6 easy must-do weekend trips from Atlanta

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Weekend trips from Atlanta

Atlanta weekend getaways can make your trip to this part of the States so much more rewarding. This is one of the best cities in the world to live in or to visit, and there are lots of great places to see near this special city. From Hilton Head Island to the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, there is no shortage of cool things to do and see in this part of the South.

In Atlanta, there are lots of cool things to do, like the Georgia Aquarium, art galleries, and a few golf courses. However, despite all the lovely things to do in this beautiful city, you might still want to check out these weekend getaways from Atlanta. These are the best weekend getaways from Atlanta for good reason, and you can plan a trip that will be quite memorable with the help of this guide.

If you are trying to decide between places like Lookout Mountain, Jekyll Island, Tybee Island lighthouse, or Stone Mountain Park, we can help! We can offer you some guidance to help make your weekend getaway planning quite simple.

Before you pick from these weekend getaways from Atlanta, you will want to ensure that your bags will be taken care of while you are having fun. Your weekend getaway will be more enjoyable if you give us your luggage to store while you are gone. We will keep your bags safe and secure while you enjoy these weekend getaways from Atlanta.

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Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island Distance from Atlanta

Hilton Head Island is about four hours of driving time from Atlanta. This is one of the most popular weekend getaways from Atlanta, and for good reason. Rather like Jekyll Island, and Tybee Island, Hilton Head offers a very delightful experience that is not available in many other places.

Our Activity Recommendations

You should be sure to plan to take a Dolphin Sightseeing Tour while you are here, or you might want to rent bikes and ride the Hilton Head Island Bike Trails. Weekend getaways from Atlanta are usually partially selected for their cooler weather, and you will often enjoy pleasant temperatures while you are here.

The Seapines Forest Preserve is ideal for those who love nature. You might also want to check out Folly Field Beach Park if you want to smell the ocean and get a bit of a tan. The outdoors is one of the main reasons that this is at the top of the weekend getaways list for residents as well as tourists.

Consider staying at The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa if you want to be pampered, or you might want to choose the Hilton Head Island Beach & Tennis Resort if you need to keep kids busy. A weekend getaway is easy to plan in Hilton Head, as there are few times of the year when this location is not perfectly ideal and beautiful.

Best Season to Visit Hilton Head Island

April and May, as well as September and October, are the best times of the year to head out to Hilton Head Island for a weekend getaway. Fall will give you access to reduced crowds which cuts down on wait times in the historic district most of all.

Blue Ridge Mountains

Blue Ridge Mountains

Blue Ridge Mountains Distance to Atlanta

One of the best weekend getaways from Atlanta is the Blue Ridge Mountains. This location is about five hours from Atlanta, but it is worth the drive to get to this most special of the weekend getaways we have outlined here.

Our Activity Recommendations

The Blue Ridge area offers you access to galleries and art museums as well as delightful dining. Enjoy beautiful nature areas here, like Long Creek Falls or Toccoa River Bridge. While you are looking at the beauty of this part of the state, you might also want to visit Mercier Orchards and try the hard cider and wines.

Consider staying at Bent Creek Lodge or The Cascades Inn to be comfortable as you explore this lovely option among the best weekend getaways in the state. Enjoy the Black Sheep Restaurant for quaint and cozy dining or Chester Brunnenmeyer's Bar & Grill for comfort food served in style.

If you love home goods, pop over to look at shops like the Bear Store, or you can hang out at the Blue Ridge Mountain Mall if that is more your style. There is no shortage of fun things to do here, and you will be more than happy that you chose to enjoy this location outside of North Georgia for your trip.

Best Season to Visit Blue Ridge Mountains

Spring, Summer, and Fall are the best times of the year to head to Blue Ridge Mountains. Spring, however, is the most beautiful of the seasons here due to how green and lovely everything is.

Weekend trips from Atlanta

Pine Mountain

Pine Mountain Distance to Atlanta

This charming location is barely outside of North Georgia, and it is a little over an hour from Atlanta.

Our Activity Recommendations

If you have headed to this area with kids, you will need to be sure to check out Wild Animal Safari. The Callaway Resort and Gardens is another excellent place to take in a show about wildlife for those who love animals.

