The Best Time to Visit Bari 2024: the Ultimate Guide

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The Best Time to Visit Bari

Southern Italy is at the top of many people's list of places they want to take a trip to. There are so many reasons that Bari, Italy should be at the top of your list of places to visit if you are heading to the Puglia region for your trip. Between beautiful beaches and lovely weather, there are few other cities along the Adriatic Sea that can offer you the experience that Bari can. You will be able to enjoy Bari's Old Town, as well as nearby seaside cities in the Puglia region that are a short drive from Bari Vecchia.

This port and university city offers somthing for everyone, and you will be able to start your day with a visit to a Unesco World Heritage Site and then head to the beach to bask in the sun if you wish. There are so few places that can offer what Bari, Italy can, and you will want to make sure that you plan your trip to Bari when the weather is perfect and when you can fit the trip into your budget. If you are planning to visit the Puglia region, this guide will help you to pick the right time for your trip with ease.

The first thing you need to do when you are heading to Bari, Italy, is make sure that your bags are safe. Place your bags in secure storage with us in Bari and then you can have fun without worrying about your possessions. You can't walk along the Adriatic Sea with a heavy suitcase and navigating Bari Old Town with a huge bag in hand would be tough as well. Storing your bags securely can make all the difference in your enjoyment of your days near the Adriatic Sea and we can help you to have a peaceful and worry-free vacation.

Once your bags are stored, you can get ready to see what southern Italy offers without worries over your things.

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Summer in Bari, Italy

Summer in Bari: June - August

For those who love the sun, this is the season to be in Southern Italy. This is the ideal beach lounging time of the year, with highs of 77°F (25°C). The days are the longest during this period as well, meaning that you can enjoy many different fun things each day. Make sure to bring sunscreen and some sturdy walking shoes since you will also want to make the most of visits to the various Unesco World Heritage sites near Bari, like the ancient city of Matera.

The city can be quite busy during this season and there are lots of music festivals going on as well. Plan to spend a bit more on hotels and food; you might want to avoid the times when events are hosted in the city. During this season, you might also want to plan to spend the afternoon in places like the Bari Cathedral to get a little break from the heat. There are various places where you can grab some shade in this port city, like the piazza mercantile. Old Town is very walkable, and you can take a seat and enjoy people-watching in the shade with some wine whenever you wish.

This is a season where getting a hotel with air conditioning is also a good idea. Many people who have never been to Bari, or Southern Italy in general, are not aware that this region can be quite humid. This makes air conditioning a helpful factor if you stay in this port city when the weather is warm. This is also the season where planning a few indoor activities can be a great way to take a break from the heat on really warm days. Make a list of places you would like to see, such as the Basilica di San Nicola or even the Bari Ferris Wheel, and take advantage of these attractions if you get too warm while walking around.

The Pane e Pomodoro Beach can be really busy during this season, but you can also head over to the Polignano a Mare if you want to try another of the best Bari beaches in the area. There are also some lovely coastal towns that you can visit with their own gorgeous beaches if you have found the area around Bari central to be too busy during peak periods of the day. Checking out the rest of Southern Puglia is easy during the peak time of the season, and there are sandy beaches to be enjoyed all along the Adriatic coast.

When to visit Bari, Italy

Fall in Bari: September - November

This is a cooler season in Bari, Italy, and it might even be too cold for time spent on the beautiful beaches in this area. The high is usually about 65°F ( 18°C), and there can be a breeze that can make the beach a bit chilly. This is a great time to visit if you want to save a little money and if you are interested in walking through places like Bari Old Town. You will also be treated to easier access to sightseeing locations like Bari Cathedral during this season, and Bari Vecchia will be less crowded.

There are not that many local events going on during the fall but there are a few religious and local festivals that do take place later in the year. You might want to be in town for these events as they are very enjoyable and bring a very festive and exciting atmosphere. Bari Old Town is often alive with street performers, street food, and shopping during these events. You can even see performances of various kinds near the Piazza Mercantile during this season, and Piazza Mercantile is ideal for buying local wares during a festival.

