6 easy must-do weekend trips from Frankfurt

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Weekend trips from Frankfurt

Frankfurt is one of Germany's largest urban areas and the largest city in the state of Hesse. A business and financial powerhouse, the city has grown since extensive damage suffered during World War II to become one of Germany's most visited towns. The beautifully restored historic city center, bisected by the Main river, combined with some great museums and art galleries, excellent restaurants, and top shopping, make Frankfurt a great place to explore, whether for a few days or for weeks at a time.

However, there's more to this region of Germany than just its biggest city. Thanks to excellent networks for both road and rail, the city makes an excellent base for weekend trips from Frankfurt. Take a train from Frankfurt Main HBF Station or hit the open road in a rental car, and you'll soon see this area of Germany is packed with tourist attractions that make wonderful places for weekend trips.

Whether you want to visit a quaint medieval town or explore the nearby Rhine River, the best day trips and weekend trips from Frankfurt can show you what this region of Germany is all about. Just don't forget to leave your bags behind at a Frankfurt luggage storage so that you're not carrying more than you need to. Pack only what you need on these weekend trips, and you'll have a much better experience getting to know the more authentic side of Germany.

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Weekend trips from Frankfurt to Büdingen


Best known for its well-preserved fortifications, this historic city is only a short distance from Frankfurt, but it makes a fantastic getaway to learn more about the past. Check out the historic architecture and soak up the laid-back atmosphere of this intriguing old town.

Distance from Frankfurt:

Budingen is only 50 km from Frankfurt, so you can get there by car in less than an hour, making this a popular day trip from the city. You can also catch a train from Frankfurt to Gelnhausen, then a train from there to Budingen, taking around an hour to make the journey.

Our activity recommendations:

Old Town: Budingen's Old Town, or Altstadt, is the main attraction for day trips from Frankfurt. Surrounded by medieval walls, the Old Town area is packed with half-timbered houses, quaint cafés, and shops that make fantastic places to explore. Just wandering around the town center will give you a glimpse back in time and let you absorb the atmosphere of this historic city. Don't miss the Old Town Hall, which is now home to a museum of folk traditions.

Budingen Castle: Now a luxurious hotel, this 12th-century castle is one of the most striking buildings in town and is a great thing to see on weekend trips from Frankfurt. Still owned by a local prince, this striking castle also houses a small museum that tells the interesting story of this ancient fortification.

Best season to visit:

Budingen is a great place to visit at any time of year. Summer is an excellent time to wander the welcoming streets of the Old Town, but the magical Christmas market means it's just as enjoyable to explore in the winter.

Frankfurt weekend trips to Hanau


Known as the Brothers Grimm City, Hanau is as intriguing and atmospheric as any fairytale. Just a short distance from Frankfurt itself, Hanau offers a completely different atmosphere from the big city on weekend trips from Frankfurt and allows you to immerse yourself in the literature and culture of the area.

Distance from Frankfurt:

Hanau is practically a suburb of Frankfurt, located only 30 km from the center of the city. You can get there by driving east along the Main for 30 minutes or taking the S-Bahn commuter railway from Frankfurt for around 35 minutes.

Our activity recommendations:

Hanau Historical Museum: The best place to get to grips with the history of this town, the Hanau Historical Museum should be the first stop for any history enthusiasts on weekend trips from Frankfurt. Located inside the opulent Philippsruhe Castle, itself one of the top attractions in the city, this museum will shed light on the various periods in the town's history from its early beginnings up to the present day.

Neustädter Rathaus: Hanau's New Town Hall isn't all that new, dating back as it does to the 18th century. However, this impressive red building is worth seeing for its Baroque architecture, not to mention the memorial to the famous Brothers Grimm that sits in front of the building and pays tribute to Hanau's most famous sons.

Wilhelmsbad: When a natural spring with supposedly healing waters was found on the site in 1709, it kick-started the development of a recreational complex that provides a glimpse back into a bygone era to this day. Wilhelmsbad is now a park and historic spa that houses shops and cafés in the former spa buildings and includes a carousel that dates back to 1780, a theater from 1781, and a ruined castle.

Best season to visit:

Hanau is worth a visit at any time of year. Many of the best attractions here are indoors, so there's never a bad time to visit.

Baden-Baden weekend trips from Frankfurt


One of the most legendary spa towns in all of Germany, Baden-Baden has been a place for recreation since at least Roman times. Located on the edge of the Black Forest, this spa town is the place to come for outdoor recreation with a historic twist.

Distance from Frankfurt:

Located 175 km south of Frankfurt, Baden-Baden can be reached with a drive of around two hours. Thanks to Germany's excellent train network, you can get there even quicker by rail, in around an hour and 45 minutes.

Our activity recommendations:

Friedrichsbad and Caracalla Baths: The Romans were well aware of the thermal springs at Baden-Baden, but they didn't build these Roman-style baths. Instead, this historic spa complex was constructed in the 19th century. Still, it's a great place to take a dip in the mineral waters and enjoy a wide range of spa treatments that have put this town on the map for centuries.

