Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Zagreb

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Croatia's capital and cultural heart, Zagreb, is a dynamic city home to some of the country’s best and most interesting museums. Despite the Old Town’s almost a thousand-year-old history, it remains energetic and young at heart. Overall, Zagreb is a bustling city with something for everyone, whether you’re into arts, history, culture, nature, or shopping.

A great place to start your adventure is in Trg Bana Jelacica, Zagreb’s main square and geographic heart. It’s where the medieval upper town Gornji Grad and the more modern area, Donji Grad, meet. It’s both a destination and a multi-faceted city connector with tram lines along the square's edge. It is also filled with restaurants, cafes, and independent stores to begin your shopping in Zagreb.

Behind the main square is the Dolac market, an open-air farmer’s market in the City Centre. There are also excellent little shops, retail outlets, and boutiques featuring top-quality products by Croatian designers and artists. Then, just a short stroll from Trg Bana Jelacica is Centar  Kaptol, one of the city’s first shopping centers. If you plan to sightsee after your shopping adventure, don’t hesitate to leave your bags at Bounce luggage storage in Zagreb. It’s a secure and safe place to store your essentials while discovering more about what the city has to offer.

Where will you find luxury boutiques, extravagant fashion, vintage clothes, and fantastic interiors? How about distinctive souvenirs, several top notch brands, and a place that includes numerous restaurants or is a multipurpose one stop shop? Zagreb has it all!

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Best Zagreb Shopping Centers and Malls

City Center One East and West

City Center One shopping malls have become a favorite shopping destination among customers. It dominates Zagreb’s retail market, hosting top local and international brands in fashion, beauty, gastronomy, and sports, making it one of the most fashionable shopping centers in the capital city.

If you’re in the western part of the city, check out City Center one Zagreb West. It was Croatia’s first classic shopping mall when it opened in 2006. It offers an impressive selection of world-renowned brands and Croatian labels and a pleasant atmosphere to spend time with your loved ones. There’s free children’s playroom for kids to play, be creative, and have fun under the supervision of trained staff. There are also restaurants and cafes, while the entire shopping mall area and terraces outside have free WiFi.

Customers shopping around Žitnjak district in the southeastern part of the city can visit City Center one Zagreb East. It’s the only shopping mall you’ll find in Zagreb’s eastern part. Opened in 2012, City Center one East is the third shopping center established under the flagship of the City Center one brand. It caters to over 270,000 residents in the area and other nearby towns, receiving over 6 million visitors annually. The City Center spans a floor space of 130,000 square meters, boasting 140+ shops, including H&M, Inrerspar, Muller, and Zara.

Location: 10000 Zagreb, Jankomir 33,– West; 10000 Zagreb, Slavonska av. 11d – East

Centar Kaptol

In the heart of Zagreb’s Old Town is where you can find Centar Kaptol. This shopping mall is the first in the region to offer a premium lifestyle and an excellent selection of prestigious brands. It is the perfect place to shop because all your everyday necessities, including fashion, perfumes, and beauty, are available under one roof. If you need a break while shopping, go to the food court, where you’ll find a number of restaurants and bars, such as Frida Bar & Bistro and Khala Restaurant & Bar.

With all the local and international brands and entertainment, you’ll need more than a day to enjoy everything you can do at Centar Kaptol. The three floors of the building house over 60 high-street brands and 455 parking spaces. It is also an excellent place for family and friends to meet and chill while sipping a cup of coffee or chatting at one of the two spacious terraces.

If you’re not here for shopping, you can always take your little ones to the children’s playground or have a relaxing stroll in the large open space. You can access it from the main downtown streets.

Location: Nova Ves 17, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Avenue Mall

Another popular shopping complex in the heart of New Zagreb is the Avenue Mall. Since it opened in August 2007, the shopping mall has become a favorite meeting place and a hot spot for entertainment and shopping. Shoppers always enjoy visiting the mall as it is convenient to get to no matter where you’re from in the city.

With over 100 shopping stores in Avenue Mall, you’re sure to find an item to add to your wardrobe or decorate your home. Several shops you’ll find here include HOMEdeco, Guess, Mango, H&M, Bershka, Müller, and many more. But if you want a break, you can satisfy yourself by eating at one of the restaurants or cafes. You can also watch the latest films at Cinestar Blitz Multiplex Cinema, showcasing different movies each day, so you’ll always find something for your taste.

Location: Avenija Dubrovnik 16, 10020, Zagreb, Croatia

Importanne Centar

Situated on Starcevic Square, between Hotel Esplanada and the main rail station, is Zagreb’s first shopping mall. Importanne Centar is a unique shopping facility with over 200 shops to browse. It includes international brands, casual eateries, and cafes you can stop by to grab a bite or pass the time before taking the train.

This underground shopping center is definitely a must-visit, especially if you’re looking for great promotions and sales. Everything you need is here, from clothing and accessories to food and grocery. You might get lost in the 31,000-meter squares of floor area. But don’t worry, as you’ll likely enjoy getting stuck in the shopping center, as long as you have some money to spend.

Location: Trg Ante Starčevića 7, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Centar Cvjetni

One of the most popular areas in Zagreb is Cvjetni Trg or Flower Square, where you can find Centar Cvjetni. This shopping center has become integral to Zagreb’s luxurious and elegant lifestyle for years. It has three floors, filled with numerous fashion stores, exclusive bars, restaurants, play corners for kids, drugstores, and gastro-markets.

