3 Days in Bari: Everything You Should Know

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How to spend 3 days in Bari

Bari is one of the most impressive places in Italy to visit, and you will love that you can access everything from Bari Castle to Bari Old Town to upscale new areas for shopping and dining during your stay. This is a historic center for Southern Italy and Bari is rich with things to do and see, like UNESCO World Heritage Sites, museums, and cultural attractions. People of all ages and interests can enjoy a trip to this city. You might be worried if you only have a few days to spend in this lovely place, but don't fret! This guide to 3 days in Bari will help you to plan your trip so that you don't miss out on a single thing!

The first thing that you need to do when you get to Bari, is make sure that you have stored your luggage safely. Having your bags with you as you try to have fun will just make things stressful and chaotic. Store your luggage securely in Bari with Bounce, and then you can have the most fun three days in Bari ever! This is a city of narrow streets and historical Old Town locations where large bags won't be any help to you, and you don't want to be held back from trying out adventures due to your bags.

Once your luggage has been stored and is safe, you will be ready to head out for adventures in this charming part of Southern Italy.

Itinerary for 3 days in Bari

Bari Itinerary - Day 1


You will probably have arrived via the Bari Airport, so you will not be far from all of the action in central Bari. You can get checked into your hotel and start planning what you want to do first! Consider grabbing breakfast at a place like Frulez, or you can just get a quick bite to eat from one of the many little shops that offer delicious coffee and pastries near where you are staying. Many of the places in Bari, Italy, where there are tourist attractions, also offer access to lots of amazing food options.

The first day of your trip should be spent in the historic center of the city, and you should start with the Basilica di San Nicola. This is a beautiful Romanesque church that dates back to 1197 and the interior of the building is truly stunning. This is a good thing to visit early in the day before the crowds become thick so that you can really enjoy what it has to offer. Saint Nick's tomb is also here, so make sure you take some time to check this out before you move on to other sights.

Before the afternoon arrives, you should head to the nearby Museo Nicolaiano. This is a small church, but there are relics and some local history to learn about here. You will only need about a half-hour to enjoy this museum.

How to spend a long weekend in Bari


The next stop in your day should be the Museo Archeologico di Santa Scolastica. This is an archaeological museum that offers you access to amazing information about the area, about Old Town, and about the Puglia region as a whole. You can get to this wonderful museum by walking through the narrow streets and admiring the Bari Centrale area.

Make sure to drop by the Ruderi di Santa Maria del Buon Consiglio on your way, which is an open-air ruin that used to be another church in the area. There are actually a few other places in the Bari area that have ruins that are still preserved like this, which makes it easy to see the original shape of Bari Old Town more clearly.

When you are done with the Museo Archeologico di Santa Scolastica, make time to pop into Chiesa Rettoria Santa Scolastica da Norcia. This is another church that is close to the museum and you will be charmed by the beauty of this small house of worship.

Close out your afternoon with a visit to Castello Svevo di Bari. This is one of the largest castles in Puglia, and this central attraction for the Old Town area is well worth a visit. Wander between the huge walls and bastions and check out the restored interior of the castle. The original furnishings did not survive, but you will get a really good sense of what life in a castle was like when you head to this landmark.


There are many cool bars and lovely restaurants in this area. You can have your pick of various kinds of eating, and even some of the best street food in Bari isn't far away. The Puglia region is well-known for its wines, and you will need to take at least one night to sit down and sip some wine with a plate of pasta. You can also find lots of great nightlife options in the Old Town area, so if you have a lot of energy on this day of your trip, you can dance and drink the night away.

Weekend itinerary for Bari, Italy

Bari Itinerary - Day 2


Start your morning with the kind of breakfast you feel like having. You might want to grab some yummy food to bring with you because you are heading to the beach this morning. The Pane e Pomodoro Beach is the best of the bunch, but there are so many amazing beaches clustered around the edges of the city that you will have your pick. The sand here is delightful, the weather is warm with a light breeze, and the water is perfect, especially in the summer. You will love taking this break from walking through the city's main square or Old Town to just rest, read a book, and take in the great weather.