Merkur Mountain Railway: Rising more than 2000 m above sea level, this mountain is home to Germany's longest funicular railway. At the summit, you'll find a restaurant and a children's playground along with tons of hiking trails and, of course, stunning views over the Black Forest and the Rhine Valley.

Geroldsau Waterfall: This 6 m high waterfall looks almost like something out of a fairytale as it plunges into a mossy pool in the woods near Baden-Baden. Easily reached by a short hiking trail, the waterfall is itself the starting point of many more hiking trails so you can explore this beautiful region. If you can, try to visit in spring and early summer when the rhododendrons are in bloom.

Best season to visit:

As an outdoor destination, the best time to visit Baden-Baden depends on what you want to do. If you want to hit the hiking trails, summer offers the best weather, but if you'd rather relax at the spa, any time of year is a good time to visit.

Weekend getaway from Frankfurt to Heidelberg


Famous for its Baroque architecture and its ancient university, Heidelberg has been a center of learning in Germany for centuries. Now, this town is one of Germany's top tourist attractions, thanks not only to its beautifully preserved architecture, including the UNESCO World Heritage site of Heidelberg Castle but also because of its lively and engaging atmosphere.

Distance from Frankfurt:

90 km south of Frankfurt, Heidelberg is only an hour's drive away. It's also reachable by train in around the same amount of time.

Our activity recommendations:

Heidelberg Castle: Widely recognized as one of the most beautiful ruins in the world, Heidelberg Castle is a sprawling monument that's one of the top tourist attractions in the region. Perched on a rocky outcropping overlooking the town, this romantic ruin is a fantastic place to explore.

Alte Brücke: Dating back to 1788, this stone bridge was the last of many built in this location and the first to be built of stone after river ice destroyed the previous crossings. Now, this historic bridge provides an incredible view of Heidelberg and its castle and is a great place for a stroll on a sunny day.

Kurpfälzisches Museum: This fascinating museum explores the archaeology of this area and also collects paintings and sculptures to provide an overview of the history and culture of Hesse. It's an interesting place to visit and an ideal rainy-day activity in Heidelberg.

Best season to visit:

This is a year-round destination. Heidelberg is a great place to visit at any time of year, with more than enough indoor attractions to keep you out of the worst of the weather.


If you're looking for medieval charm, you'll find it here. Famous for its quaint cobblestone streets and half-timbered houses, this beautiful medieval town is as charming and as photogenic as they come. And you don't need a time machine to get here. A day trip or weekend trip from Frankfurt is enough to whisk you back to an earlier era of German history.

Distance from Frankfurt:

Michelstadt lies 72 km south of Frankfurt and can be reached by car in just over an hour. It's also possible to get there by public transit, but that will take more like an hour and a half.

Our activity recommendations:

Old Town: Unsurprisingly, Michelstadt Old Town is one of the top attractions here. The charming historic houses now hold cafés, restaurants, and quaint shops, and along the way, you'll discover the town's castle and some other historic buildings that make perfect locations for photography.

Town Hall: It's pretty typical for historic towns around here to have impressive town halls, and Michelstadt is no exception. Possibly the most fairytale-like building in the whole charming town, this half-timbered building dates back to 1484.

Best season to visit:

Summer is probably the ideal time for exploring the charming streets of this local gem.

Koblenz weekend trips from Frankfurt


Situated at the junction of the Rhine and Moselle rivers, the city of Koblenz goes back two thousand years to the Roman era. A former stronghold of the Teutonic Knights, this is another town that is rich in history and culture.

Distance from Frankfurt:

123 km from Frankfurt, Koblenz is reachable in an hour and a half by car and around the same amount of time by train.

Our activity recommendations:

Cable car: Running across the Rhine River to the Ehrenbreitstein fortress, this 900 m-long cable car provides exceptional views of the Rhine Valley and the town of Koblenz. The ancient fortress at one end of the cable car is one of the largest in Europe and is well worth spending a few hours exploring in its own right.

Stolzenfels Castle: Originally built in the 14th century, this castle was destroyed by the French in the 17th. However, it was reconstructed in 1823, not so much as a fortress but instead as a kind of fairytale castle. That's exactly how it looks today, making this a great place to explore on a weekend getaway to Koblenz.

German Corner: The point where the town's two rivers converge, German Corner has an interesting history as a stronghold of the Teutonic Knights, followed by the location of a large statue of Wilhelm I. Intended to encourage German nationalism, the monument was destroyed by bombing during World War II and not replaced until 1993. If there's one particular area of Koblenz that encapsulates the complex history of the region, it's here.

Best season to visit:

Koblenz is a great place to visit at any time of year. You'll be able to take advantage of the town's great things to do no matter what season you visit.

Best Frankfurt weekend trips


Frankfurt is a town with more than enough to do to keep you busy on a short visit, for instance, three days in the city. However, if you have a little longer to spend, it's worth investigating some of these great trips, whether you're looking for day trips from Frankfurt or longer weekend trips. Whatever you decide to do, don't forget to drop off your bags at a Frankfurt luggage storage and bring only the essentials with you to make the most of your German trip.

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