Best Day Trips from Frankfurt

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Frankfurt, although it is often considered to be a business city, has quite a lot to offer. Some of its highlights are the world-class museums, gorgeous architecture, and staple foods that are signature to the city, like Frankfurt hot dogs. Despite being home to some of Germany's tallest skyscrapers it is also a very green city, being situated on beautiful land close to the River Main.

Frankfurt has been home to some significant people from history including Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press, and even the brothers Grimm who produced some of the most famous fairy tales. In fact, one of the best museums in Frankfurt and surrounding areas teach you all about these siblings and their stories.

Although Frankfurt is a very interesting place to visit it is also in the center of many other incredible villages and towns. It is also home to the fourth biggest airport in Europe and is connected to the surrounding countryside by trains, roads, and bus systems.

From here, you will have access to many fascinating places, and since they are easy to get to you can easily take a day or two to explore somewhere new. If you do decide to leave the city, go to Bounce luggage storage in Frankfurt to stow your gear and bags until you get back!

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How to get out of Frankfurt

Thanks to its huge Frankfurt Airport, this city is a popular entry point for lots of people coming into Germany. When getting around the city you will have several options for public transportation, including an underground railway called the U-Bahn. They are fast and effective, running nearly every 3 to 5 minutes. There is also an efficient bus system that can get you everywhere that the subway cannot, and there are specific night buses that travel after hours, too.

When you are ready to go on a day trip the train, or S-Bahn, will probably be your best bet. You will also have the option of renting a car or hiring a taxi, although they can be more expensive than using public transport. It is also nice to not have to drive yourself around, especially when you are in a new place!

From Frankfurt to Hanau

Let's begin our list of day trips from Frankfurt with a journey to the historic city of Hanau. It is a pleasant town situated between the Main and Kinzig rivers that is home to gorgeous old buildings. It is also the birthplace of the Grimm brothers that we mentioned earlier, which is what most people know it for. There is even a Brothers Grimm Festival that happens regularly, and if you are in luck it will be going on while you are there! If not then you can always stop by the monument dedicated to them in the city center.

That's not all that the city has to offer, and there are lots of things for you to do on your day trip. You can also take a trip just outside of the city to the Hanau Historical Museum which is located in the Schloss Philippsruhe, an impressive Baroque palace, or go see gorgeous traditional jewelry in the Goldsmiths House museum. Another local landmark is the New Town Hall which was constructed in 1733.

How to get to Hanau

Getting to Hanau from Frankfurt is very easy and quick. If you hop on the train it will only be a 15 minute ride! They arrive frequently, making it the perfect spontaneous trip.

From Frankfurt to Heidelberg

Heidelberg is a popular day trip for many people who visit Frankfurt. As a University town that proudly houses the country's oldest university as well as the oldest library in Germany, the Bibliotheca Palatina, Heidelberg is full of history and tradition. This stunning city is charming and romantic with a variety of Renaissance architecture as well as buildings reminiscent of the middle ages. You can explore much of the city by foot since certain areas are designated for pedestrians, and there are lots of lovely spots to take a stroll. Start by walking down the Haupstrasse, the city's main street.

Among the other narrow streets of Heidelberg, you will find plenty of cafes, shops, and galleries displaying art exhibitions. By far the city's main attraction is Heidelberg Castle, a 16th century wonder that is grand and imposing overlooking the Old Town. Not only is it one of Germany's most impressive castles but it also offers a great view of the city, and if you go into its basement you will get to see the Heidelberg Tun which is the world's largest wine barrel! Other places to go sightseeing include the Knight's House, which is actually the oldest building in the city. There is also the Old Bridge that crosses the Neckar River and the Church of the Holy Spirit. Right next door is the market square called Marktplatz which is worth visiting, too.

How to get to Heidelberg

A trip to this picturesque town is relatively fast and easy, with direct trains reaching the city in just about an hour. You also have the option of taking a car which should take you just about the same amount of time, or you can sign up for a guided tour of the city leaving from Frankfurt.

From Frankfurt to Mainz

As Germany's wine capital, Mainz is a fantastic place to visit. It has a fascinating history that begins 2,000 years ago when the Romans settles in the area. Its history has been well documented and preserved thanks to its multiple museums and you will have endless opportunities to learn about the heritage of the city by visiting the exhibits. Mainz is located in the lovely Rhine River valley and is a very pleasant place to explore by foot. Of course, make sure that you check out some of the wine taverns to try some local wine while you are here! Begin your journey in the Old Town which is home to beautiful half timbered houses that have managed to survive the bombings that occurred during the Second World War.

