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10,000+ locations worldwide

10,000+ locations worldwide

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Powered by local businesses

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Up to $10,000 in protection

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100% free cancellation

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asked questions

  • How much does luggage storage cost in Trogir?

    We charge from €5.00 per day (24 hours) for luggage storage in Trogir.

  • Does Trogir have luggage lockers?

    Yes, but they're not always the best option. Luggage lockers can fill up quickly and may be unavailable when you need them. Some luggage lockers may be too small to fit large or bulky items. Unlike luggage lockers, we don't charge per hour and instead charge a flat rate for 24 hours of storage. We also have partners who watch over your stuff to make sure it's safe, and can answer any questions you may have or give you advice on what to do in Trogir.

  • How does Bounce luggage storage work?

    We partner with local businesses around the world who have secure spaces to store luggage for travelers. Just tell us how many bags you have and when you need storage, and we'll show you convenient places you can keep your stuff safe while you explore.

    Booking online is super easy and only takes a couple of minutes. To keep our partners and your stuff safe, we'll show you the address of the store once you book online. When you're ready, head to the store and show the Bounce Partner your booking confirmation so they can take your bags and securely store them right away. Then you can enjoy your day without having to worry about your bags!

    To pick up your bags, show the Bounce Partner your booking confirmation and they'll hand over your stuff. That's it!
  • Where is my luggage stored?

    We only partner with trusted businesses who have a dedicated, secure place to keep your luggage safe. Some businesses may store luggage behind a counter that's off-limits to customers, while others may have storage rooms or closets for your luggage. But no matter where you choose to leave your luggage, our partners will keep it safe.

  • What can I store with Bounce?

    Luggage, backpacks, gym bags, and more! Bounce is like having a personal storage facility for your stuff anywhere you go, so you can leave much more than just luggage with us. Whether you want to store your luggage after checking out of your Airbnb or want to drop off your work bag before hitting happy hour, we've got you covered.

    We don't charge extra for oversized items, but some special items might need to be approved before you can store them. For example, surfboards, guitars, car seats, bicycles, or skis take up a lot of space, so let us know if you have them. We can check with the Bounce Partner for you to make sure they have room for your stuff.
  • Is there hourly luggage storage in Trogir?

    Yes, but many companies charge per hour and costs can add up fast. We charge one price for 24 hours of storage, so storing your stuff is more affordable in Trogir.

  • How long can I leave my luggage with Bounce?

    Whether you need storage for a couple of hours or a couple of days, we've got you covered! Just put in the dates and times you need luggage storage and we'll show you all of the available locations on our map. For long-term storage lasting more than a week, reach out to us and we'll help you find a convenient location.

    If you're already storing your stuff but you need more time, you can add more time from your booking details page. Just make sure the store will be open and you can get your bags before your new pickup time.
  • How do I change or cancel my booking?

    Plans change, we get it! If you need to change or cancel your booking for any reason, the best way to do it is from your booking details page in the Bounce app. You can edit the dates, drop-off and pick-up times, and number of bags. You can also cancel your booking or rebook at a nearby store. If you can't find your booking details, check the email address you used to make your booking. You can change your booking by following the link there, or reach out to us if you need support.

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About Trogir

Nestled beside the Adriatic Sea, Trogir became a strategic port city during antiquity. Trogir has been inhabited for thousands of years and witnessed periods of rule by Greeks, Romans, Hungarians, Venetians, Habsburgs, and the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Due to the diverse influences, Trogir has many churches, palaces, and other beautiful structures packed into a tight area. 

Although Trogir’s Venetian Gothic architecture earned it a UNESCO World Heritage status, you’ll find other architectural styles within the walled city. You’ll find examples of Romanesque, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture scattered around its medieval old town. Many structures are among the most well-preserved pieces of architecture in the region. 

Close to a dozen 13th-century churches are inside the medieval walls and palaces of various sizes. During the Middle Ages, Trogir was home to several talented artists, and much of their work can be appreciated today. For example, the Museum of Sacred Art features outstanding Dalmatian and Venetian paintings from the Renaissance. 

