Best Brunch In Athens: The Definitive Guide

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Athens is the capital of Greece and was the heart of Ancient Greece in the 5th century. In fact, you can find the oldest Roman and Greek ruins in Athens, most of them still well-preserved. Like Acropolis with ancient buildings and the Parthenon Temple.

The food in Athens is legendary as well and brunch in Athens is a popular tradition. Maybe that is why there are so many brunch places in the city. Although a handful of them are only open on Sunday, most are open for brunch in Athens all week long. Are you ready to go eat? Drop your backpacks and bags at an Athens suitcase storage location and get ready for tasty fare.

One thing about Mediterranean cuisine, it is always bright and colorful. Filled with tomatoes, peppers, carrots, and other veggies, almost all Greek brunch dishes have a vibrant dose of colors. But these dishes are not just pretty, they are delicious. We are going to help you find the best brunch in Athens, starting with a great serving of eggs Benedict!

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Eating Cheap But Delicious Brunch in Athens

There are times when you just don’t want to shell out a bunch of money for brunch, especially when you are in a new city that you want to explore in-depth. Saving your money for sightseeing and shopping is more important sometimes. Here are some inexpensive eateries for brunch in Athens to enjoy.

The Brunch Factory

Where else would you go for brunch in Athens but the Brunch Factory? A place that sells breakfast all day, of course. This adorable café in the middle of Athens is so aromatic you can smell it long before you can find it.

The amazing scents of fresh-baked croissants and savory sausage will bring you right to their front door. If you want eggs for brunch, they sell them 12 different ways from eggs Benedict to the Full English breakfast with eggs, bacon, beans, toast, and mushrooms.

Or you can also choose from seven flavors of pancakes like snickers, blueberry, or oatmeal. The French toast, breakfast pizzas, and sandwiches are also fantastic. And you can have brunch here every day, not just on Sunday like other places where you go for brunch in Athens.


For traditional Greek Mediterranean cuisine, Smile is a contemporary sleek spot with exquisite delights for breakfast, brunch, and dinner on the cheap. Served all day, brunch is their most popular menu with everything from burgers to avocado toast.

They even have tacos and hot dogs on their brunch menu. Really, you can get just about anything you can think of at Smile and they put their unique Greek spin on everything they serve.

The menu includes great food like poached eggs, scrambled eggs, or sweet treats, you can find it all here and a lot more. Minced meat sandwiches with goat cheese and smoked hard-boiled eggs are two dishes you really should consider trying. Of course, there will be lots with feta cheese on the menu as well!

Best Brunch in Athens for Eggs Benedict

This is where most people are when they think about what they want to have for brunch. You do not want to spend too much but you do not want anything cheap either. Athens has a plethora of fantastic places to eat brunch and most of them fall in this “middle of the road” category.

Sin Athina

Sin Athina is located at the base of the Acropolis in a gorgeous three-level neoclassic building. The view is just astounding no matter which direction you look so you may have trouble concentrating on what you are having for brunch in Athens. But, with the delish dishes they have, you will get to it soon enough.

After all, the scents of crispy bacon and baked goods will have your mouth watering before your order even gets to the table. And their menu includes dinner choices as well so you do not have to stick with breakfast items.

This place wants you to have plenty of choices so you can order anything on their menu from morning until midnight from eggs benedict to grilled sirloin with baby potatoes. They even have vegan and vegetarian choices. Don’t pass up the black sepia ink linguini with smoked salmon!


This award-winning Greek restaurant started out as an underdog in the beginning, but they are now so popular, you may have to stand in line if you go during regular eating hours. That is why it is fantastic that this place serves brunch all day.

The fried chicken toast is splendid with chicken nugs, lettuce, coleslaw, and tomato on toast with crispy fries. The stuffed waffles and crepes will make you feel like you are in Paris but when you taste the hints of Greek cheeses, you will know where you are at.

Try one of their many egg dishes like the huevos pochados, which is eggs with truffle sauce, asparagus, mushrooms, and bread. They have four pancake plates as well. The most popular has lemon curd, blueberries, and almond brittle.