If you want to visit hiking trails, you need to check out F.D. Roosevelt State Park. This National Park is beautiful and expansive. For a different kind of outdoor experience, you might want to check out Pine Mountain Lake Golf Course.

The Mountain Top Inn and Resort is a great place to stay here, and you should also make sure to have a meal at Eatz On The Corner. There is a lot of lovely shopping on Main Street as well for those who adore a boutique shopping experience.

Best Season to Visit Pine Mountain

The fall season and April to Mid-June are the perfect time to enjoy the southern charm of this lovely place. It does snow throughout the winter here, so you might want to avoid this part of the season if you hate the cold.

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach Distance to Atlanta

Myrtle Beach is about six hours from Atlanta, but it is a classic among the best weekend getaways from Atlanta. This city gives you access to all kinds of fun things to do that are not offered in other parts of the state. The choice for many people traveling is typically between Tybee Island Lighthouse, Forsyth Park, and Myrtle Beach. You can't go wrong with any of these choices, but they are all about the same distance from Atlanta, so you might have to pick and choose.

Our Activity Recommendations

William H. Miller Studios & Fine Art is one of the best art galleries in the city, or you might want to pop into Ripley's Aquarium for a day of educational fun. There is also a Skywheel here and other rides to enjoy along the beach itself.

Consider taking a carriage ride tour of the oldest part of the city, or make time to head to Myrtle Beach Military History tour. You can also get surfing lessons at the beach itself if you want to make the most of your time in the sun.

You should consider staying at a beautiful location like Island Vista Resort and take advantage of shopping at the Coastal Grand Mall. There are also lots of cute little boutique shops near the beach if you want to buy local during your stay.

Best Season to Visit Myrtle Beach

June through August is the best season to head to this part of the state.

Weekend trips from Atlanta

Lake Oconee

Lake Oconee Distance to Atlanta

This beautiful lake community is about an hour from Atlanta by car.

Our Activity Recommendations

There are two really nice golf courses in this town, and you can enjoy access to either of them for a great outdoor adventure. You might also want to check out Parks Ferry Public Recreation Area if you love camping at national park locations.

Consider taking wakeboarding lessons on the lake, or going fishing in a lake that is featured annually in some of the most highly-televised fishing competitions.

There is actually a beautiful Ritz Carlton here to stay at during your trip, or you might want to head to the Lodge on Lake Oconee for daily views of the water. Gaby's by the lake is a really lovely place to have a meal, or you can enjoy fine ding at The Grill at Lake Oconee.

Best Season to Visit Lake Oconee

April and May, as well as September and October, are great times to visit Lake Oconee.

Jekyll Island, Georgia

Golden Isles

Golden Isles Distance to Atlanta

This beautiful spot is about five hours from Atlanta. Come here for golf courses, delicious dining, and really nice shopping, as well as family trip activities that everyone will love.

Our Activity Recommendations

Pop over to nearby Jekyll Island to enjoy kayaking, biking, and even fun trolley tours. Once you are done at Jekyll Island, you will need to head back to visit some of the incredible golf courses in Golden Isles. The Jekyll Island Golf Club is the best of these, but there are plenty more options to take advantage of.

Go Shopping in the Jekyll Island historic district, or head to the Georgia Sea Grill for a fine meal with an incredible view. There are parks and trails outside the city for walking and enjoying nature, or you can choose to check out the museums and theaters for a show.

The historic trolley tours are the best activity on the island if you love to learn about the places that you visit. You can also take a birding tour since there are more than 300 species of birds that call this location their home.

Best Season to Visit Golden Isles

Spring and fall are the perfect seasons to visit Golden Isles and Jekyll Island.


These weekend getaways from Atlanta can be the ideal way to make the most of your time in the South. Enjoy southern hospitality, art galleries, and fine dining at these best weekend getaways, or you might want to check out this guide to the Best Day Trips from Atlanta for something a bit briefer and to the point.

For those who are planning to spend just a few brief days in Atlanta, you will want to read this guide to the best way to plan three days in Atlanta. Maybe you want to try horseback riding during your trip, or you are interested in a mountain bike adventure. Perhaps you want to head to one of the various national park locations to make the most of the hiking trails. This guide will give you a ton of great ideas full of southern charm for your vacation planning needs.

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