Trogir started as a port city over 2,000 years ago, and shipbuilding is a leading industry today. Tourism has also skyrocketed in recent years thanks to Trogir's multiple appearances on popular television programs. Its most notable pop culture features were in the British TV series Doctor Who and the popular series Game of Thrones

If visiting Trogir is on your bucket list, you’ll enjoy a full itinerary. To keep up the pace, leave heavy bags and backpacks behind. Download the Bounce app, search luggage storage Trogir, and start your adventure!

Luggage storage in Trogir

Trogir is a popular beach destination on the Dalmatian coast and a fascinating location for history buffs. Whether you plan to relax on the beautiful beaches, visit the palaces and museums, or wander the picturesque streets of Trogir’s old town, we have many baggage storage locations to secure your belongings. 

Trogir is a pedestrian-zone destination. Wandering Trogir by foot is a delightful opportunity to see this marvelous place up close, but carrying heavy bags can ruin your fun. By dropping off your non-essentials with us, you won’t have extra weight to manage while exploring the city. 

Top things to do in Trogir

The star attraction of Trogir is its medieval walled city that sits on a small island connected to the mainland. Trogir's old town attracts many visitors with its architectural wonders and historical landmarks. 

When you cross the bridge, it feels like you've stepped inside a time portal hundreds of years ago. Drop off your bags with us, and you won’t have extra things in hand while exploring this beautiful spot on the Dalmatian coast.

Activities and attractions in Trogir

St. Lawrence’s Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. Lawrence took centuries to complete in the Middle Ages and is one of Croatia’s finest architectural landmarks. Construction began in the early 13th century and continued into the 17th century. The lengthy timespan led to a mishmash of styles, including Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque.

Romanesque style dominates much of the cathedral, but its interior shows Gothic influences. The 47-meter bell tower overlooks Trogir and features four beautiful sculptures by Venetian sculptor Alessandro Vittoria. Within the interior of the three-nave church, you’ll find semi-circular apses, sculptures beside the main altar, and carved wooden choir seats.

The Blessed John’s Chapel stands out for its Baroque-style marble angels and elaborate depiction of Bible stories. Completed in 1240 by Croatian sculptor Master Radovan, the Romanesque Western portal depicts the life of Christ and displays numerous exotic creatures.

St. Lawrence’s Cathedral bag policy

Although they don’t state whether suitcases are permitted in the cathedral, it’s important to be prepared. Safely store luggage for a few hours while you explore the cathedral. We’ll keep your bags for the entire day, allowing you to see one attraction after another.

Kamerlengo Castle

Dating back to the 15th century, Kamerlengo Castle is another marvelous piece of medieval architecture in Trogir. Its stone walls offer impressive seaside views on the edge of the old town. Meanwhile, the harborside promenade courses by the fortress and lets you study the framework of the towers.

Climb the castle for a bird’s eye view of Trogir and hear fascinating tales from local tour guides. The castle grounds also double as a concert venue to entertain crowds during the balmy summer.

Kamerlengo Castle bag policy

This attraction has no clear bag policy, but don’t worry about your bags during your visit. Complete your booking on the Bounce app in advance and simply show up to drop off your items. Unlike storage lockers, you won’t have to wait in long lines to drop off your things.

Medena Beach

Trogir’s picturesque location on the Dalmatian coast provides ample opportunity to swim in those sparkling Adriatic waters. Several beaches are just minutes from Trogir’s old town, and each offers a laid-back vibe. Medena Beach attracts families for its water slide, sports complexes, and other facilities. Situated only 4km from town, it’s among the most accessible beaches while visiting Trogir.

The 3km pebble beach includes basketball courts, tennis courts, water sports, beach volleyball, and nearby restaurants. Grab a delicious drink from the bar, then rest at one of the chairs and umbrellas to rent.

Cippiko Palace

Wander the medieval Cippiko Palace and admire its Venetian Gothic architecture. If you admire ancient fortresses, this one should make your list. Dating back to the 15th century, the mixture of architectural types that this palace is made of is like no other. Cippiko Palace is a direct connection to the past, and if you stick around long enough, you’ll hear the clocktower chime on the hour. Climb to the top of the tower. You’ll be rewarded with beautiful views.

