The Top 15 Free Things To Do In Bath

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Free things to do in Bath, UK

Bath is a lovely city and one that is always well worth visiting when you are in the UK. This historical city has long been one of the most popular destinations on the island for good reason. There are so many free things to do here, and visiting this location will not break the bank or bore you. Most of the best things to do here are free of charge and you can enjoy incredible hiking, amazing museums, and lots of great things to do with kids.

Bath is known predominantly for its Roman Baths, but unfortunately, a trip here will cost you upwards of £25. If you can't afford to add the Roman Baths to your sightseeing; don't worry. The free things to do in Bath will keep you busy for days with scenic parks, world-class museums, abbeys with intricate stained glass windows, and endless activities in the City Centre.

Whether you have come into Bath on the Bath Spa Railway or you have arrived by some other means of transportation, you will want to take care of your luggage. Once you have placed your bags in secure storage in Bath, you will be able to have much more fun during your time in the city. Heading out to enjoy the free things that are offered in this lovely town is easier when you have your hands free.

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Roman Baths in Bath, UK

Pulteney Bridge

Pulteney Bridge is one of the most unique things that you can do in Bath and you will see why it is one of the top free things to do in Bath once you arrive on site. This lovely bridge will make you think of the song London Bridge is Falling Down in the old nursery rhyme. Pulteney Bridge is a great place for a photo opportunity and then you can walk the length of the bridge and check out the shops that are scattered along its length.

This is a really fun and special thing to do when you visit Bath, and you will be so glad that you stopped by this quirky little bridge.

Bath City Farm

This is a working farm that offers access to a lot of acreage and lovely open spaces. Come here for some time to visit chickens, pigs, cows, horses, and goats and also to enjoy some fun family activities. You can hike on the farm and buy feed for the animals.

Make sure to stop into the farm shop for a souvenir as well. This is a great place to drop in when you visit Bath and you can bring the whole family here for the day if you wish.

The Bath Skyline

The Bath Skyline Walk is a really picturesque walking tour that lets you enjoy the full spread of the city below your feet. Visit the sham castle and check out the abbey from this location atop a large hill. This is a great chance to take in some fresh air while also gaining a new perspective on the city itself. Seeing the city centre from so high up is memorable and most of the important buildings in the city are spread out below you when you take this tour.

Street performers in Bath City Centre

Kennet and Avon Canal

The Kennet and Avon Canal path is a peaceful walk that will show you the historic River Avon as well as the canal system that connects Bristol to Reading. It is sometimes easy to forget that Britain is an island and that so much of the history of the country is linked to water transportation and travel. Much of the original manufacturing history of Bath and other English cities was founded on the use of canals, the sea, and other bodies of water to connect people and places together. This walk is an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon and a good way to connect with the history of the UK.

The Royal Crescent

This is one of the most famous spots in the entire UK and you will want to drop by here for a picture if nothing else. This example of Georgian architecture is one of the most memorable parts of any visit to Bath and luckily, the Royal Crescent is also free to visit. The 30 Georgian houses here are such fine examples of the Georgian period in England that they simply can't be missed. You will also be near the circus and the former royal promenade which are also worth a look.

The Bath Christmas Market

This merry event takes place from the end of November into the first week of December. If you are in town during this time, you need to drop in for some shopping, to enjoy singing by carolers in the street, and to try tasty Christmastime treats that are sold by street vendors.

The Bath Christmas Market is a festive event that also highlights the market tradition that is common throughout much of England. There is something comforting about being connected to the holiday spirit in this way and you won't soon forget your time spent at this holiday event.

Picnic in the park in Bath

Bath Abbey

This is an absolutely stunning site that will give you access for free to the beautiful church and the Bath Abbey Church Yard. You will be able to admire sweeping buttresses and intricate stained glass as well as walk around the grounds of the abbey itself. This is a special place that feels like a snapshot preserved in time.

The Bath Abbey is one of the few abbey locations that are so well-preserved in England and you will want to put this site on your list of free things to do when you visit Bath.

