7 beaches near Adelaide: Where to go for sun, sand, and surf

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Beaches near Adelaide

If you love the beach, Adelaide is the place for you to visit. There are lots of lovely beaches near Adelaide that can be visited with ease during your trip. You might have come to Adelaide to see other sights, but a beach day will usually fit right into your trip plans with ease. Don't miss out on these lovely South Australia beaches near Adelaide, where you can have fun in the sun, walk along sand dunes, or sun yourself and get a tan.

Before you pick from these Adelaide beaches for your day of relaxation, you need to make sure that you aren't stuck dragging a lot of luggage with you from place to place. We can take care of your things in secure storage while you have fun on the sand. Having peace of mind will make your visit to Glenelg Beach or Seacliff Beach so much more fun!

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Glenelg Beach near Adelaide

Glenelg Beach

Glenelg Beach is located in Holdfast Bay in Gulf St Vincent. The town itself is cute and really fun, and the beach is beautiful. This lovely, sandy beach is a great place for swimming, lounging in the sun, or enjoying a walk in the surf. Many locals head here as this is one of the closest Adelaide beach locations, and it offers so much to do and see.

Glenelg Beach travel distance from Adelaide

This beach spot is about half an hour's drive from the city center. If you choose to head to Adelaide Railway Station, you will need to budget about thirty minutes to get here as well.

Activity recommendations

Glenelg Beach is located close to a lot of the best things to do in Glenelg proper. You can walk over to get coffee or a drink or buy some snack food from a local food vendor stationed right at the beach. Rent a chair and an umbrella to lounge in the sun or walk along the pier for a different experience that is free of sandy shoes.

There are lots of beach bars here as well, so if you want to head over to the water in the evening and watch the sun go down, you can do so with a tiki drink or a beer in your hand. This is one of the first beaches in Adelaide that everyone wants to head to as soon as they get off the plane at the Adelaide Airport, and you will see why as soon as you set foot on the beach at this South Australia hot spot.

Brighton Beach near Adelaide

Brighton Beach

This is a lovely beach area, and it is one of the closest South Australia beaches to Adelaide proper. You will love that there is so much to do here in this sandy beach area, and you will find that the town is as beautiful and special as the beach. This is a common place to head for time spent playing water sports or for activities like paddleboarding or kayaking. In addition, there are lots of great hotel choices here near the beach if you want to make this your home base during your stay.

Brighton Beach travel distance from Adelaide

You should plan on a 40-minute trip to get to this beach location whether you drive or you ride the train.

Activity recommendations

Make sure that you consider swimming or renting a paddleboard and exploring the water near the beach. This is a great place for both a beautiful beach for sunbathing and a lovely watery stretch that is friendly for a lot of different activities. Little kids can have fun playing here in the surf just like adults, or you might want to head over to the jetty to sit in the shade and have a picnic. There are usually surf life-saving club staff here as well, making swimming safe and secure for all ages.

You can also rent a tent and camp here near the ocean or head into the city center and explore or dine. Brighton Beach offers some of the most impressive ocean views of any South Australia beach location, and you can choose to come here to have a delicious meal at one of the many restaurants that are located right by the water.

Last but not least, many people also come to Brighton Beach to head out on fishing adventures! From romance to active pursuits, this South Australia beach location is one of the best choices to make for your stay in Adelaide.

Seacliff Beach near Adelaide

Seacliff Beach

Seacliff Beach is a bit less of a resort-type location and more of a local beach. This is one of the more untouched Adelaide beaches, and it is ideal for wandering in the sun or walking in the surf. You might see people playing volleyball here as well or walking their pets. There is a pier and some dining opportunities nearby if you are feeling like a meal.

Seacliff Beach travel distance from Adelaide

If you have rented a car, you can get here in half an hour, or you could ride the train and arrive within 40 minutes.

Activity recommendations

It is easier to access the beach here if you ride the train since the parking lot is small and can fill up fast. Most Adelaide locals will head here to go running or to play with a pet, but there are not as many options for dining. Expect to pay a little more for your meal here as well due to the lack of dining options close to the shoreline stretches.

This might be your ideal beach if you love to swim in the ocean or if you have been looking for a place to head out on a kayak or a paddleboard. You could choose to come here for the sunshine as well, but you will need to bring your own chair or towel, and you will want to also pack some snacks.

