15 Things To Do In Bath With Kids

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Royal Victoria Park in Bath

Visiting Bath is a great idea when you have kids along with you on your vacation. There are so many things to do in Bath with kids like visiting amazing museums and enjoying the arts, and some of these activities are even free. Bath is a beautiful city and one of the best places that you can head to while you are in the UK.

Before you start your day in Bath with the kids, you need to make sure that you won't have to worry about your luggage. You will want to take the time to put your bags into secure storage in Bath so that you can have fun without worrying about dragging your bags along with you all day. Whether you have come into the city from the Bath Spa Railway Station, or you have traveled by car, moving your luggage into a secure storage situation is a big help.

Once your bags are secure, you can move on to the rest of your plans for your time in this amazing city.

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Exploring with kids in Bath, UK

15 Things to do With Kids in Bath

Bath Abbey

This absolutely lovely location will wow both children and adults alike. The soaring buttresses are beautiful to behold and the gorgeous stained glass is still as lovely and clear and colorful as it was when it was first placed. This is one of the most beautiful religious houses in all of England and the history here will impress history buffs and people who have always wondered what abbey life would be like.

Kids will find that this stop reminds them of their idea of a castle in a fairytale and they might even think of Disney movies and other fanciful tales. Taking the time to climb the 200 steps to the top of the abbey tower is well worth it when you are rewarded by sweeping views of the landscape in all directions around the abbey itself.

The Roman Baths

Arguably one of the most famous sites in the area to visit, the Roman Baths are really exciting for people who love history, but they are also a fascinating look into the past for those who have not studied this part of British history. There are numerous small sites like this around Britain where the Roman history of the island is preserved and this is one of the best places to head to see and touch things that ancient people made and used.

The Roman Baths will delight kids because of the actors who engage with visitors and there are some fun kid's activities like walking trails and an audio guide that is aimed at younger audiences. Historical sites can be engaging for kids if the information that they provide is delivered correctly and your children will remember a day spent at this location for years to come.

Bath City Farm

If you are traveling with an animal lover, this attraction needs to be on your list of things to do while you are in the city of Bath. This lovely little farm is 37 acres in size and it is home to pigs, sheep, cows, horses, and goats. There are many other animals represented here and lots to learn about farming and animal husbandry while you visit.

Stop into the farm shop for some souvenirs or head out to the fort play area. You can also buy some animal feed to share with the farm animals that live on site. Visiting Bath without stopping in at Bath City Farm would be very sad and your kids will be so glad that you took them to this lovely spot for part of a day. The farm shop even offers kid-friendly souvenirs which is a really nice benefit for families.

Street performers in Bath

Victoria Art Gallery

Your kids might groan at the thought of looking at art in a gallery when you visit Bath, but there is a lot for kids to enjoy here as well as things for adults to love. There are many styles of paintings on display and lots of great information about each art piece and the artist who made it.

Victoria Art Gallery is a great choice if the weather is a bit wet and you and your kids need to get inside for a bit to dry out. Wander through the modern and classic art gallery or you can also take the time to see the more unusual pieces that are sometimes represented here as well. Your kids will enjoy the arts and crafts that are offered in addition to the art trolleys that are placed strategically for kids to enjoy.

Theatre Royal

Technically combined with the Egg Theatre, this spot is a great place to head with your kids when you visit Bath. There are so many family-friendly plays and productions that are offered here and you will have a great time with your kids when you get tickets for one of their performances. This is a designated children's theatre, and there are fun interactive theatre arts adventures that are offered on weekends for kids from 2 to 18 years of age.

Extra shows are offered on holidays at the Egg Theatre and there is a really good cafe nearby in the Theatre Royal as well. Kids who love to show off will have so much fun at this venue and you are to make many family memories.

Bath Postal Museum

What child doesn't love sending out a letter? Postman Pat will help your little ones have fun at this lovely museum that tells about the history of the post and adults will be interested in the way that postage came to be used in the UK.

The post has technically been around since the Romans and you can enjoy interactive exhibits that will tell you all about the history of mailing out letters around the world. Bath Postal Museum is a very fun and engaging stop for kids of all ages during your time in Bath.