Bath City Centre

If you have decided to visit the Royal Crescent or the circus, you will need to also check out the rest of the Bath City Centre. This city was laid out intentionally along ley lines to represent the sun and the moon and the cluster of Georgian buildings that mark the City Centre are all worth a look. There is something about this part of the city that will make you feel as if you have stepped back in time, and those who love Jane Austen or all things Regency will be transported into their favorite time period when they visit this part of the city.

Enjoy shopping, street markets and festivals, and other fun opportunities in this part of town. The areas near the Royal Crescent are part of what makes this one of the most beautiful city locations in all of England and you will love taking selfies and pictures here.

Victoria Art Gallery

Entry to this location is free but some of the exhibits are paid for. You will be exposed to art from all periods here and there are also statues and other interesting things to see. For art lovers, there is no better spot to visit in Bath than the Victoria Art Gallery. You will definitely want to place it on your list of museums to visit. If you have been looking for truly free things to do in the city, this is a bit of an in-between addition to the list, but this is a museum that should not be missed.

Waterways of Bath, UK

Royal Victoria Park

With over 50 acres of property to its name, this location has been open since the early 1800s. Enjoy a walk along manicured paths here or sit down for a picnic when the weather is fine. The botanical gardens are another hit here, and the bandstand is sometimes the site of live music and other entertainment.

This is a really key part of the centre of the city and one of the most popular parks in all of England. Make sure to put the botanical gardens and the park itself on your list of things to do when you are in the city centre.

Sham Castle

Sham Castle is a fake. The castle-looking facade was built at the top of Claverton Down Road by Ralph Allen in the 1700s. The view is really lovely from the top of the road here and you'll grab so many great photos with the Sham Castle itself. This is one of the items of local lore for the Bath area and it is a fine example of when follies were a fun entertainment for the people vacationing in this city.

Sydney Gardens

Located in the heart of the city near the Royal Crescent, this spot is a great place to take a rest if you have been walking all day in the city centre. You can also access the Holburne Museum for free on Wednesdays in the evening when you are in the area. Combine your trip to this garden with free access to the Holburne Museum if you can, but you can also visit Sydney Gardens for its own sake while you are in town. Just like Royal Victoria Park, this is a beautiful and well-maintained garden that you will not want to miss seeing.

Bath City Centre Tours

Bath Aqua Glass

Walcot Street is the nominal artisan street in Bath, and when you stop by Aqua Glass, you can watch artisans making blown glass items for free. There is something mesmerizing about the process of making glass art and it's worth taking the time to sit and watch this delicate process. You can also wander along the rest of Walcot Street to check out other art and market items that are sold in this area. This is one of the more hidden gems of free things to do in Bath and you shouldn't miss Aqua Glass.

Hot Air Balloons

While it costs money to take a ride on the hot air balloons that call Bath home, you can often sit down in a place like Royal Victoria Park and watch others sail by in their balloons. These rides take place most weekdays, so if you notice a hot air balloon, it can be fun to stop and linger to watch this unique craft travel over the city centre. This is a beautiful city to see from the air and activities that allow you this view are common in and around Bath. While you might not be in the balloon, you can enjoy the beauty of its presence over the city if your timing is good.

Jane's Bath Tour

For lovers of Jane Austen, taking the Jane's Bath Tour is a fun adventure. You can simply pick up the tour from Visit Bath and walk around the city to all of Jane's favorite places. Jane spent a lot of her life in this city and for those who love her books, this is a rare treat that shouldn't be missed. This is a beautiful city, and seeing it through Jane's eyes is a special experience, especially for her fans.

Best free things to do in Bath, UK

Bath is Full of Fun Free Things to Do

Bath is one of the best places to head for free things to do. You will love that so many of the most notable things to see and do in this city are free of charge and even the things that cost money are not that expensive. This is a lovely city full of Georgian architecture and rife with history from Rome forward. For those who love Jane Austen, there is no better place on earth to take a trip.

From the River Avon to the Royal Crescent, you will love that there are so many lovely things to see in this city and the approachable size of it can be a big benefit when traveling with kids or a large group. From shopping to the awe-inspiring Pulteney Bridge to the Holborne Museum and Royal Victoria Park, your Bath itinerary will be jam-packed before you know it. Always make sure that you place your luggage in secure storage before you head out to have fun in Bath!

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