Verona On a Rainy Day: 12 Things To Do

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In Northern Italy sits one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Verona. Verona is the second most visited city in the Veneto province, just behind Venice, with an average of 4.5 million tourists per year, excluding the pandemic years. Most people visit Verona in the summer months when it is the warmest, but those are the months when it can also rain more than you think.

In fact, when you visit Verona in the spring, you can expect rain for about one in three days and one in four during summer. February is actually the driest month. However, the weather also happens to be the coldest at that time averaging 42.5° F (5.8° C).

But you don't have to drag your luggage, shopping finds, or even large backpacks behind you on a rainy day in Verona. Make sure to find Verona luggage storage and go about your day knowing your bags are safe and dry.

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Juliet's House

The most famous couple of Verona is undoubtedly Romeo and Juliet, brought to dramatic life by the pen of Willian Shakespeare. While most of the story is fictional, there are a few truths and the house is real, although the famous balcony was added centuries later. Out in the courtyard stands a statue of Juliet where you can rub the right breast for some luck in love, a very popular ritual. But if it is a rainy day, you will need an umbrella.

Casa di Giulietta was built in the 13-century and is situated at Via Cappello 23, very close to the Piazza delle Erbe (the main Market Square). It features the bed from the 1968 film version of the story and a museum stuffed full of costumes, weapons, and other items from the Renaissance period. And, of course, there is a gift shop you can visit that is loaded with romantic items to tempt tourists. Juliet's House is undoubtedly the first thing to see when in Verona, whether it's raining or not.

Take a Bath

When it is a rainy day outside, why not stay inside and get wet? It sounds like a contradiction but we are talking about a thermal bath. Italy is known for its love of spas and thermal baths, and there are so many you don't have to go to a fancy hotel to enjoy one, but you can. Hotels and independent spas offer a variety of options like heated benches, a Turkish bath, or the hot and cold Kneipp Path followed by an emotional shower.

Terme (thermal baths) are plentiful in Italy, and you can easily find an indoor or outdoor one. These places will normally have full spa treatments, hot mineral water spring pools, and saunas. Another great thing about taking a spa day in Italy is that due to the many hot springs, it won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Visit the Museums

As a country, Italy has nearly 4,000 museums! That's a lot, but it is to be expected in a country with such a rich history. And while Verona does not have a lot of museums compared to some Italian cities, the ones it does have are spectacular. And what better time to learn a little history or explore some really cool architecture and art than when the rain is coming down?

The Castelvecchio, which has a fantastic view of the Adige River, is the largest and most important museum in Verona. It is a museum and castle and wandering the halls and grounds of the castle is like getting two for the price of one. If you have kids, they will love the Children's Museum Verona or the Museum of Natural History. For something a little different, hit the Scavi Scaligeri Underground, Miniscalchi, or African Museum. You can grab an audio guide so you won't need a tour guide for your visit.

Hang Out at a Cafe

Sometimes it seems that we are always on the go when on vacation, like taking tours, sightseeing, and just doing as much as we can in a short period of time. So when the rain hits, take some time to slow down, sit and relax at an Italian coffee house. It is often said don't sit down at a cafe to drink your coffee in Italy, especially in Piazza Bra, and this is because you will be charged more. But there are coffee and teahouses designed for just such occasions.

The best ones are not normally found in the city center, but there are a few down the side streets that will give you peace and quiet and a really good cappuccino or even hot chocolate. Hot chocolate in Italy is a true experience: not made with powder but with real melted chocolate, some spices, and milk or cream. So on a rainy day, find a cafe or small restaurant with a view and sip the day away.

Take the Kids to a Play Center

For those who are traveling with kids, you know a rainy day can lead to restlessness and frustration that turns into arguing, and then the kids start acting up too. So why not take them to a place where they can run around having fun and you can relax with drinks? Try a kid's play center.

With bouncy castles, ball pits, trampolines, and so much more, these play centers will keep your kids playing for hours. Some also have video arcades and bowling alleys, so you have some family time too. And when they need a break, there is always a little restaurant to grab a bite to eat, like pizza, sandwiches, or burgers.

Try the Local Cuisine

It only makes sense that when you are in a foreign country, you are going to be trying the local food, especially in Italy. But on stormy weather and rainy days, you can really take your time to enjoy it. Whether it is lunch or dinner, trying real Italian traditional and local food is a must.

Two types of risotto that are specialties of Verona are Amarone made with Valpolicella wine and Monte Veronese cheese and al Altastasl with minced salted and peppered pork. For the more adventurous Pastissada de Caval, horse meat is macerated in red wine with spices and vegetables. When it comes to desserts or a sweet treat, grab a sfogliatelle or fritole, tasty pastries that will keep the kids happy too. Italian cuisine is one of the best in the world, so don't miss out on trying Verona's specialties.