Acropolis Museum

You know this place has the best brunch if people go to the Acropolis just to eat. Breakfast food is served until noon so you can enjoy the most important meal of the day while looking at the archaeological site. The ham quiche or spinach omelet are both fantastic.

You may also enjoy their salad with aromatic herbs, phyllo pastry crusts, prosciutto from Thrake, and rosemary sauce. You have really never seen or tasted a salad like this before anywhere else. And you never will. Maybe you could write down what is in it so you can make your own when you get home.

The holistic Greek breakfast boasts fermented bread with Corfu butter, thyme honey, yogurt, and fruit as well as egg, gruyere, olives, and tomatoes. Or you can get sour milk pancakes, Greek scrambled eggs, stuffed bagels, or sandwiches. But you have to try the walnut pie or milk pie with burnt sugar and ice cream.

Dining in Style for Sunday Brunch

But if you want to dine in style, you are celebrating something special, or you are just in the mood for a nice Sunday brunch, try one of these spectacular eateries with a variety of foods from the sweet to the succulent and everything in between. Oh, and these brunch places all have magnificent views of Athens.

Metropolis Rooftop Restaurant

For the best brunch with a view, the Metropolis Roof Garden at the Electra Metropolis Hotel is remarkable. Looking out at the stellar views of Acropolis while you enjoy their special brunch menu may become a tradition whenever you travel to Athens.

The Sunday buffet is stunning with a variety of brunch and lunch foods like eggs benedict with feta cheese, all kinds of fruit, and toasties. The layout of pastries is particularly tempting from donuts to tarts.

Enjoy an array of meats and cheeses like sliced veal, lamb, and pork with gouda, Manchego, goat, and feta cheeses surrounded by olives, Greek yogurts, mushrooms, bacon, as well as egg and spinach pie. They also have cereals, breakfast bread, fruits, and pastries on the menu with delicious coffee.

MS Roof Garden

Looking for some Greek pancakes with nuts, hot chocolate, and honey or a traditional Greek breakfast? And a great view similar to the Metropolis? This is another rooftop eatery with a spectacular view enough to mesmerize you while you wait for your brunch and coffee.

Having your brunch on the roof is popular in Athens and with such gorgeous views, you will see why. Everywhere you look, there is something amazing to see. Be sure to keep your phone handy to get some pics.

Right next to the Monastiraki Metro Station, the Roof Garden is easy to get to and is elegant and ornate with friendly staff and comfy seating. The kagianas (aka Greek scrambled eggs) are full of tomatoes, meats, and crumbled feta cheese and the sfakianopita (cheese pie with honey and nuts) are amazing.

Antica Restaurant

This cute little café-style eatery with a cozy atmosphere may not be on the roof or filled with china and chandeliers, but it is definitely full of delightful people, scrumptious cuisine, and an amazing view of its own. Eat outside on the patio so you can enjoy the wonderful weather and views of the city along the ancient agora.

Their kayana eggs with feta cheese are mouthwatering and the zucchini croquettes with yogurt sauce are unlike any other. In fact, you can get eggs in several different ways from hard-boiled to Greek scrambled.

But don’t miss their hot and rich coffee drinks or the talagani cheese with cherries and tomatoes. Or just have some traditional yogurt with honey, baklava, a smoothie, or panna cotta if you want something sweet.

Fast and Easy for the Best Brunch Menu

Need to get something quick to eat on your way to the museums, Athens Central Market (also known as Dimotiki Agora), or the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens? In this Greek city, fast food does not really mean McDonald’s or Starbucks.

In fact, you may have a hard time finding one of those fast food places. However, you can grab some great handheld bites like gyros or a loaf or eliopsomo (Greek olive bread) on the way to the beach or park. Here are some fast restaurants to check out.


Chocolatata is not just for chocolate lovers, although it has plenty of chocolate dishes to choose from. But their brunch comes in savory and sweet or you can just have one of their all-day snacks or salads. How about scrambled egg on toast, a mac n cheese croissant, or pancake brownies with a cup of coffee?

Grab a bagel sandwich or one of their many omelets. The cozy atmosphere makes this a great place to have soup and salad. And if you have never had Greek egg casserole, this is where to get it.

