Rooftop Bars in Verona: 10 Places to Drink with a View

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Rooftop bars in Verona

There's one place to truly enjoy drinks on warm Mediterranean nights, and that's outdoors. There are some fantastic rooftop bars in Verona where you can do just that. Verona may not be an Italian city with the most exciting skyline, but add a big moon and a universe full of twinkling stars to the picture, and it's really not too shabby at all.

Unless you go to one of the posher hotels in Verona, then your drinks in a rooftop bar won't be several floors above ground level. Buildings with infinite floors just don't exist in this historic city. There is a positive point to that, though, as it also means there are not a lot of high-rise structures to get in the way of the panoramic views.

Many of the best rooftop bars are open during the day as well as at night, so if you're out shopping in Verona, you can drop into one for a light lunch or revitalizing drinks. There's really no better recovery treatment than an ice-cold mojito or a midday meal consumed at a leisurely Italian pace.

When you've gone over the top with your retail therapy and have arms full of bags, you might want to consider storing your purchases in a Bounce luggage locker in Verona. You'll be able to enjoy your rooftop bar experience unencumbered, and without your bags as a permanent reminder, you won't feel guilty about how much you've spent.

Verona rooftop bars

The Best Rooftop Bars In Verona

Terrazza Bar al Ponte

What's it like:

What's the best thing to do with historical buildings? Turn them into super drinking spots where folks can partake of a tipple in the fresh air while admiring the view. That's exactly what they’ve done at the Terrazza Bar al Ponte.

As far as rooftop bars go, this one is pretty low-level. It's only one floor up, but that's not a negative in any way, shape, or form. Head here for lunchtime drinks and a snack, and you'll be pleasantly surprised because, from this rooftop terrace, you'll get a fantastic view of the Adige River, the Pietro Bridge, and San Pietro Castle.

Our Recommendation:

A well-chilled glass of Amarone wine or one of their signature cocktails accompanied with a plate of mixed cold cuts and cheese.


Via Ponte Piedra, 6 

Re Teodorico

What's it like:

Head for the Re Teodorico restaurant, and you discover Verona from a totally different angle. The Re Teodorico sits on a hill on the outskirts of the city and has sweeping panoramic views of Verona from its rooftop terrace.

This outdoor terrace is set up more as a restaurant than a bar, but going just for drinks is also okay. Although that said, once you've seen the menu, you'll probably be tempted to eat something as well. The décor here is basic, with wicker chairs and small tables for two, but more than comfortable enough to entice you to linger for a while.

Our Recommendation:

The lunch and dinner menus at Re Teodorico change with the seasons, but the pizzas don't. Go for a simple pizza with nothing more than mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, and basil pesto with a refreshing spritz cocktail, and you'll be in for a classic treat.


Piazzale Castel San Pietro, 1  

Skyline Rooftop Cocktail Bar

When you want high, and you want plush, the best rooftop bar in Verona to go to is the Skyline Rooftop Cocktail Bar. This rooftop bar is located on the top floor of the DB Hotel Verona, which is near the airport and around a 15-minute taxi ride from the city center.

The rooftop bar of this great hotel has the works and is for hotel guests and visitors alike. Wooden decking, deluxe white sofas, a sauna, sun loungers, and a swimming pool make for a vacation-friendly vibe here. If you want a rooftop bar to spend the day at, you'll be hard-pressed to find somewhere better than this. Rather than a cityscape, what you'll be looking at from here is an incredible view of the countryside and the airport runway.

Our Recommendation:

Take some earplugs to block out the noise of the planes taking off and landing.


Via Aeroporto, 20C

Due Torri Panoramic Terrace

What's it like:

The Due Torri Panoramic Terrace is located on the fifth floor of the Hotel Due Torri in Verona's historic district. It's right next to the basilica, which has a bell tower, so expect some occasional chiming. The rooftop terrace is only open during the summer months, and to take a table there, you'll need to make a reservation through the hotel website, not at the front desk.

The terrace is serviced by a first-class grill restaurant with a menu that has designs to gain the chef a Michelin star. Yes, it's a little on the pricey side, but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. This is not the sort of rooftop terrace you can drop into for a casual drink while dressed in shorts and a t-shirt.

Our Recommendation:

Save this place for a special occasion like a marriage proposal, and you're bound to get a positive answer. If you just want to spoil yourself, then try the grilled scallop on kohlrabi cream for starters, followed by the acorn-fed pork secreto and a bottle of whatever wine takes your fancy.


Piazza Sant'anastasia, 4

Drinks with a view in Verona

Terraza Arena Sky Lounge Bar

What's it like:

If you don't want to get out into the countryside, check out the rooftop bar at the Hotel Milano and Spa instead. The hotel is right in the city center, and from the fifth floor of Terraza Arena Sky Lounge Bar, you'll get an outstanding view of the historic district and the Roman arena.

