Where To Find The Best Street Food In Barcelona

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Street food in Barcelona, Spain

When you think of dining in Barcelona, surely long meals of paella, seafood, and wine stretching late into the evening come to mind. While that association is not unfounded, Barcelona also boasts one of the best street food scenes in Europe. Being a nightlife-centric city that certainly goes to bed later than most other European capitals, casual meals before and after the bar have an elevated place in Barcelona’s culinary scene. Handheld bites that are perfect for eating on the go are very common throughout the city’s many lively neighborhoods. Empanadas, croquetas, and falafel are the most common, but salads, rice bowls, and healthier fare are certainly on offer. 

You’ll also find that beer is sold at many of the best street food markets, vendors, food trucks, and casual restaurants, where hungry customers can order a sandwich, a slice of pizza, or some croquetas with a pre-bar beverage or nightcap. Most Barcelona restaurants will be closed by 2 am, but many street vendors in the central districts will be open until the sun comes up. Street food is readily available in the morning as well, with many street food markets like La Boqueria greeting customers with fresh produce as early as 10 am. Grabbing a coffee and pastry before walking the farmer’s market is as quintessentially Barcelona as some midnight croquetas and Cerveza. It’s impossible to go wrong in such an amazing food city, but here are some of the best places for delicious street food in Barcelona. 

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Food in Barcelona

Pizza Del Born 

Located in the trending-upward Passeig Del Born area, Pizza Del Born is one of Barcelona’s most well-regarded pizzerias. Because of its casual layout and excellent location, Pizza Del Born is perfect for a late-night snack, or a quick and easy meal before you explore the area’s many bars and nightclubs. There are a few stools inside to sit at, but most customers box the pizza up and eat it on the go. The menu has your classic Margherita and pepperoni options, but there are many quirky toppings to choose from, and there are always specialty pies on offer. This restaurant is a favorite late-night spot for anyone leaving the famous bars on Passeig Del Born like Stereo 18, Bar Sauvage, and Cactus Gin-Bar. Its proximity to so many bars makes it one of the best destinations for street food in Barcelona.

Bar Bo de B

While it may not always be a welcome sight, one can’t deny the fact that a line outside a restaurant is a good sign. That’s the case at Bar Bo de B. This casual bar and eatery is located near the Port of Barcelona and has a menu that’s perfect for taking out. Their menu of delicious sandwiches is particularly popular, and all of them are freshly-made and come in a variety of toppings. These are also cheap, ranging from 3-6 euros depending on the toppings. Their menu of Catalan street food snacks and sides makes this a great option for a small group. They also have healthy menu items like rice bowls and salads, which are refreshing lunch options during those hot summer days. 


This diner is Barcelona’s go-to for vegetarian and vegan street food. It’s perfect for grabbing a quick late-night bite at one of the seats or ordering at the counter for takeout. The menu favors healthier options like the hearty pita sandwich and a nice variety of fresh salads. Mediterranean street food favorites falafel and hummus are some of the most popular items. You’ll usually find Maoz surrounded by small groups standing and snacking happily on their hummus and falafel. It’s one of the better food options on Ferran Street and is a convenient way to freshen up on warm days and nights. 

Pizza in Barcelona

Pizza Market

It may not be situated in a go-to neighborhood like the Gothic Quarter or La Barceloneta, but Pizza Market is one of the best street food destinations in the city. Using traditional baking methods and fresh ingredients, this is one of Barcelona’s best pizzerias. They specialize in vegetarian options, as the fresh produce they source locally is incredible. Mushroom, basil, and ripe tomatoes are all you need at Pizza Market! 

Located in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi neighborhood, it’s popular for customers to order a few slices from Pizza Market’s counter and have a nice evening dinner (late night) and eat at the nearby Poble Sec or Raval Plazas. 

Ciutat Comtal 

It’s hard to beat the location of this casual tapas bar, being on La Rambla de Catalunya and overlooking the Jardins de la Reina Victòria city square. But what really draws people to Ciutat Comtal is the croquetas, which are essentially the perfect Barcelona street food. This deep-fried classic can be filled with a variety of ingredients, but meat, cheese, and even seafood are popular options. Ciutat Comtal recommends their croquetas with a gooey bechamel sauce. There are other excellent tapas options on their rotating menu, and if you have time, it’s a great place to sit for a casual meal or snack with beer and wine. But the location is perfect for grabbing a Cerveza and handheld snacks to walk with. 

La Vespa Burger Bar

Located on La Carrer del Torrent I’Olla in the Plaça del Sol, this hole-in-the-wall is one of the best examples of Barcelona street food you won’t know is incredibly well-regarded until someone you know recommends it to you. This bar and eatery has a fantastic selection of burgers with different meats and toppings. Even when it’s busy, it’s an easy spot to order and carry out, and they serve one of the best burgers in Barcelona. With all the bars in this neighborhood, don’t be surprised if it’s the busiest well after dinner. 

Dining in Barcelona, Spain

El Xampanyet 

Just a stone’s throw away from La Catedral de Barcelona, this cozy bar specializes in Tapas, wine, and cava. There is also an incredible menu of street food that’s perfect for picking up and walking around. The Pincho De Tortilla (also known as tortilla de patatas), a Spanish classic, is one of the best things on the menu, and despite the gooey cheese filling and indulgent portions, is an easy snack to walk with. 


One could argue that Greek and Mediterranean food are the OG street foods in Europe. Falafel and shawarma are as common on street corners and city squares as any regional sausage dish, and Barcelona is no different. Dionisos is one of the city’s absolute best Greek restaurants, and its multiple locations are popular late-night food destinations for hungry bar-hoppers and tourists. Their salads are perfect for those hot and humid summer days, and they serve the best hummus Barcelona has to offer. After the bar? Shawarma is the way to go. 

