful of things to try.

Frito Inn

This street food vendor is one of the most popular locations in the city. Frito Inn offers fried fish, fried octopus, delicious meatballs, and more! Taking away your food from the Frito Inn is easy since almost everything is offered in a paper cone that is easy to carry. This is a place that makes the best fried dishes you will have ever eaten and you really should make time to drop in here for a variety of really good Italian street food options that you cannot get anywhere else in the world.

This shop is located in the lovely Cannaregio area, and you can take a break from shopping during your visit to try out a tasty to-go order from this spot. Tourists and locals alike love this delicious food vendor's creations! The awning over the little shop declares that you have arrived at the right spot for fried treats of all kinds and you might need to wait in a little line to get your food since this place is so popular.

Bakery in Venice

Where to Find the Best Venice Street Food Spots

Venice is a huge city, but thankfully there are many options for street food eating when you are shopping or taking in the sights. You will not have to plan too hard to get the right kind of dish that you have been wanting to try, but knowing where the best food spots are can help you to make sure you get to visit the restaurant you want.


This is the perfect place to visit a food vendor's stall that overlooks the canal and admire the beauty of this old part of the city. You can enjoy a glass of vino here, or you can get a tasty pasta meal to go. There is food for every taste here, and you can easily sit down to eat if you want.

This is the center of the nightlife part of the city as well, so when you visit later in the day you will experience a different atmosphere than what you can enjoy earlier in the daytime hours. There is great shopping here as well if you love designer brands and have some money to spend on clothes, shoes, or handbags. This is one of the most beautiful parts of the city and well worth a visit at any time of the day.

Rialto Market

This ancient fresh food and farmer's market has been operating at this location for generations. Tourists often come here to wander the seafood and vegetable stalls and to see the bounty of the country that has been brought to this central location to be sold. There are many food vendors in this area, and you can easily find pizza or sandwich vendors nearby. No matter what kind of food you are looking to get in this area, you can find it with ease.

Dorsoduro Sestiere

This is one of the best neighborhoods for both good eating and nightlife. This location is populated primarily by students which means that you can try out dishes of almost any kind here in this part of the city. This is a great place to go walking and to see the town while enjoying some street vendor food that you picked up along the way.

This area of the city will feel more local and youthful and this can be a really special experience if you are looking for a more authentic and less touristy area to spend some time in.

Food market in Venice

Street Food Festivals in Venice

The best food festival that you can attend anywhere in the world is Venice's Carnevale. If you are in Venice in February, you will be able to take part in this special street food festival that features lots of baked goods like crostoli and fritole as well as parades with floats. Enjoy a glass of wine, and make sure that you have grabbed some of these treats to enjoy while you wander the exciting and interesting festival streets.

This event is mirrored in some ways by the Carnevale that is held in New Orleans in the United States once a year. The Italian version is more focused on the religious holiday foundations of the event, and there is less wild behavior, but the festival experience is very exciting, and there is no shortage of amazing things to see and do during this event. If you want to have a real experience, Carnevale will offer this up to you in spades.

Battle of the Oranges is also a really unique event that takes place in many cities in Italy during the month of February. While not directly a food festival where you enjoy a glass of wine and a tasty plate of new food, this event pits teams against one another and allows everyone to hurl oranges in large street fights. This is a historical event that commemorates Italian uprisings of the past. This is a great excuse to get messy, have a lot of fun, and then enjoy some wine once the event is over.

Venice Street Food is Incredible

Whether you have arrived via the Venice Train Station or have entered the city another way, one of the first things that you might want to do in Venice is enjoy some delicious Venice street food. There is no shortage of options to be had here, from sandwiches to fish to pizza. You will be able to see and do many fun things in Venice from seeing the most historic sites in Italy, to shopping for designer clothes and shoes, to eating wonderful foods and trying delightful wines.

Venice is one of the most special and moving places to visit in Europe, and you will not be sorry that you took the time to spend a day or two in this amazing city. You will never go hungry here, and there is wine on almost every corner if you want to make the most of your Italian experience. Make sure to store your bags safely and then enjoy a day of eating, drinking, and shopping that you will never forget!

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