While this rooftop terrace looks right down onto the historic arena, there's nothing antiquated about this place. The furniture is bright white molded plastic that changes color when the evening illuminations are switched on. It's swish, to say the least, and while there's no pool, there is a jacuzzi you can dip your toes in.

Our Recommendation:

Go at night. The arena and surrounding area look a lot less jaded when it's lit up.


Via Tre Marchetti, 11

Piper Panoramic Restaurant

What's it like:

While it may not strictly speaking be a rooftop bar, the Piper Panoramic Restaurant is definitely worth a mention. Located on a hillside in the suburbs of Verona, this smart restaurant has an elevated terrace with outdoor seating and a stunning view of the city.

It's the ideal place to head for if you've been out sightseeing and want somewhere for a quiet scenic lunch or romantic dinner. You won't get peaceful dining in the evenings on the weekends, though. On Friday and Saturday nights, the terrace is turned into a party zone with flashing lights and DJs.

Our Recommendation:

If you're going for dinner or the after-dinner party, make sure to dress up. If you're not dressed appropriately, they won't allow you in.


Via Torricelle, 7A

Worth A Mention

Rooftop bars in Verona are not as prolific as you might expect, so on some occasions, you might need to lower your expectations and diversify. If you’re out and about in Verona and can’t find a rooftop bar near you, then there’s always another option. 

They may not be rooftop bars, but the following places have either great terraces, shady patios, or pretty gardens where you can have a drink outdoors. In all honesty, for the most part, they also have good views so you won’t be left feeling too deprived.


What's it like:

Rivamancini in Verona city center doesn't have a rooftop bar, but it does have a terrace that's well worth a visit. The views from Rivamancini's terrace are just as good as from any rooftop bar as it's right by where the river flows through the city.

The Rivamancini terrace is the perfect chill-out spot when you need to rest your weary feet after trailing around Verona's Old Town all morning. They serve a fantastic Sunday brunch and a great lunch menu the rest of the week. The food specialty here is giant-sized empanadas, but what really stands out is their cocktail list. It's excellent and exceptionally inventive.

Our Recommendation:

If the weather is warm, try one of their signature cocktails, like a refreshing Raspberry Mule or a spicy Playa Amarilla that's laced with chili syrup. The empanadas are huge, ridiculously cheap, and come in meat and vegan forms. They also make perfect picnic food, so pick a few up to take away.


Vicolo Quadrelli, 1

Bars with a view in Verona, Italy

Dari Ristorante and Enoteca

What's it like:

This restaurant in Verona may not have a rooftop bar, but it does have a stunningly beautiful arched courtyard garden for outdoor dining and drinking, which is worth a mention. If you're a wine lover, then the cellar-like interior of this place will definitely capture your imagination.

Located just a couple of minutes on foot from the Verona arena in the Old Town, the Dari is as much a renowned wine bar as it is a restaurant. This is the place to sit and sup some of the locally produced wines in atmospheric and historic surroundings.

Our Recommendation:

Be brave and try the snails or Venetian-style tripe. They're both super nice with a glass of Amarone or a prosecco spritz.


Vicolo Cieco San Pietro Incarnario

La Tradision

What's it like:

La Tradision doesn't have a rooftop bar, but it has the next best thing though, which is a beautiful garden patio. It's a small concern that's characterful inside and out and a place where you're guaranteed a real Verona welcome.

The garden patio is ideal for sitting in on a sunny afternoon and is nice and cool during the evening. This is a spot to relax with a glass of wine or pre-dinner aperitif while chatting about what you've been doing during the day.

Our Recommendation:

An Aperol spritz with a dish of olives or a bottle of Valpolicella Ripasso. They both suit the environment of this bar.


Via Guglielmo Oberdan, 6

Casa Mazzanti Cafe

What's it like:

The terrace of the Casa Mazzanti Cafe is a popular spot for people watching in the Piazza delle Erbe in Verona. Yes, you'll be drinking on ground level, but then rooftop bars are not known for their passing pedestrian traffic.

This cafeteria is open day and night, and if you're fortunate enough to grab a table, don't vacate it too quickly, or you'll never get it back again. Here you can order everything from an espresso to a signature cocktail to a snack or a full-blown meal.

Our Recommendation:

They make great food so go here for breakfast, then stay all day. It's a great spot for lunch and dinner too.


Piazza delle Erbe, 32/32A 


Because of the nature of the architecture in Verona, there aren't as many rooftop bars as you might expect in a city of this size. The ones that do exist though, even if they're relatively low level, are excellent and offer not just sweeping views of the city, but of the countryside too.

Whether you choose a rooftop bar, a rooftop terrace, an open-air patio, or a garden to have drinks in, guaranteed you'll be well looked after where food, drinks, and service are concerned. If there's one thing they know how to do in the establishments in Verona, it's how to make you more than welcome.

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