Enjoy Wine Tasting

Italy is synonymous with wine, and every region has its own particular grapes and methods for making wine. In the Veneto region, Verona is known for its Valpolicella and Amarone wines. On rainy days it might not be convenient to take a day trip and visit one of the wineries, so stay in the city. Many restaurants offer wine tasting sessions with a great selection of regional wineries.

You will be able to enjoy not only the wine but some traditional Italian dishes too. The restaurants will also help you with the pairing and provide some entertainment. This one is not really for the kids, but can you think of a better way to spend a rainy day in Verona?

Take a Cooking Course

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make authentic Italian pasta, gnocchi, homemade pizza, or maybe an Italian dessert like tiramisu or gelato? You will be happy to discover Verona has some of the best one-day courses in Italy. Cooking schools, restaurants, gelaterias, and private homes are all places you will find that provide cooking classes.

The classes are great fun and can be something the entire family can do together. They are messy and educational, and you get a great meal at the end. Some classes even serve wine and other refreshments throughout the session. Cooking and munching on Italian food is one of the best things to do on a rainy day in Verona.

Check Out the Churches

In ancient times the Holy Roman Empire ruled most of Europe, and throughout the centuries, it built many magnificent churches and cathedrals. There are four main churches in Verona that everyone should check out rain or shine.

The first church is the Duomo, Cathedral de Verona. The Duomo church is more than just a cathedral, it is a complex of smaller churches, a museum, and cloisters. The Duomo also houses the famous altarpiece of the Assumption, the only known work of Titan in Verona. Located in the old town of Verona, it is not far to walk from the Duomo to the Ponte Pietra bridge.

The San Zeno Basilica is best known, thanks to William Shakespeare, as the church where Romeo and Juliet got married. The church is dedicated to the patron saint of Verona, San Zeno, and is a beautiful example of Italian Romanesque architecture.

The church San Francesco al Corso is an old Franciscana monastery in Verona. Of particular interest was Juliet's tomb, but today, this complex is home to the G.B. Cavalcaselle Museum of Frescoes.

The other churches not to miss are the Basilica of Sant'Anastasia with its massive red Verona marble columns and frescoed chapels. It is also the largest church in Verona. For impressive Italian Gothic architecture, the church of San Fermo is not to be missed, located next to the Ponte Navi bridge.

Verona has many other churches to discover, but the beauty and power of these four certainly stand out.

Read a Book in Biblioteca Capitolare

We all like to read a book on a rainy day, but when are you going to get a chance to read a book in the world's oldest library? Verona is littered with old bookstores and libraries that provide a fantastic place to hide from the rain. The Biblioteca Capitolare is the world's most ancient working library containing rare books and where many famous people have studied.

Other excellent old libraries include the Biblioteca delle Santa Marta and Civica. But if a library is not your style, search out one of Verona's old bookstores where you can not only peruse new and used books but enjoy a warm drink as well.

Linger in an Art Gallery

Of course, you could not make a list like this and not include an Italian art gallery. Art and Italy go hand-in-hand. The Galleria d'Arte Moderna is the biggest and has the most impressive collection of paintings and sculptures. It's not a great place for kids as a lot of the art is very dark in nature.

You will find plenty of Renaissance and Medieval paintings and other items in most of the museums too. And if you prefer a more contemporary style, check La Giarina, Melepere, Galleria d'Arte Mercato, or the very unique Byblos Art Hotel. No matter what type of art lover you are or aren't, the galleries of Verona will keep you engaged for hours.

Browse and Shop

Milan is known as one of the fashion capitals of the world, but Verona has some excellent shopping too you don't want to miss out on. For those that cannot resist designer shoes and brand names, Via Mazzini is the avenue for you. Just off of Piazza Erbe is Corso Porta Borsari, where you can avoid the crowds and get some great deals. Corsa Sant'Anastasia is full of antique shops and stylish boutiques.

You might need an umbrella going from store to store in these areas, but if you want to avoid the rain, head to the shopping malls. Places like Le Corte Venete or La Grande Mela, which is just outside Verona, offer tons of indoor shops, cafes, and play areas for the kids.

Other excellent spots for shopping are the markets on Piazza delle Erbe, where you will find more local products like produce, clothing, and souvenirs. Many of the markets in Verona are covered and will keep the rain off of you while you shop.

Rainy Days in Verona

A rainy day in Verona doesn't mean you have to stay in the hotel and wait for the sun to come out. This list should help you get the most out of your trip to Verona when the weather prevents you from doing what you may have originally planned.

From checking out the latest fashion in the shops and admiring the churches to reading a book and chilling with a cup of cappuccino, Verona is not short of things to do on a rainy day. You will find beauty in everything you do because Verona will only bring the best out of you.

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