Atlanta On a Rainy Day: 14 Things To Do

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Standing as both the state capital and its largest city, Atlanta, Georgia is quite a spectacular place. Although the city is big it doesn't always feel that way, since Atlanta has a sort of small-town charm, reminding us of its roots as a town at the end of the Western & Atlantic railroad line and it is always welcoming to new visitors.

It also owes much of its development to civil rights leaders and activists who had a new vision for the city and influenced it into becoming the proud and powerful place that it is today. If you are planning a trip to this incredible town then you are in for a treat, since Atlanta can impress you with interesting museums, five professional sports teams, a great shopping and dining scene as well as several gorgeous parks and greenspaces.

But, let's say that you arrive in the city and realize that the next few days call for rain, which happens very often in Atlanta (on average the city gets 52 inches of rain per year!). This doesn't mean that the trip is ruined! Below we've gathered some examples of what you can do here on a rainy day. Remember, keep your belongings dry by leaving them at an Atlanta suitcase storage facility. Store backpacks, shopping bags, and anything else you don't need as you make your way from place to place in the rain.

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Play Mini Golf at Puttshack

Whether you are back home or in a new city, there are certain activities that will always be fun. Like mini golf! In Atlanta, one of the best places to go is Puttshack which is a fairly new attraction in West Midtown. Even if it isn't raining, this is a great way to have a good time with friends.

Puttshack boasts a fantastic mini golf course with themed obstacles that will test your skills in the best way. There is also a full bar on site serving some great cocktails, so you can make the outing even better with a few drinks.

Visit the World of Coca-Cola

Have you heard that Atlanta, Georgia is the birthplace of Coca-Cola? Well, now you know! This is why the incredible World of Coca-Cola is one of the city's main attractions and a place that most people visit on their vacation, whether rain or shine. Since it is an indoor attraction you won't have to worry about getting wet.

The history of Coca-Cola dates back all the way to 1886 and you can learn all about it right here. Aside from learning about the company's past, you will be able to see all sorts of cool Coca-Cola-related things from over the years, stop by the vault that stores the drink's secret recipe, and even taste different flavors of it in the tasting room.

Head to the Atlanta Contemporary Art Centre

Museums and galleries are always some of the best rainy day activities and the Atlanta Contemporary Art Centre is one of the marvelous art galleries in the city. This art museum is found right in the heart of the city and although entry is free we recommend giving them a donation since they do a lot for the local public arts.

Much of the displays focus on diversity, female artists, and minorities. There is more than just one kind of art here so come admire some incredible sculptures, paintings, mixed media displays, photographs, and even performance art in their permanent collection.

Tour the Sweetwater Brewery

Atlanta is home to some great breweries serving craft beers and other beverages, so if the weather is looking gloomy why not stay inside and tour one of the city's best? That would be the Sweetwater Brewery which has some of the best beers in the city.

While you are here you will be well sheltered from the rain and will probably even forget about it. Take a tour of the building and then get to tasting beers! They have some fantastic seasonal beers that only come out at certain points during the year as well as favorites that are available year-round.

Go to the Amazing Georgia Aquarium

Another one of Atlanta's best options for indoor fun is a trip to the Georgia Aquarium. This is actually one of the world's biggest aquariums and has a total of 7 gallery halls where you can watch thousands of sea creatures swim by. They don't mind the water, but you will be safe from the rain.

There are even several rare or endangered species that call the aquarium home so you will get the opportunity to see some really unique marine life. One of them is the whale shark which can only be seen in this aquarium and a select few others around the world! The Georgia Aquarium also has one of the biggest indoor aquatic habitats ever and you can learn a lot about the underwater world in their exhibits. You can also go to a dolphin show or just watch them swim around in the viewing room.

Explore the College Football Hall of Fame

This is one for all of the sports fans visiting Atlanta. This city has a great sports industry and this is where you should go to celebrate the local legends. The hall of fame houses all sorts of interesting exhibits and displays that you are definitely going to love. Since everything is inside you won't have to be out in the rain.

Inside there is a museum where you can appreciate all sorts of football memorabilia from over the years. Spend a couple of hours discovering different interactive exhibits and then head to the indoor football field to play a bit yourself. There are also temporary exhibits popping up now and then throughout the year.

Go Museum Hopping

Atlanta is full of great museums and exploring as many of them as possible in a day will be great fun, especially since you will also be safe and dry inside. There are museums scattered around the city and sometimes you will find a couple of them situated close together, giving you the perfect opportunity to visit more than one at a time. From science museums to natural history museums, Atlanta sure is filled with interesting exhibits!

