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Mit dem Store Smilelugg sehr gut, mit Bounce katastrophale Zielführung.

Wolfgang PeterVerwendet Bounce in Bangkok9 months ago

10.000+ geprüfte Orte, um dein Gepäck sicher aufzubewahren

Carolina Vega
Verwendet Bounce in Bangkok5 days ago

Excellent service. Super fast and very nice people. We left it for 10 days and everything was great

Latrille Benjamin
Verwendet Bounce in Bangkok14 days ago

Très bon accueil, facile de déposer et de récupérer les bagages.

Jack Parlett
Verwendet Bounce in Bangkok1 month ago

Really lovely people, our bags were locked in a secure house with a gate that needed to be buzzed in. Quite difficult to find at first but managed to sort in the end. Would recommend leaving bags here as these are trustworthy and legitimate.

Justine Camille Castillo
Verwendet Bounce in Bangkok1 month ago

The place was easy to locate and it was quite close to The Grand Palace. The staff were very friendly and easy to talk to, they can also speak english. Will definitely use the service again next time and will recommend to friends.

Humzah Shaikh
Verwendet Bounce in Bangkok2 months ago

It was very useful, my items were stored easily and collecting them was easy too, they even allowed me to relax in the lobby briefly

Som Saichumdee
Verwendet Bounce in Bangkok2 months ago

A little hard to find but the neighbours were a huge help, after that everything was very smooth and simple. Would use again!

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