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Had a great experience with the staffs at Brick Lane! We arrived 30 minutes early and they were more than happy to store it for us. Reccomended for people who needs to store their ...

Cherry Priscilia PrasetiyoVerwendet Bounce in Melbourne8 hours ago

10.000+ geprüfte Orte, um dein Gepäck sicher aufzubewahren

Guy De Lambert
Verwendet Bounce in Melbourne8 days ago

Helpful friendly people and great location. Thank you!

Susan Chambers
Verwendet Bounce in Melbourne10 days ago

My first time to use this service and it was perfect. Lovely staff, convenient and felt very safe.

Kate Hassett
Verwendet Bounce in Melbourne13 days ago

Such an easy experience, I highly recommend. - friendly staff member who checked in and out our bags, she made us feel like our luggage was going to be safe (and it was) - easy to access location - affordable - very quick exchange on both ends I was very apprehensive to use bounce as i'd never heard of it or similar companies bedore, but we didn't have a choice as we had a few hours of activities after flying in before getting to our accommodation. Pleasantly, it all worked out and I would use bounce again and again.

Miss L Wilkey
Verwendet Bounce in Melbourne16 days ago

Thank you for being so kinda and helping me get to your store. It’s been a great experience 😊

Sara San José Ortega
Verwendet Bounce in Melbourne20 days ago

Good location, really friendly staff and easy check in/out.

David Jang
Verwendet Bounce in Melbourne28 days ago

We left our bag there and the manager stayed until we came back to pick it up even though the cafe had closed. We are so thankful. Thank you so much!

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