Check out the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum to see different artifacts related to the president including a life-sized replica of the oval office! Head to the Southeastern Railway Museum to see retired train cars or try a flight simulator at the Delta Flight Museum. The World of Puppetry Museum, which can teach you all about puppetry arts, and the Children's Museum of Atlanta are fabulous if you are traveling as a family. Some other ones to look out for are the Atlanta Monetary Museum, the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, the Marietta Fire Museum, the Michael C. Carlos Museum, and the High Museum of Art!

Test Your Indoor Karting Skills

Have you ever been go karting? Whether you've done it before or you've never tried it, it is an awesome way to spend a day in Atlanta when the weather is cloudy and wet. If you go to the Andretti Indoor Karting and Games which is just outside of the city then you can do even more than just karting.

Aside from karting, there is an arcade, a bar, and a restaurant where you can get refreshments in between karting rounds. They have 3 separate courses that suit all different experience levels and are suited to different age groups so the whole family can join. Other activities include laser tag, virtual reality, and a super fun glow-in-the-dark bowling alley. If you are only interested in the arcade then a place like Game-X is also a great choice.

Go Shopping at the Public Markets

The Krog Street Market is another excellent option for rainy day activities in Atlanta. You will definitely want to be doing some shopping during your stay and this is a nice indoor space to do just that, although most of the things that you can buy here are food like fresh veggies and the like.

Aside from shopping for all sorts of fresh produce and locally grown fruits and vegetables, this is a nice place to hang out with friends or meet new people. They also host workshops and classes now and then, so make sure that you see if anything is going on during your visit. The Ponce City Market is another great place to shop.

Try to Solve an Escape Room

Aside from laser tag, go karting, and arcade games, escape rooms are another wonderful way to forget about the rain in Atlanta. You will need to test your skills in solving puzzles in this escape game and it is an activity that is even better with friends. For these attractions, you will need to work together to see if you can make it out before the timer ends!

Most escape rooms have a different theme so you can choose one that interests you. Then you will be presented with a staged room with hidden puzzles that you will need to solve in order to get out.

Go Bowling at The Painted Pin

Another go-to activity for rainy days in Atlanta or any other city is bowling. One of the city's fancier alleys is The Painted Pin, so if you want to treat yourself to an exciting evening of bowling, this is the best place to go. Bring a couple of friends to see who is the best!

Bowling isn't the only thing that you can do here. You can also play bocce ball, shuffleboard, or ping pong. These are all fun things that can make any gloomy day feel brighter.

Go on a Wine Tasting Tour

On a bright and sunny day, you might think of going to a nice vineyard to taste some wines. However, have you ever considered going on a rainy day? Instead of spending time outside you can have all of the same benefits but stay dry and comfortable if you go with a company like VIP Southern Tours!

They will provide you with transportation, a tasty lunch, and a wonderful wine tasting experience. Whether you have been on many tastings before or this is your first time, VIP Southern Tours will help you have a good time on your rainy day in Atlanta.

Watch a Sports Game at the Mercedes Benz Stadium

Atlanta is home to some great sports teams, like soccer! If you want to see the Atlanta United FC team play in person then this is your chance. Since the stadium is covered you won't have to worry about getting wet, either.

Even if there are no games happening there is still lots to do at the stadium. In fact, you might want to avoid game days since that is when you will be able to get a guided tour of the stadium and all of its facilities! Come find out what happens behind the scenes of every professional soccer game.

Get Active at SkyZone

There are so many activities to try at SkyZone in Atlanta, GA. Do you want to try rock climbing on their challenging rock wall? Or maybe jumping through the sky hoops? If you feel up to it you can see how well you do on the warrior obstacle course!

This is a great place for the whole family to have a fun day in Atlanta. They offer indoor activities suitable for adults as well as a children's play area called the Tot Zone. This is where the small kids can have fun in a safe environment.

Staying Inside in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, Georgia is a fun place to visit and even if the weather doesn't want to cooperate you can still make your vacation memorable. Chances are that there will be some special events happening while you are visiting Atlanta or nearby cities, but even if there are no festivals going on you can find more than enough ways to keep yourself occupied.

Spend the day trying delicious food around town, hop on the newest entertainment trend or learn about how Atlanta impacted the civil and human rights movement!

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