Athens Airport Visited Guide 2021: Everything you need to know

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Athens Airport, Greece

Athens is one of those 'must see' European cities. It fully warrants a visit of days or even weeks but even if you are just there on a short layover, you can still get a feel for this historic city if you plan your visit with care.

Athens airport is a major hub for most of the large European airlines, as well as for many international carriers from further afield. The result is that you might find yourself there for several hours between flights. Some airlines overnight passengers in the city, accommodating them in city hotels and then collecting them the next day to catch their onward flight.

Whether you are there for a few hours, an overnight stop or a visit of several days, a sensible precaution would be to store the bulk of your luggage at one of the many locker rental services near Athen Airport so that you can enjoy your visit unencumbered.

Free from having to worry about baggage, you can set about visiting the Acropolis, always mentioned as one of the most famous historical sights in the whole world, or ambling through the ancient Plaka. In this, the oldest neighborhood in the city, you will be able to absorb some local culture and experience that delicious Mediterranean cuisine at its best.

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Athens Airport baggage policy

As with airports around the world, you’ll need to keep your bags with you at all times while in Athens. And attended bags are treated with suspicion and may be confiscated or even destroyed. Also, remember not to keep any liquids over 100 milliliters in volume in your bag if you plan to bring it on your plane. All bags are subject to search by security staff.

Athens Airport Food policy

The airport has several different eating areas so if you choose to grab a bite there, you will have both traditional choices or be able to find food that is a little more international, such as burgers and pizza.

There is the usual wide range of duty-free shopping and you will also be able to grab some local souvenirs as proof that you didn't totally forget one of your loved ones while you were traveling.

Greek cuisine has enough of an identity that people visit the country with the sole purpose of doing culinary tours or cooking courses. This is always a good sign because it means you can expect to eat like a king (or queen)

From tiny street-side tavernas to top-end restaurants, Athens will offer you a culinary adventure if you are prepared to step away from the familiar. These are just a few of the dishes that you should look out for.

  1. Moussaka. This casserole of mince and eggplant layered in bechamel sauce probably needs no introduction but it would be a crime not to mention it.
  2. Gyros is simply pitta bread, split open and stuffed with lamb, beef or pork. Great as street food to munch while you amble.
  3. Saganaki is made by frying halloumi cheese and is a common starter.

Athens Airport rules

Athens is an international city and most of the laws will come as little surprise to most international travelers. There are a few cultural norms you ought to consider, however.

  • This is an orthodox country abounding in churches, both large and small. You are welcome to visit, but women should cover their arms and especially their legs. This is particularly important in any of the many monasteries, where women will be expected to wear a shawl around their waists if they are wearing trousers.
  • You may not eat or drink on the metro.
  • Photographing military establishments or personnel is forbidden.
  • It is polite to leave a tip of between five and ten percent when served food or drink.
  • Smoking is banned in public spaces in Greece. Though this law is widely ignored, it will be enforced in all airports

Athens Airport getting about

The airport itself is situated twenty-four kilometers from the center of Athens. There are several options for getting into town, and these might be governed by budget and the amount of time you have available. Taxis charge a flat rate of 35 euros up until midnight and that kicks up to 49 euros between midnight and 5 am.

Considerably cheaper options are the Metro and the Suburban rail systems, both of which can be easily accessed from the airport.

The cheapest option, at 6 euros one way, is to use one of the four city bus lines that service the airport.

Athens Airport storage lockers

Whether on a short hop over between international flights, a trip to the islands, or on a longer stay, your visit will be enhanced if you don't need to worry about your luggage. Do yourself a favor and store it in one of the local locker storage facilities.

With a little research, you will find services that offer online booking and include insurance so that you can enjoy your stay in complete peace of mind. 

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