Henley Beach near Adelaide

Henley Beach

Henley Beach is a great place to head for pubs, lovely beach views, swimming and playing on the sand, and more. There are many high-end shopping and dining options here in Henley, and the Henley beach area is really beautiful. The shoreline is really lengthy here, so you could run, walk, or simply find your own private little place to sit down in the sun and hang out.

Henley Beach travel distance from Adelaide

This is one of the closest Adelaide beaches to the city center, and you can drive here in about 20 minutes. The train ride is only 40 minutes if you do not rent a car.

Activity recommendations

There are various little eateries and beach bars right along the beach road here, and you can opt to stay in the Henley Beach area for some fun nightlife once the sun sets. This is a boutique-like area of the city, but you could splurge for a room at a beach resort if you want to spend more time near the water in this part of Henley.

Grange Beach is nearby as well, giving you access to the best of both worlds. Between the two beach areas, there are many fine dining options and lots of places to rent umbrellas and lounge chairs.

Maslin Beach

This is actually an "unclad" beach or a nude beach. There are a few unclad beaches in Adelaide, so you might want to avoid these locations if you have little kids with you that you don't want to have to explain things to. This is actually a really nice little beach area that offers you access to so much more than just bathing in the nude.

Maslin Beach travel distance from Adelaide

It will take you 40 minutes to get to this Adelaide beach.

Activity recommendations

There are lovely sand dunes along Maslin Beach, as well as eateries, beach bars, and crystal-clear water to swim in. Maslin Beach is a great place for water sports or swimming, and you can also count on places to rent a chair and an umbrella so you can be comfortable while you hang out. Watch people playing volleyball or just nap in the sun and listen to the waves rolling in.

As mentioned before, if you are not interested in a nudist beach, then Maslin Beach might not be the right location for you. However, despite the unclad beach allowances, many people come to Maslin Beach for a day of fun in the sun and think nothing of the famous beach allowing nude sunbathing.

Semaphore Beach near Adelaide

Semaphore Beach

This long and wide beach is bordered by sand dunes. You will love the art deco buildings in the town, and there are lots of activities to enjoy here if you choose this beach spot for your day's plans. This beach was opened in the 1920s as a bathing pavilion, and many of the original buildings near the water are still in use.

Semaphore Beach travel distance from Adelaide

You should plan on about a 25-minute trip to get to this beach area.

Activity recommendations

There are various pubs and beach bars here to enjoy, and you can also count on renting an umbrella and some chairs if you plan to sunbathe. The water is really lovely here, but many people also come to walk along the dunes and enjoy the green areas near the beach.

The surf club here is spendy, but you will love the special treatment that you get, along with the lovely beachside location to hang out all day. There are many different kinds of eateries and shops to enjoy here, too, so you can spend an entire day near this beach with ease.

Best beaches near Adelaide

Christies Beach

Christies Beach is located near a lot of cool art galleries and creative shops in the nearby town. There is a fun, funky vibe to this whole area that is really fun if your love artsy towns with a really open and friendly vibe. There is a younger crowd here on most days, but you will not feel like you don't belong if you usually frequent more family-friendly beaches. There is so much to do and enjoy here at Christies Beach that you should consider this a great choice for one of your beach days during your trip.

Christies Beach travel distance from Adelaide

Christies Beach is only about 40 minutes from the city center if you drive, but it will take you about an hour and a half to ride the train here.

Activity recommendations

This is an area where sailing and kayaking can be enjoyed, as well as paddleboarding, swimming in the ocean, or shopping and dining out. From art galleries to funky little shops with local wares, this is one of the most memorable little town areas along the coast.

Many people come here just to enjoy the sun and the sand or to wander along the beach with their shoes off. There are plenty of shady areas at the park and restrooms with showers as well. This is a great beach for little swimmers due to the amenities here to keep them comfortable, and family fun is almost guaranteed when you visit.


No matter what you decide you want to do while you are in Adelaide, it can be helpful to save money during your trip. These beaches are the ideal way to experience the magic of Adelaide on a budget.

If you have the time to take a weekend trip from Adelaide during your stay and visit the areas around the city, you won't be disappointed, either. Besides beautiful beach locations, there is a lot of really cool stuff to see and do in the area, and you shouldn't miss out on these opportunities during your time in this part of the world.

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