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Where can I store my luggage in Frankfurt?

Most people just call the city “Frankfurt.” However, its full name is Frankfurt am Main. The Main is the river that flows through the city and gives Frankfurt much of its character. Frankfurt is located in the Germany state of Hesse and is one of Europe’s leading financial cities.

For nearly five centuries, Frankfurt am Main was one of Germany’s city-states, a place that is both a city and an independent state, like Rome and Berlin are today. It counted as one of the most important hubs of the Holy Roman Empire. When the empire collapsed, it lost its city-state status and eventually became a part of Hesse.

It is also one of the world’s Alpha cities, (like Moscow, Zurich and Milan) which means that its economy is integrated into the global economy. In Frankfurt, people can do business, get a degree at a world-class university, partake in the nightlife scene and experience history.

The city is also an important jumping-off point for the rest of Europe. It’s friendly and historic, and traveling here, due to Frankfurt’s layout and transportation, is convenient.

Why not let us get your travels started off on the right foot? Bounce partners with businesses in cities around the world to provide you with a place to stash your bags for the day. Luggage storage in Frankfurt (via a Bounce partner) is easy to find, because we have partners all over Frankfurt. It’s also inexpensive. Check out your app to find out more.

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  • Luggage Storage Near City Center

  • Luggage Storage Near OST Station

  • Luggage Storage Near Frankfurt Airport

  • Luggage Storage Near Palmengarten

  • Luggage Storage Near Goethe House

  • Luggage Storage Near Frankfurt Cathedral

How much does luggage storage cost in Frankfurt?

Luggage storage in Frankfurt costs only $5.90 on the Bounce platform for each bag or piece of luggage. 

Where is the nearest bag storage in Frankfurt?

The Bounce platform offers dozens of bag and luggage storage locations throughout Frankfurt. With 24/7 customer support and up to $5,000 in insurance for every booking, luggage storage in Frankfurt as never been easier. 

Luggage Storage Near Frankfurt HBF Central Station

Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof, or the Frankfurt Central Station, is an important transportation stop not only in Germany but in Europe as well. It dates back to the late 1880s. As with many of the structures in Europe, the Frankfurt Central Station sustained damage during World War II, though most of the damage came in the form of broken windows.

Due to its central location in Germany, this Frankfurt train station sees almost 500,000 passengers each day, arriving from places like Berlin, Amsterdam, and Kassel. In total, the Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof has 25 tracks. Four S-Bahn and four U-Bahn tracks also run through the station as do three tram stops.

If your travels take you to this neoclassical wonder, then you’ll want to investigate your options for luggage storage in Frankfurt. The station is a comfortable place to sit and people-watch between trains. There are also plenty of places to eat in and around the station. To find bag storage, consult your Bounce luggage storage app.

Luggage Storage Near Frankfurt City Center

Frankfurt’s city center is where the river and the action is. Travelers find excellent places to shop, delicious food in world-class restaurants and plenty of interesting things to see. If you haven’t been to Frankfurt before, you may want to make Main Tower your first stop. This high-rise building gives you excellent views of the River, as well as of other notable sights in the city. It’s also an awesome place to try out some international cuisine. Once you’re at the top of the tower, make sure you make a stop at the Main Tower Restaurant & Lounge.

Frankfurt is also an excellent place to see some breathtaking architecture. If you have time to visit only one location, then make sure it’s the Frankfurt Cathedral. It’s not far from the Main and is a superior example of Gothic architecture. Finally, if you must walk around, then why not go to a place that’s specifically dedicated to walking. The Eiserner Steg, or Iron Footbridge, cross the Main at City Center and Sachsenhausen. Word has it that it’s absolutely breathtaking to see in the late afternoon and early evening. That’s when the sun starts to dip below the horizon, painting the waves of the Main in Technicolor beauty.

When you’re taking a walkabout in Frankfurt City Center, it makes sense to check out your options for bag storage in Frankfurt. Bounce partners with businesses around the globe, including in Frankfurt, in order to offer you the most convenient options for luggage storage in the city.

Luggage Storage Near OST Station

Although not as popular with passengers as Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, the city’s OST (east) station, does have its benefits. Visitors here can catch the U-Bahn here, as well as trains on the #3 mainline. However, its real purpose is to deal with shipping container trains. The OST Bahnhof is one of two of Frankfurt am Main’s freight yards. The city’s eastern river port is just east of the station.

If you’re passing through the OST station, be sure to check out Bounce. Through our partners, it’s possible to find luggage storage in Frankfurt near the OST train station.

Luggage Storage Near Frankfurt Airport

The Frankfurt Airport, known as the Rhein-Main-Flughafen in German, is Frankfurt’s primary international airport. The airport covers nearly 6,000 acres of land and receives flights from all over the world. In terms of passenger traffic numbers, Frankfurt is Germany’s busiest. (It ranks fourth overall for traffic in Europe.) Around 70 million passengers fly through here each year. Until 2005, part of the airport was also the site of the Rhein-Main Air Base.

Most major world airlines, as well as many regional airlines, fly through Frankfurt. Airlines like Air Canada, Air France, Lufthansa, Air Europa, British Airways, KLM and United are just some of the airlines that make stops in Frankfurt.