We strongly suggest going museum hopping while you are here, and some of the best places to check out include the Museum of Ancient Navigation as well as the Roman-Germanic Central Museum. One of the coolest ones is the Gutenberg Museum where you can see a replica of the first ever printing press as well as some of the first bibles ever made using it! Just by the edge of the city lies the Roman Theater as well as other similar ruins. A must-see landmark is the Mainz Cathedral of which the original was constructed back in 975 AD, although parts of the building that you see today date back to the 11th century. You can learn more about this cathedral city and the building itself at the Cathedral Museum!

How to get to Mainz

Ready to take a day trip to Mainz in the Rhine Valley? It is a short trip by railway with trains arriving frequently and taking only 40 minutes each way. You could also drive if you prefer, and the journey by car should take about 45 minutes.

From Frankfurt to Wertheim Village

Feel like doing some shopping? Wertheim Village is the perfect place to go. It is an outlet mall that was designed with a certain style in mind and will remind you of one of the German medieval villages. Inside, you will find some of the leading brands in retail and fashion, and it is the optimal destination for a shopping spree. The best part is that they are usually offered at discounted prices!

Take your time exploring Wertheim Village and its 110 stores which is why you will need at least a half day if you want to visit them all. Some of the brands that you will see include Calvin Klein, Versace, Ralph Lauren, and Tumi, to name a few. Aside from international names, there are also exclusive German brands on site, and many of the stores offer discounts of up to 60%. Don't worry about having to go anywhere when you get hungry, there are plenty of restaurants and eateries in the shopping center.

How to get to Wertheim Village

Wertheim takes about an hour and a half to get to by bus and there is only one that makes the journey every day. If the timing doesn't work out for you or you don't want to be stuck following the bus schedule, you can always make the drive yourself by renting a car.

From Frankfurt to Strasbourg

If you take a trip over the border into France you can spend a day in Strasbourg. This multicultural and cosmopolitan city is home to a variety of cultures and has great local cuisine. It stands as the capital city of the Alsace region as well as the European Parliament's headquarters, making it a powerful and significant town. Throughout the network of canals and the cobblestone streets lined with half timbered buildings, you will find plenty of things to see and do. If you want to extend the area of your trip just a little further out you can swing by the Black Forest, too.

Begin your tour of the city in the Old Town, also known as La Petite France, which is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can learn all about the city and surrounding area if you visit the Alsatian Museum, and afterward, you can go for alfresco dining at one of the city's best restaurants. A highlight of the city that you just can't miss is the Notre Dame Cathedral which is a stunning work of Gothic architecture. Climb up the tower of the spectacular cathedral to admire panoramic views of the town below! If you want to see the city from a different point of view you can also take a boat ride or a river cruise through the peaceful canals.

How to get to Strasbourg

You can take the train to Strasbourg from Frankfurt and they run at several different times throughout the day. There is a direct train that only runs a few times as well as more common routes that will require you to change tracks. The journey by train is about two hours long, and if you want to drive yourself the route is simple and will take just a bit longer. You can also sign up for a small group trip that will bring you to and around the city.

From Frankfurt to Budingen

Another fantastic day trip from Frankfurt is the pretty town of Budingen. It is a well preserved medieval town that still has its walls from the 15th century. Inside Budingen is a wide range of places to visit as well as interesting museums that can introduce you to the folk traditions and history of the city. The best place to see exhibits is the impressive Old Town Hall which is a Gothic structure and one of the city's main highlights. You will fall in love with this charming town so take your time exploring it. You can easily find a walking tour that you can go on, or you can just stroll around it at your own pace.

Many of the main attractions of Budingen are just a short walk away from each other. You should also add St Mary's Church to your itinerary; this 15th century structure is beautiful both on the inside and from the exterior as well. Grossendorf is a nearby village that you can swing by, this is where you will find the Budingen Castle which has its own museum and was constructed in the 13th century.

How to get to Budingen

A day trip to Budingen is a bit complicated if you want to take public transportation since you will have to use a combination of buses, metro and railway lines. However, there are plenty of options if that is how you want to get around and you should be able to make the journey in under two hours. Driving yourself might be easier for this destination and should take under an hour's time.

Discover Frankfurt and Beyond

We hope that this list of day trips has inspired you to explore the area further out from central Frankfurt. In fact, there are even more places that you can check out if you have the time.

Consider adding a trip to Wiesbaden, one of the oldest spa towns known for its thermal springs, or maybe the city of Cologne which was a significant town during the time of the Holy Roman Empire! There is so much to do on a day trip in this part of the country, like enjoying outdoor activities, going wine tasting or relaxing in a spa town.

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