Of course, you really should try one of the chocolate treats like the chocolate almond cake or choco praline pancakes. And the sweet cookie croissant is divine. But don’t miss the banoffee, lemon pie, cheesecake, or red velvet cake.

Lycabettus Café

Now, this is the best view in Athens. In fact, it is the highest place to eat in the city and you cannot beat the view or the cuisine. The Greek bread aroma is what will draw you up the hill and after the first bite, you will not want to leave.

No matter what you order here, you can't go wrong. They may not have as many choices as you would find in a bakery, but the flavors of what they do have are amazing.

The breads are not just delicious, but they are also photogenic. The array of colors in their pastries and cakes are stunning so you may have to snap some pics for Instagram before you eat. But don’t wait too long, these warm delights are crispy outside and buttery soft inside.

iFeel Café

The name alone tells you how unique and special this cute little eatery is. They want you to eat whatever you feel like eating, which is where the name came from and their excellent food is good in every way.

Brunch is served until 6:00 PM so you can get eggs any way you want, all the way to dinnertime. The poached egg on brioche is fluffy and delicate. They even have waffles or French toast with chocolate, whipped cream, biscuits, and fresh fruits for those with a sweet tooth.

Or you can try one of their healthy but delicious carrot muffins with cream cheese. The croque madame is also popular. It has ham, cheese, hollandaise, and sunny-side-up eggs, which go great with a cup of hot coffee.

Sweets and Pastries to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Some people just have to have something sweet for brunch no matter what time it is. Donuts, cakes, tarts, and whatever else you can think of. Some of the best brunches in Athens begin and end in one of the bakeries and dessert shops.

Taki’s Bakery

This place is famous for its… everything. Their velvety pastry cream profiteroles mini cups are filled with chocolate mousse and sprinkled with almonds. The trigona panoramatos is a crunchy and creamy egg and milk pastry that melts in your mouth for real.

The little bakery has been in business for many years and the locals love it so you may have to wait for a table. The best thing to do is get your order to go and eat outside somewhere like a park or beach. Or just have a seat in one of the squares around the city.

Although mille-feuille is a French dessert, these Greek bakers have taken it to the next level. It is caramelized pastry with buttery cream and almonds in a little cup. And the galaktoboureko is a filo pastry filled with milk custard and drizzled with syrup.

Attika Bakeries

No matter where you are going in Athens, you are sure to be near one of the Attika Bakeries because they have quite a few restaurants around the big city with delicious baked goods. These brunch spots in Athens pride themselves on having what they call one thousand choices.

This includes 25 kinds of bread from 20 types of biscuits to 18 styles of croissants. You have to try their grissini sticks (crispy-filled breadsticks) too. They come in 12 flavors like corn, carrot, cheese, peanut butter, and spinach.

The pastry selection is also spectacular with sweet or savory pies, rolls, and tarts. Filled with some type of sweet cheese or cream, the breakfast cakes are always amazing. Or how about some donuts? They have a variety of those as well. And they have a reputation for great coffee too.

Stani 1931

The name tells you how long this delicious bakery has been serving Athenians and you will know why they have been around so long as soon as you take your first bite. The yogurt is made from sheep and cow’s milk and the pastries are all made by hand daily.

Although this place does not have as many choices as Attika Bakeries, it is enough for anyone because their specialty desserts and cakes are just too good to be true. The tender soft dough and creative blend of flavors make this place one of the local faves as well.

The loukoumades are Greek honey dumplings made with fresh homemade honey. Their galaktoboureko is a traditional custard pie with a flaky light crust, and the kataifi is shredded wheat surrounding a sweet nougat of nuts and honey. Don’t miss the cheese pie!

Best Brunch Spots in Athens and More

While you are in this beautiful capital city, make sure you get to see all you can in between brunches. Bring a camera or keep your phone handy so you can share the beauty with your friends on social media. There is so much to see and do, you don't want to spend too much time eating.

The Greek and Roman ruins and archaeological sites are a must-see. Also, the National Archaeology Museum has 11,000+ exhibits and the Museum of Cycladic Art has works dating back to the 6th century BC. Get out there and enjoy as much as you can while you are in Athens.

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