Securing luggage storage in Frankfurt in or near the airport is many passengers’ first priority when they land for a long layover in this city. Fortunately, we have many partners in the area who’d love to provide you with bag storage in Frankfurt. Consult your Bounce app to find these locations.

Luggage Storage Near Palmengarten

Plant lovers should put Frankfurt’s Palmengarten on their bucket lists. It is one of the city’s botanical gardens and boasts 22 hectares of beauty and greenery, just waiting to be discovered. Although this botanical garden belongs to the city of Frankfurt now, it was originally the brainchild and personal project of Heinrich Siesmayer, Palmengarten’s financier and architect. Throughout its history, it has had its share of impressive guests, like Buffalo Bill, who visited here in the late 1800s.

Visitors love the Palmengarten for its fragrant beauty. It offers city visitors a chance to get away from the bustling streets of Frankfurt for a few hours. If you’d like to be among them, then take advantage of Bounce’s options for luggage storage in Frankfurt before you stop by.

Luggage Storage Near Goethe House

In the mid-1700s, the man who is Germany’s cultural Godfather, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, was born. Visitors to his former childhood home can see how Goethe lived. His grandmother, Cornelia Goethe, originally purchased the home in 1733. Initially, the home wasn’t one home at all. It was two. Goethe’s father, Johann Caspar Goethe, set to remodeling and modernizing the home until it became the house that modern visitors see today.

Goethe’s father made sure to keep the home’s facade, with its double overhang, intact. (This building feature wasn’t permitted on new homes from the years 1719 to 1749, which is why his father tagged it a remodel and not a new build.) Fast forward several hundred years to the World War II years. The allies destroyed the home when they bombed Frankfurt am Main in 1944. After the war, the home was once again restored, with the restoration crew making every attempt to restore it to its original condition and appearance.

If you are planning on visiting Goethe House and Museum, you should check into luggage storage in Frankfurt before you visit the museum. It’s a site that is worth lingering over, as are the excavated foundations of Frankfurt’s Jewish ghetto and the Jewish cemetery, which are nearby. Connecting with a Bounce partner in the area ensures that you’re able to delve deeply into the history of Goethe’s life as well as the history of Germany itself.

Luggage Storage Near Frankfurt Cathedral

Despite never actually having been a bishop’s church, the Frankfurt Cathedral was bestowed with the title of Kaiserdom, or “Imperial Cathedral.” The Frankfurt Cathedral is now the fifth known building that has stood on the cathedral’s grounds.

In any event, this Gothic church sits on the site of a Merovingian chapel, which dated back to the year 680. A Carolingian church, the Salvator Basilica, replaced the chapel in 852. Building and rebuilding continued on the site until the mid-1900s when the current cathedral began to take shape. That restoration gave the Frankfurt Cathedral its current look.

Visitors to the church appreciate not only its beauty but also its history. There is an alter from the baroque period that depicts the Virgin Mary’s Assumption and the cathedral museum houses artifacts, like the remains of a girl’s grave from the Merovingian Era.

If your travels in Frankfurt am Main will bring you to the Frankfurt Cathedral, then be sure to check out your options for bag storage in Frankfurt. For less than $6 a day, a Bounce partner will stash your bags so that you can enjoy all the sights of Frankfurt completely unencumbered by your belongings.


Andie Haddad

Local Guide

Convenient to the Met, which does not allow luggage at coat check. Very easy check in and check out process, with lovely people at the front!

Ariel A

This was so cool!!!! Great service, extremely easy to use, and totally affordable! I didn't know where I'd leave my luggage while we explored San Fran, so I easily Googled luggage storage and found this company. At first it was a little odd dropping my bag off at a chocolate store, but the lady at the register was able to immediately pull up my reservation without any problems and then she put a lock on my suitcase and gave me a card to get it back with. She pushed the bag to the back of their storage room and I came back about 6 hours later to pick it up. Great service, I will definitely be using this again when I travel!

Hayley Hewitt

Local Guide

Can’t believe I haven’t used this service until now. So easy & convenient. I 100% recommend.

Isabel B.

I used Bounce during a recent trip to NYC, and I was pleasantly surprised at the ease and convenience of the process. To be honest, at first, I was very apprehensive. The thought of leaving your stuff at a random store, in a place where you are not from and you don't know whether is safe or not, it doesn't matter if anyone gives it a seal of approval, its difficult to be completely comfortable with the idea. However, I was very glad to be proven wrong. The place I chose was a great, clean bodega/deli in Soho and they were very responsive and the whole process felt very seamless. It was our last day in NYC and we had the full day before leaving the city, however our Airbnb was on the upper east side so we did not want to have to go back and forth. I would definitely recommend Bounce for travelers, especially when you need a place to just store your luggage for the day. The price could not be beat (since its for the whole day) and I will definitely be using this again!

Ciara C

Fantastic experience with Bounce! Stored a bag at the Grand Central location and on my last day at the 9/11 Memorial location. Both locations had friendly, efficient staff that were helpful and made everything very easy. Such a great option if your hotel isn't ready or you don't want the hassle of a bag in the city. Great, safe option. Thanks Bounce!

Ching Yuan Y.

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Bounce is the best luggage storage service provider in the New York. I sent an email at midnight , and I got an email back in 10 mins. They are not only solve my issue but also provide solutions. You have to try Bounce !!