Where To Find The Best Street Food In Athens

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Foodies flock to Greece for the culinary genius that is Greek cuisine and those that truly understand the culture will want to take a journey through the street food scene where you will find the best street food in Athens, hands down.

Fragrant Greek flavors masterfully combine to create mouth-watering dishes that will make you want to come back time and again. Street food in Athens is very much a traditional Mediterranean diet filled with fresh ingredients like Greek olive oil and loaded with calories.

Typical Greek street food is found in food trucks, canteens, and even conventional shops. Food carts are generally not seen on the streets of Athens. The ultimate in Greek comfort food, street food makes you feel all warm and cozy. What are the most popular street foods? Drop off your shopping parcels and heavy bags at one of our Athens suitcase storage lockers. Then, keep reading to learn all the best spots in and around Athens to find the absolute best street food!

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The Best Street Food Vendors in Athens

Whether you are joining a food tour that visits several street food vendors in Athens or you are heading out on your own to explore the different areas and vendors, you will definitely want to check out a few of these as they serve some of the most flavorful Greek street food in Athens.

To Souvlaki Tou Kosta

Address: 2 Platia Agias Irinis, Athina 105 60

Souvlaki is a very popular street food that is made of pieces of meat and usually vegetables on a skewer and then grilled with traditional spices. It is either eaten straight from the skewer like a kebab or served in a rolled pita.

To Souvlake Tou Kosta has been serving mouth-watering souvlaki since 1946 is best-known for serving souvlaki with tomato sauce that is homemade. They do serve other dishes, but you do not want to miss the chance to try their signature dish.


Address: 2 Agathonos, Athina 105 51

You absolutely want to stop by Feyrouz for one of the most interesting oriental fusion hotspots in Athens. The lahmatzoun, a vegetarian dish, or fatayer, similar to the Greek spinach pie, are both seasoned liberally with red pepper and sumac.

Grab a fresh salad if you are looking for something lighter and a cup of the soup of the day, filled with creamy goodness, is simply divine. Top your experience off with a tzezerie, round dough bites that are filled with carrots, coconut, and nuts.


Address: 6 Likavittou, Athens 106 72

Filled with aromatic dishes straight from grandma’s recipe box, Kioftes is an adorable little place that specializes in kioftedes, or delicious meatballs traditionally made of pork, beef, or chicken. Located in the neighborhood of Smyrna, your tastebuds will go on a journey.

Order a mint-infused tomato salad or fresh, hand-cut French fries to go with your kioftedes, and then sip a fragrant cup of traditionally roasted Greek coffee. Save plenty of room for dessert, Kioftes offers a wide variety of sweet treats.


Address: 51 Aiolou, Athina 105 51

While falafels are a fairly new food trend in Athens, locals have jumped on this refreshing bandwagon and are flocking to Falafellas. This is a definite hotspot and you can expect to have a pretty long wait before you place your order and a long wait for your falafel.

A falafel is a wrapped sandwich made of a deep-fried patty or ball that consists of broad beans and/or ground chickpeas. This traditional Middle Eastern food has taken Greece by storm and is a favorite among vegetarians and vegans. Top your falafel sandwich with divine tahini sauce and enjoy!

Street Wok

Address: 21 Aiolou, Athina 105 63

 After you have sampled Falafellas, head down the street and visit Street Wok. You can order their stir-fry specialty which allows you to choose the ingredients that you want and watch as the food is cooked in front of you.

Pick your noodles, and the amount, brown or white rice, types of vegetables and meat, and then the sauce and how much to include. Street Wok is the first of this kind of food spot in Athens and is an experience you will want to try when you are out and about on a street food adventure. We've got an informative guide on how to get around Athens, so be sure to check it out!

Chef and the Dog

Address: 19 Loukianou, Athens 106 75

When you are craving good, old fashioned hot dogs, head to Chef and the Dog. This is a takeaway food vendor where you can stop for a rather innovative hot dog and then keep moving on down the street. This is probably the most like street food vendors in the U.S.

If you are not adventurous with your food choices, traditional hot dogs are available. However, if you are looking to step out of your comfort zone, the German-style hot dog complete with sauerkraut is available. Maybe the Mexican hot dog smothered in jalapenos or the Korean sandwich dressed with kimchi is more to your liking!


Address: 22 Kolokotroni, Athina 105 62

Allow Etnico to take you on a trip around the world through Mexico and Central America to the Middle East and into Asia. Enjoy a delicious falafel sandwich, sample a spicy chimichanga, or share a quesadilla with friends. You can even find fried rice and Korean dumplings. Served hot, any of these dishes will satisfy a hungry appetite.

Be sure to order a glass of fresh juice. Etnico always has an assortment of fresh juices available for thirsty customers. You may not want to continue your street food tour in Athens after sampling several dishes here, but keep walking to make room for your next stop! Head to the Acropolis for a climb and to build up your appetite for dessert.


  • 4 Fokionos, Athina 105 63

Grexico is easy to find, located right beside the Mitropoleos Cathedral and overflowing with vibrant Mexican flavors. It is one of the few authentic Mexican street vendors in Athens and is an absolute treasure. Place your order and then pull up a chair.