Roman Baths in Bath, UK

Bath Boating Station

This lovely spot is a great place to take kids that need some time outdoors, and if you want to learn all about punting, you can enjoy the River Avon as you try your hand at this kind of boat navigation. This is a great choice for a more active and outdoorsy event and your kids will have lots of fun with this activity. Boating is a big part of the history of Britain and this kind of leisure boating is intimately connected with the culture of the whole island.

Pulteney Bridge

This lovely bridge that has shops all along its length will remind your kids of the London Bridges rhyme. This is a historical spot that is worth a visit just for the novelty of its design but you can also get a drink and a snack here from the shops along the bridge. Your kids can traverse the bridge and it makes for lovely pictures when you are standing in front of it as well.

Royal Victoria Park

This huge park was opened by the Queen in 1830 and it is 57 acres in size. This is a great place to head for some family quiet time or to let little ones run and play. This is one of the places that you absolutely must visit while you are in Bath, and the lovely landscaping and the peace and quiet will not disappoint. It's also one of the best free things to do in Bath.

Kids can play on ziplines, skate ramps, and play structures here and there are walking trails and other lovely spaces to sit down and have a picnic. Do not visit Bath without making time for Royal Victoria Park.

Spy Mission Treasure Trail

This is one of the various kid-focused mission trails that are offered in cities around the UK. Kids will love that they can solve a "mystery" while they are on the trail and this is a great way to make them engaged with history and help them to be involved as they learn some history.

These little mission trails are affordable and you just have to pick up the story materials before you start your journey. Kids love to be involved in the actions of a story and this is a great chance to help them learn about Bath while having lots of fun.

Things to do in Bath with kids

The Jane Austen Center

This is an all-ages museum adventure, and for teens or kids that have experienced Jane Austen, it will be a treasure trove. This spot will allow your kids to learn more about Bath during the Regency period and you can sit down for afternoon tea here as well. Make sure to check out the Victorian and Georgian clothes on display and learn some more about leisure in the 19th century.

Swoon Gelato

It's usually safe to say that kids like ice cream. This spot is a great place to take kids for a snack and they offer some really wacky flavors for kids to enjoy. There are seasonal varieties on offer here as well and your kids can mix and match oddball flavors to make their own unique ice cream experience. This spot can be a little busy on school holidays, so plan in advance.

Komedia Bath

This spot is a comedy club, but they also host really fun and outrageous pirate parties that kids of all ages will love. This is a crowded and noisy venue but the level of fun that you can have here is second-to-none. These events are full of fun and games opportunities and your kids will have a blast here.

The Royal Crescent

This spot is one of the most frequently photographed places in the UK and it is easy to see why. This is a great example of Georgian architecture, and well worth a gander as you walk through the city. Come here as well to try on Victorian and Georgian dress in the Servants Hall and to learn about history with interactive exhibits in this same spot.

For Jane Austen lovers, this place is heaven on earth but kids of all ages can have fun with the interactive exhibits as well.

Herschel Museum of Astronomy

This is a great choice for kids that love astronomy and science as a whole. This is the spot where Herschel discovered the planet Uranus and there are lots of cool things to see here. You can also pay a small additional fee and enjoy the Amazing Astronomy Quiz Trail with your kids. This is an engaging and very rewarding place to visit and your kids are sure to be entertained.

Sightseeing with kids in Bath

What Are the Best Family Activities in Bath?

There are so many fun things to do in Bath with kids that you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by your options. Make sure that you keep the Herschel Museum of Astronomy on your list of things to do as a family, and make time for Bath City Farm no matter what. You will also want to make a stop in Royal Victoria Park for at least a few hours and head to the Roman Baths.

Most of the best things to do in Bath with kids can be enjoyed through combined tickets, so make sure that you look into getting your Bath City Farm tickets at the same time as you pick up some of the museum tickets that you will need for your trip. Bath Boating Station is another really enjoyable family activity but it can be really busy here during school holidays and you might have trouble getting all of your kids onto the small boats with you if you have a big family.

Activities for kids in Bath


Visiting Bath with kids is really fun and you will have lots of chances to enjoy unique things to do in Bath with kids during your stay. From history to sightseeing to the Roman Baths, there is no shortage of enjoyable fun to be had in this city.

Make sure that you take the time to put your bags into secure storage in Bath when you arrive and then head out to have adventures that you will never forget!

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