Centar Cvjetni is the most popular shopping destination in Zagreb and has always been a go-to place for leisure and fun for the locals. Every day, it opens at 9 AM and closes at 9 PM, except on Sundays, when it begins at 10 AM and closes at 6 PM. If you get tired of shopping, just bask in the sun with a cup of coffee at Flower Square.

Location: Trg Petra Preradovića 6, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Arena Centar

Over the past years, the Arena Centar shopping mall has become a must-visit destination for shopping and entertainment, especially for families. Arena Centar (also known as Arena Center) lies in Zagreb's southwestern area and is a dominant mall when it comes to fashion and beauty, as well as entertainment.

This shopping mall boasts ten large stores and over 200 small and medium ones where you can find diverse options for clothing, accessories, gadgets, and even everyday needs. There is also a wide selection of cafes, fast food, and numerous restaurants to dine in. One impressive thing about the mall is that parking would not be difficult as it has ample parking spaces, enough for 3,600 cars. There’s even a free bus service.

Location: Ul. Vice Vukova 6, 10020, Zagreb, Croatia

Point Shopping Centre

If you plan to visit Zagreb, you may want to swing by the Point Shopping Centre to complete your shopping experience. The shopping center is a modern, low-key neighborhood mall with over 50 restaurants, shops, and a supermarket.

The first thing you can do, especially if it’s your first time visiting the mall, is to stroll through the area and be familiar with the many stores. Setting up your OOTD would be fun with fantastic clothes, shoes, and accessories options. Any shopping would only be complete with food, so you can also try out the different restaurants inside Point Shopping Centre.

Location: Rudeška cesta 169a, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Branimir Mingle Mall

Branimir is a small shopping mall at the heart of the capital, designed for visitors to mingle and socialize. Besides allowing visitors to purchase their essentials at drogerie markt, they can check out the playroom, cinemas, and casinos for unparalleled levels of entertainment. It’s a lovely place where you’re welcome to spend your free time in a friendly and warm environment.

After playing or watching your favorite film, an array of restaurants are open to serve delicious Croatian dishes and international cuisines. There’s also free internet, allowing you to stay connected wherever you are in the mall, 440 parking spaces, a bicycle parking space, ATMs, and more.

Location: Ul. kneza Branimira 29, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb Shopping Markets and Streets

Hrelic Flea Market

Your shopping in Zagreb won’t be complete without exploring the Hrelic flea market. It’s the city’s largest second-hand market, where you can browse through old postcards, vintage records, antiquities, second-hand clothes, books, accessories, and more. Prepare enough cash and your bargaining skills because you'll likely find something interesting to take home, even if you don’t intend to buy anything.

Hrelic flea market is open year-round every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday between 7 AM to 3 PM, packed with interesting things and bizarre items. However, many vendors pack up early, and it can get quite busy. That’s why it’s best to come as early as you can. Plus, it gives you more chances to find unique items. The flea market is also close to several city attractions, like the Zagreb Cathedral, Maksimir Stadium, and Botanical Garden, so it’s worth a visit.

Location: Sajmišna cesta, 10010, Zagreb, Croatia

Dolac Market (Tržnica Dolac)

A visit to Dolac Market will be the highlight of your shopping in Zagreb. Opened in 1930, it’s the city’s oldest open-air market and one of the best in Europe. Each week, on Fridays and Saturdays, locals and visitors come here to buy fresh, seasonal fruits, vegetables, fish, local cheeses, meats, and olives. No wonder it’s regarded as a first-class tourist spot explored by tourists who are enchanted by its beauty and uniqueness.

Don’t miss the chance to sample some Croatian treats and delicious delicacies. There are also lots of cafes and eateries around the farmers market where you can sit and relax with friends.

Location: Dolac 8, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Britanski trg Flea Market

Another popular flea market worth spending your weekend at in Zagreb is the Britanski trg Flea Market. It’s one of the biggest markets, just a stone’s throw away from the city center. It’s a wonderful hunting ground and a great cultural treat for fans of vintage items and antiquities.

You’ll find plenty of vintage items, retro products, antiques dating back to old times, and one-of-a-kind pieces showing the Balkan civilization and culture. Of course, there is also fresh produce like veggies and fruits. But more than 100 vendors will offer antique artifacts, home accessories, glass bottles, antique furniture, cameras, and more. It’s a lively gathering, offering a unique way to experience the capital’s traditions and culture.

Location: Arnoldova ulica 2, Zagreb, Croatia

Ilica Street

If you only have a day and can’t afford to spend a lot of time traveling around the city to shop, Ilica Street is the first place you should go. It’s the most famous city street and one of the longest, spanning nearly six kilometers. It means you’ll have about six kilometers of boutiques, retail stores, and exciting shops to discover.

Along the street’s pavements are numerous prestigious fashion and shoe stores of well-known brands. It is home to a few shopping malls and department stores, including K&K dekorativa, a textile house, and gift shops. Many European chains are also present, as well as smaller outlets and vendors.

Make your Zagreb Shopping Experience Enjoyable

With a population of almost a million, Zagreb contains nearly a quarter of the entire Croatian population. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of fun activities and points of interest to keep everyone busy and entertained.

And while discovering the city’s iconic museums, monuments, and art galleries, make the most of your visit by shopping in Zagreb. You can visit the large shopping malls and complex centers or check out the smaller shops and historic flea markets that play a crucial role in the lives of the locals for hundreds of years.

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