The menu is filled with burritos, tacos, nachos, quesadillas, and boozy lime margaritas. If you are looking for something a bit lighter or fresher, order a taco salad or a garden salad. There are even flavorful vegetarian and vegan options.


Address: 238 Avenue Kifissias, Kifisia 145 62

Specializing in the Turkish gözleme, you will enjoy a stuffed flatbread that is generally unleavened and lightly brushed with oil or butter. Being in Athens, these are brushed with fresh olive oil. The gözleme is stuffed with spinach, cheese, tahini, or meat, or a combination of any of these ingredients.

You can even order fresh fruit or vegetable juices, fresh cut fruit, garden salads, and a variety of breakfast foods. Vegetarian soups and oat and nut snack bars are also available. Be sure to continue your food adventure through Athens and check out this Turkish delicacy.

Los Loros

  • Address: 14 Xenofontos, Athina 105 57

 Sit down to a Venezuelan or Columbian treat at Los Loros where you can get empanadas or arepas. Empanadas are corn pockets that are stuffed with meat and potatoes and originated in Columbia. Arepas are also corn pockets stuffed with some sort of savory filling but originated in Venezuela.

 You can also get traditional Greek dishes such as bunuelos or doughnut balls and pabellon criolla, a rice, bean, and beef mixture. After you enjoy the tasty dishes here, you can walk to enjoy Syntagma Square and check out some museums before sampling more Athens street food.

Where to Find the Best Athens Street Food Spots 

Kostas for Souvlaki

While not necessarily an entire area filled with street food vendors in Athens, this is one of the most iconic places in Athens to find delicious Greek souvlaki and when you are in Athens, you have to have this at least once. You cannot miss it, is in the heart of Agias Irinis Square.

Kostas serves a pork, tomato, and onion kebab-like skewer wrapped in warm pita bread and served with savory homemade tomato sauce. You can even get souvlaki made of chicken or beef and an array of veggies topped with yoghurt sauce or order vegan souvlaki that is still bursting with flavor.

To Koulouri Tou Psirri for Koulouri

 If you are searching for the best koulouri in Athens, look no further than To Koulouri Tou Psirri. The koulouri is simply Greek bread rolled in sesame seeds shaped into a ring like a bagel and is a favorite and fast breakfast food in Greece.

The koulouri can be filled with jam, cheese, olives, chocolate bread, or pretty much anything else you would like! This Greek bakery has been serving the best koulouri in Athens since the mid-1960s even though the bakery has been open since 1946.

Mavili Square for Sandwiches

The Mavili Square Canteen is the perfect spot for creative and traditional sandwiches made with pita bread. This canteen was actually one of many food trucks that stay open late into the night and offer the best foods for those who have been partying all night. Check out our guide to things to do at night in Athens!

Now, the Canteen is a brick-and-mortar shop that also stays open late to serve those looking for a late night, or maybe early morning, snack. You can order a variety of sandwiches and sides, all made fresh and a perfect example of delicious fare.

Ariston for Cheese Pies

You really cannot take part in the Greek food scene without sampling at least one type of pie, pies are as traditional as goat cheese and fresh olives in Greek cuisine. Whether you want a savory or sweet pie, you can find a bakery or restaurant serving their take on this old classic.

Ariston Bakery is one of the oldest bakeries in Athens and is best known for its cheese pie, a mouthwatering creation that will make you want to come back time and time again. Sit at a table in the sunshine and savor your selection or grab one, or two, to go for later.

Krinos for Loukoumades

No street food tour, no matter the city or country, is complete without stopping for dessert to satisfy a sweet tooth. Athens is filled with bakeries vying for the honor of making the best loukoumades in the city, but Krinos has held that title since the mid-1920s.

Loukoumades or lokma are sweet pastries and are made from leavened dough that is deep-fried and then dropped into a vat of honey or syrup. These balls of deep-fried sinfulness are sometimes coated with cinnamon, chopped nuts, or chocolate chips. They are a fabulous quick bite!

Street Food Festivals in Athens

There is always something exciting going on in Athens that requires food trucks and street vendors to come out and offer their creations, but there is really only one street food festival that is offered in the city of Athens.

The Athens Street Food Festival

Held annually in September, the Athens Street Food Festival has been in existence since 2015 and has quickly become a favorite among locals and tourists. This festival is a nine-day event spread out over three weekends. Each weekend is held in a different part of the city.

 The Athens Street Food Festival has grown into the biggest in Greece and is one of the most popular events held in Athens. There have been over 400,000 visitors to the culinary celebration since it began and the number of food vendors keeps growing each year, too.

 This festival has vendors that offer traditional Greek dishes to unique Greek fusion treats to foods from around the globe served from food trucks, kiosks, and pop-up restaurants. Bring along the Tums, you will probably need a few before you make your way through the festival.

Live music from local bands is played throughout each day. When a live band is not performing, a local DJ provides festive music. The entire street food ambiance pulses through the entire city!

Affordable Prices For Simply delicious Food 

Join a food tour that specializes in the Athens street food scene or plan a trip through the city checking out the most popular places and tasting some of the most decadent dishes Athens has to offer. You will find a new favorite tasty snack and maybe even a new appreciation for all things Greek!

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