Cippiko Palace bag policy

There are no clear rules against bringing bags into this palace, but find a place to store your luggage before your visit, especially if you plan to climb the tower. We have partners in local businesses, shops, and hotels close by, making storing your things easy.

Trogir City Museum

Check out portraits and learn Trogir’s history inside the Trogir City Museum. Aside from its collection of famous portraits, the establishment boasts period furniture, clothing outfits, ancient pottery, carved sculptures, and other artifacts. Whether you’re new to the city or have been to Trogir before, a stop by the Trogir City Museum will surely teach you something new.

Trogir City Museum bag policy

The bag policy is unclear, so best to store your things before you go. Find a place to leave your suitcase nearby. Our convenient locations offer short-term and long-term baggage storage. Enjoy Trogir City Museum for as long as you’d like.

City Loggia Trogir

Snap pictures of the famous City Loggia Trogir landmark. This 15th-century structure used to be connected to the Church of St. Sebastian and holds an important place in the city's history, hinting back to medieval times. The tower features reliefs by Ivan Mestrovic and Nikola Firentinac, two talented sculptors and architects.

Shopping in Trogir

Misel Trogir

The legacy of Misel, a family-owned business, has been around for over 100 years and 5 generations. They’re a handmade jewelry shop creating beautiful gold and silver accessories with coral or precious and semi-precious stones. They make rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets that are all unique and are lovely souvenirs to remember your time in Trogir.


Lumar Authentic Shop is a souvenir store in Trogir that has been open since 2017. They stock many souvenirs and local products, including handmade crafts like driftwood paintings and ceramics. They also sell liqueurs, traditional sweets, olive oils, and wines from Croatia and Dalmatia. 


The fashion atelier Gena is a local tailor specializing in men’s clothes. Everything they sell is of great quality, and names like Placido Domingo, the opera singer, and the business magnate Bernie Ecclestone have worn their clothing. Although the suits mostly follow a traditional style, they’re made with a mixture of modern elements to create timeless pieces you’ll wear repeatedly.

Top restaurants in Trogir

Konoba TRS

Need somewhere to stop for a meal in the Old Town? Dine at Konoba TRS, a restaurant offering a fine dining experience in a stunning building that’s 500 years old. They have indoor and outdoor seating, and they serve Michelin-starred meals cooked to perfection using local produce. Homemade pasta with truffles and veal, prawn tartare, tuna steak, and octopus are a few dishes on their menu.

Restoran BOCEL

With a beautiful location on the Dalmatian coast, Restoran BOCEL is a local favorite for seafood dishes and seaside views. The restaurant's interior is sleek and modern, but the best place to eat is outside on the large terrace. Stop by this restaurant if you’re in the mood for lobster, grilled squid, crabs, oysters, fresh fish, or homemade pasta.

Piccolo Ponte

Piccolo Ponte is right in the heart of the old part of town, close to the waterfront. This beautiful restaurant uses seasonal ingredients from around the area and turns them into delicious traditional Dalmatian meals. Fish, grilled meats and pasta are some of your options, but one of the best things to order here is pizza baked in their wood-powered hearth oven.

Transit options in Trogir

Split Airport

If you’re traveling to the city by plane, you’ll arrive at the Split airport since there’s none in Trogir. You can quickly get between the city center and the airport in Split using the bus, which is convenient and affordable.


Much of Trogir is pedestrianized, meaning you’ll get around mostly by foot or bike. The Trogir bus station is mainly used to reach other towns in the area and can be a good starting point for a day trip. You can reach Split by bus in no time, and tickets only cost about €2.00 one way.


Another way to reach Split, as well as another village called Slatine, is by ferry. Ticket prices vary between €4.00 to reach Slatine and €7.00 to get to Split. It’s important to note the ferries run several times per day during high season but aren’t active during low season.

Travel around Trogir baggage free

When your flight arrives in Trogir, the city is yours to explore. By offering affordable luggage storage and storing bags of any size for the same price, we combine budget-friendly service with excellent customer care.

Our luggage storage service will come in handy during your time in Trogir, and you’ll be happy to hear we offer convenient baggage storage worldwide. As you see more of Croatia, use our luggage storage options in Split and Dubrovnik.

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