This is probably going to be the way that you will want to spend the whole morning, so don't be in a rush to see the beach and leave. This is one of the best places in and around Bari to visit, and you will have plenty of time to partake of other attractions during your trip, even if you let yourself have fun near the Adriatic Sea for part of a day. The Adriatic Sea is absolutely delightful, and you cannot visit Bari, Italy, without taking time to experience it.


Your afternoon should be taken up with a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site unescoof Alberobello. You can get a ticket for a guided tour here, which will include transport to the location, or you can get yourself here via any of a number of transportation options. This lovely village has been carefully preserved, and it is only about an hour's drive from Bari Centrale. Seeing the village life this area fostered helps you understand what makes Bari, Italy so special. You will be charmed by the white buildings, the sparkling sea, and the Old Town feel.

If you are not interested in seeing Alberobello, you can go to Trani, which is another lovely beachside town in the area. These small-town locations are so special to this region, and you will be near the Polignano a Mare if you want to have another bout of beach-filled fun in a new location.

Things to do in Bari, Italy


There are actually many lively places to drink a glass of wine and watch the sunset here in these small village locations. You do not have to head back to the city for dinner and can instead enjoy the coastal Italian countryside as you dine. Bari, Italy, has many personalities, and you will be well-served to see all the parts of the historical city as well as the stunning coastline during your stay. You might just want to wander the sandy beach beneath the stars this evening and make the most of your visit to whichever of the coastal town locations you chose.

Bari Itinerary - Day 3


Start your morning with a quick bite to eat, and then head out to walk the Lungomare Nazario Sauro before it gets hot. You will be steps from the city's historic center, but you will just see the sun, the waves, and the sand here. This is a peaceful way to get your morning started at this lovely coastal city before you start on the rest of your plans for the day.


If you are up for some more walking, you can take a Bari walking tour on this day of your trip. This is a great way to get to learn more about this port city and to hear about the people and cultures that made this place what it is today. This can also be done as a private tour if you wish for an added fee. This is something that you should put on your Puglia itinerary even if you don't do it on day three. There are so many places that you can learn more about like the Piazza Mercantile or Bari Cathedral.

You can also take a trip to another UNESCO World Heritage Site called Matera. This ancient city is comprised of ancient cave dwellings that are 9,000 years old. You will be amazed by the preservation of this site, and you will be able to actually walk through the third oldest city in the world when you visit. Comfortable shoes are a must because there is a lot of walking here.

Spending 3 days in Bari


Consider getting tickets to Petruzzelli Theatre for your last evening. You might see an opera or a play here as there are various kinds of shows on offer. The theater is one of the largest in Italy and you will love the gold leaf and velvet seats which will make you feel transported back in time. The tickets are affordable as well, so you won't need to stress about the cost.

Close out your last evening in this beautiful place by wandering along the beautiful beaches, or you can head to the center of town and just take in what Bari Vecchia has to offer one last time. Wander by the Basilica San Nicola again at night or spend a few hours just sitting in the heart of Bari Old Town and taking in the air of this southern region of Italy. This is one of the most beautiful places in the country and you might want to just spend a few hours saying goodbye to the city before you leave in the morning to head home. If this is too relaxed for you, there are plenty of more high-energy things to do at night in Bari.

3-day itinerary for Bari, Italy

Bari is An Amazing Place to Spend a Few Days

By now, you have probably realized that it is very easy to have tons of fun if you only have a few days in Bari. You can visit all kinds of amazing historical sites, get a private tour of the city center, or enjoy access to ancient cave dwellings, beautiful beaches, and amazing museums. This is one of the most interesting places to visit in the Puglia region and you will have no trouble seeing all the things that you want to experience when you use this guide to plan your trip. Make sure to bring some sunscreen and some good walking shoes, and you'll be set to make the most of your time here.

Make sure that no matter what you plan to do or see in the Bari area, you put your bags into secure storage before you do anything else. With your bags securely stored until you need to head back to the Bari airport, your hands will be free, and you will not have to worry about your personal possessions as you enjoy what Bari has to offer. Having peace of mind during your trip can make all the difference, and storing your bags first before you start navigating the city can make this state of calm easy to achieve.

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