La Bombeta 

Located less than five minutes from the beach in La Barceloneta, this classic tapas bar serves some of the best Catalan street food in the city. Their specialty? Bombas, which are made from minced meat and mashed potatoes to form a ball, then coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried to golden perfection. Like most Barcelona tapas bars, you can decide to eat in for a social dinner or grab a few small bites to walk around with. If the weather is right, walking the boardwalk with some bombas and a cold drink is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon in Barcelona. 

Wok to Walk

With locations all over the world (and several in Barcelona), it’s easy to underestimate how amazing Wok to Walk’s Asian street food niche is. Servings of low mein, dumplings, and fried rice are easy to carry out, and there are plenty of places around to sit and eat. These Barcelona locations are well-oiled machines, so don’t be deterred by the lines of hungry travelers and locals waiting for their tasty bowls. These are also excellent options for vegetarians, as tofu and fresh vegetables are cooked perfectly, and the flavors and spices can be adjusted to order. 

Frankfurt Pedralbes

This long-running counter-service spot is the closest thing Barcelona has to a Chicago hot dog stand. There is limited seating, there are absolutely no frills in this place, and the food is delicious and convenient. Located in the Les Corts district near the famous Pedralbes Royal Palace, Frankfurt’s counter serves a variety of Catalan, German, and Polish-style sausages to hungry neighborhood locals and a few of the more adventurous tourists that make their way out to Les Corts. Everything on the menu is inexpensive but very filling. It’s hard to argue with encased meat, mustard, and a toasted bun! Nearby Jaume Square is a great place to walk with your friends and Frankfurters as the people-watching is exceptional and there are frequent holiday festivals and live music. Fortunately, Frankfurt Pedralbes serves beer, making it your one-stop shop in this neighborhood. If you are feeling full after this meal, you might want to hike up the nearby hill to check out the Mirador dels Xiprers observation deck. 

Street food in Barcelona

The Best Areas for Finding Street Food in Barcelona 

Boqueria Market 

La Boqueria Market is the most famous public market in Barcelona. Located on La Rambla, it’s hard to miss the hustle and bustle of this incredible indoor market. More than 200 vendors set up shop and offer spices, produce, wine, olives, and literally thousands of other specialty items. There are a number of local artists selling their wares as well. While the market is ideal for people who are looking for ingredients, there are a number of vendors selling street food throughout the market. The fresh produce, cheese, and bread can make a wonderful picnic, especially given La Boqueria Market’s proximity to so many parks and squares. 

Palo Alto Market

Located further up the coast near the Platja de la Mar Bella beach area, the Palo Alto Market is a perfect destination for trendy travelers looking for a lively but less “touristy” atmosphere. It's well worth the trip. This gorgeous building is covered top to bottom in ivy, and its leafy surroundings offer a serene setting for this small street food market. There is a rotating roster of vendors, but the local producers who set up shop at this weekend market only bring the best. Picking a few cheeses and freshly-baked bread before heading to the beach for a picnic is highly recommended. Regardless of what you buy, it's worth grabbing a coffee and walking through this beautiful setting.

Carrer de Ferran 

This street’s main stretch in the Gothic Quarter is not only great for shopping but also has some of the best street food options. There are hundreds of casual diners, bars, and street vendors that set up shop on this street. Regardless of whether you buy or eat anything, the people-watching is amazing, and you can really get a feel for the city walking through this cramped corridor. 

Street food in Barcelona, Spain

Street Food Festivals in Barcelona 

BORN Street Food Festival 

The first weekend of October, the Pla de Palau Square is turned into the best block party in Barcelona. Restaurants, bars, and gourmet clubs set up shop in food trucks to create an open-air street food market and festival. All of these gourmet chefs will demonstrate how they cook their iconic dishes by cooking them live! There is live music, drinks, and of course, some of the best gourmet samples you’ll ever be served out of a food truck.  

Eat Street 

Every summer, Barcelona’s best and coolest restaurants provide Catalan foodies the opportunity to sample the best food in the city all in one place. Originally created in 2014, the M.O. of Eat Street is to present street food in an elevated context. Here, the best forms of street food are showcased in a way that re-defines street food from the negative context. Most of the vendors are local Catalan businesses, but a rotating roster of International restaurants has become a key feature of the festival. That diversity and variety are some of the main focuses of Eat Street. The setup is casual, with a few dozen food trucks and stands that are easy to approach. It's a relaxed atmosphere with some of the most amazing street food in Barcelona at your fingertips.

Van Van Market

The Van Van Market and Festival are held in the port of Barcelona under the iconic Clock Tower. Being held in a port, the focus is suitably on fresh seafood. The Fisherman’s Association is the event's organizer, and you can plainly tell by the quality of the food at hand. Dozens of local producers will showcase a wide variety of fish and seafood offerings. The main focus is on local Catalan fish, making this one of the most unique street food markets in Spain. Because of the free entrance and because the port of Barcelona is such an amazing location, it’s most certainly worth walking by. 

Street food in Barcelona


Barcelona is one of the best cities in the world to visit, let alone in Spain. Like many other activities, Barcelona does street food better than almost any other place. Whether it’s their amazing Catalan cuisine or international favorites with a local twist, it’s hard to go wrong when such amazing restaurants and street vendors are serving involved. However you plan to take advantage of Barcelona’s amazing street food scene, let Bounce take care of your luggage, while you decide between croquetas, pizza, and so much more. 

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