Nats Park visitor guide: everything you need to know

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Nats Park visitor guide

Nats Park (also called Nationals Park) is a very nice stadium that is located in the Navy Yard area of Washington, D.C. This is the home of the Washington Nationals MLB team. This is the first LEED-certified green major professional sports stadium that was ever built in the U.S. All-star games and major league championship games have been played at this location.

If you are planning to attend an event at this venue, you will need to be sure that you aren’t worried about your luggage while you are watching the game. Bounce can offer you quality Nats Park luggage storage that will make it easy for you to attend your game without any worries about your personal things. If you are heading to the stadium from the Washington Union Station area or other places around the city, you can also take advantage of our luggage storage locations in these areas.

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Nats Park bag policy

Nats Park bag policy

Nats Park does allow bags that are clutch size (5” by 7” by ¾”) or smaller to come into the park. Any bag that is larger than this size will need to be clear vinyl or plastic. The park uses CEIA OpenGate Technology to scan items as they are brought into the park on game day.

Fans no longer have to remove their jackets or the items in their pockets. Clear bags are not searched upon entry into the park because all items are already visible.

The park offers Binbox for items that are not allowed into the park per the Nats Park bag policy. This is a locker system that is at the gates of the park area. You can save a lot of money by avoiding the use of Binbox and storing your items with us before you even get to the stadium.

Nats Park food policy

The Nats Park food policy is very basic. No frozen water bottles are allowed into the park. Guests can bring single-serve snacks and meals with them and water bottles that are one liter or less.

The National Park food options are seemingly endless, with all your ballpark favorites like hot dogs, BBQ, funnel cakes, and popcorn. 

You are allowed to eat and drink at your seats when you visit this venue. You will also be able to buy alcoholic drinks at specific locations within the park. There are food allergy-friendly vendors as well for those who need to eat vegan, milk-free, or soy-free food.

The stadium is cashless, so plan to have another payment method on hand to be able to buy food and drinks, as well as merchandise. There are many food options within the various levels of the park, and you will not go hungry during your game.

How to get to Nationals Park

Nats Park transportation

Worried about how to get to Nats Park? The stadium recommends buying parking in advance. You can ride the metro into the Navy Yard area at set times each day. The schedule can vary, so you should check with the metro line website before you assume that a specific train will run at a convenient time for your gameday needs.

The taxi stand at the stadium is located on the north side of M Street. You can also hail a ride at South Capitol Street. You can park your car at GEICO Garage or Garage C, which are open two and a half hours before every game. You will need to have your digital ticket in hand to be allowed to park at these locations. There are also various other lots in the nearby area that allow game day parking.

You can also ride with the Potomac Riverboat Company on the “baseball boat” to get to the stadium. Tickets for this transportation option can be purchased directly from the water taxi company.

Nats Park camera policy

The Nats Park camera policy states that you can bring your own camera and video equipment into the stadium. You will not be able to record the game itself for any reason besides personal use. You will need to be credentialed if you want to bring in a camera lens that is longer than 8 inches.

Guests cannot stand in aisleways or walkways while taking videos or images. Monopods, tripods, and selfie sticks are not permitted in the park. Any video or picture-taking activity that impedes the ability of others to watch the game could result in removal without re-entry.

Nats Park policies

Nats Park rules

The Nationals Park policies state that face coverings will be required in compliance with whatever existing COVID-19 regulations have been put in place nationally.

The family picnic area, which is near section 142, will be operated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Fans are not permitted to interfere with or touch a ball that is in play during the game. Any guest who does so will be ejected from the game and won’t be allowed back in.

Each of the gates around the park maintains its own entry times. You will need to check the park website to verify when your entry location gate will be open. Most of the gates are open two hours before the first pitch, but some areas do not open this early.

The stadium reserves the right to rain delay or cancel games for inclement weather. These notifications and decisions cannot be changed. You could be refunded your ticket price in some instances, but not in every case.

Guests are not able to re-enter the stadium if they exit during the game. Your ticket does not allow re-entry, which is part of why it is key to have your personal items stored correctly before you head to the game.


Nats Park is one of the most impressive and exciting places to see a game or event in the U.S. If you have come to Washington, DC, to see the city’s world-renowned museums or to show your kids the history of the city. DC’s nightlife is also not to be missed, especially if you’ve left the kids at home. You should also consider adding a set of game day tickets to your plans. There is nothing quite like seeing a professional sports game played at a venue like this.

If you are planning to head to Nats Park while you are in the D.C. area, be sure that you let Bounce take care of your luggage storage needs. You will not regret saving money and getting the benefit of peace of mind that your luggage and other personal possessions are safe and secure while you enjoy everything that Washington, DC, has to offer.

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