Hotel prices are more reasonable during this period as well, so you might need to aim to visit Bari during this time of the year to make the most of the fairly mild weather, the better prices, and the reduced crowds.

Shopping in Bari

Winter in Bari: December - February

The Bari area is pretty mild weather-wise for most of the year, but the winter in this region can be a bit chilly, and there can be rain. The high during the winter in Bari is about 50°F (10°C) which can be quite cool, especially if you are near the water. The disadvantage to coming to Bari during this season is that things will be very quiet and not nearly as exciting as when the weather is good. You can still plan to see places like Basilica di San Nicola and Bari Cathedral, and you will benefit from Bari Vecchia being very quiet and peaceful overall. If you don't want to wait in lines to see landmarks like the Basilica di San Nicola, this might be the best time to be in the city.

Hotels are quite reasonable during this period, but you might see reduced dining options, especially in areas like Old Town. Many places like Bari, which have a distinct high season (summer), close up some of their shops and restaurants during times when tourism is low. This might mean that your winter trip to Bari will not offer all the same amenities as if you came at a more expensive time. Make sure that you still walk through Bari Vecchia and see what the heart of Old Town has to offer, even if some of the shops and other vendors are not open during this season. This might be the cheapest time to visit Bari, but you will find that the experience might be a bit different than you expected.

Best time to travel to Bari

Spring in Bari: March-May

Things are picking back up in Bari as the spring approaches, but the highs still might be only 60°F (15°C). Bari Vecchia will be coming to life again, and you will see more people in the Old Town. There are some local festivals during this time of year that take place in the area near the Basilica San Nicola, and you will be able to enjoy access to the local historical sites again if you want to visit them.

Make sure you bring clothing for all kinds of weather with you as it can rain a bit during this time of the year, but it can also warm up and get muggy. The Old Town area will be back to its usual glory during this period, and you can take a walking tour of the area if you wish without fear of getting too hot like you would in the summer. Seeing places like the Basilica San Nicola when it is not as hot can be nice, and the crowds are less invasive during this season.

You might even be able to leave the Old Town to visit the beach during this time of the year if you get a particularly hot day. This is a great time to visit the capital city of this region and to visit both the Bari Cathedral and Bari Castle.

Best season to visit Bari

When is the best time to visit Bari for you?

The right season to visit Bari might vary for your needs. You might be looking for some lovely warm beach weather, in which case, the summer is the only option you should consider. You will pay more when you visit during peak season, but you will be able to make the most of the warm weather and all the local events going on in and around the Old Town.

If you want to save some money, you will want to aim for spring, when the weather is still good but the price of things has come down. Make sure you consider storing your bags at Bari airport on your way in to town and then you will not have to worry about them getting wet or getting in your way when it is a little drizzly in the spring. The Old Town will be more affordable during this season as well, and you will find that travel to surrounding sites on mainland Southern Italy is also more reasonable during the spring.

If you are planning a very affordable trip to Bari, the winter is your best bet if cost is your only consideration. You should be aware that the Old Town area will be somewhat closed up due to lack of tourism, however. This can make traveling to Bari in the winter a bit more boring than if you choose a slightly more expensive season to visit. It can also be really chilly from time to time, so pack some warm clothing with you. This is also a much less ideal time to visit the beach, and you will probably have to miss out on beach days during your trip.

The fall is another really nice compromise between the peak season and cold weather season. You might experience some rain during this part of the year but you can still hit the beach and you will have access to places like Bari Vecchia with thinner crowds. Old Town will be open and busy and interesting as well during this season, so you will not have to miss out on any of the things that you wanted to do in central Bari during your stay.

No matter what season you choose to visit Bari, you will need to be sure that you put your bags into secure storage first. There is nothing like knowing that your luggage is safe and secure so that you can have a ton of fun during your trip!

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