How To Get Around Bath

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How to get around Bath, UK

If you have been wondering how to get around Bath during your visit, you will need to use this guide to help you to have the best time possible. There is so much wonderful shopping in Bath and there are also some unmissable things to do at night. Getting around Bath is actually quite easy and you will love that you can navigate this city without challenges.

The first thing that you need to do when you head to Bath is to make sure your bags are safe and out of the way. Head to a Bounce luggage storage in Bath to make things easy on yourself. If you have come into town via the Bath Spa Railway Station, or if you have arrived by car, you will want to be sure that you have your luggage sorted out before you start enjoying adventures around the city.

Bath is so simple to navigate that you will never have to struggle to get around this lovely old city. The town was made to be walkable and you will see why as soon as you set foot off the train. If you have gotten your luggage into secure storage and are ready to start traveling around Bath, you will want to check out your options for public transport in this city.

Cycling in Bath, UK

How to Get Around Bath By Train

The train station is one of the easiest ways to get to Bath but there is not really a train system around the city. This is not one of the bigger cities in the UK, and you will not need to use the train to get around. This is primarily a means to get into the city with ease or to head out from the Bath area to other parts of England.

The train station downtown is really the only train connection into and out of Bath that you will need to use for anything, and this station connects all the way through to London's Paddington Station. The city centre is easily accessed through other means, such as the bus. The railway station is used only as a means to get into Bath and then you can stop traveling by train during your stay.

There are various train stations that you can jump on to reach Bath and you will find that a day trip to Bath by train is an easy adventure to plan. The London Victoria Coach Station will offer you access to a bus ride into the city, but most people will just hop on the train via London Paddington station to just ride the train into the Bath area.

Many people will plan a whole series of adventures throughout the countryside to Bath and Blenheim Palace and The Cotswolds are common stops along the way before ending up in here. For those who have landed at Heathrow Airport, the train is a great way to head down to Bath direct from the airport. This is an easy hop in many ways and there are few changes that need to be made to get from Heathrow Airport to the Bath area.

How to get around Bath by bus

How to Get Around Bath By Bus

First Bus is the primary bus operator in the city and you will want to get a bus pass for your time in Bath. There is also a city sightseeing bus that can be used to navigate the city centre area with ease. So much of the city is walkable that you will likely really only need the bus to head to outlying areas or to go to see the Roman Baths and other locations outside of the middle of town.

Most of the bus stops are easy hop-on and off locations. You will save a little walking time when you ride the bus in the city and you might want to use this method of transportation to break up your day on your feet. Despite the fact that this area is so walkable, buses help you avoid the heat in the summer or give your feet a break if you have been hiking in other areas during the day.

There is a bus station just by the railway station and you can easily get transport on the bus to most of the hotels in the city. This is one of the easiest ways to get out of the train station area and you will save money making the choice to travel around bath by bus rather than by rental car or taxi.

The bus tickets that you have picked up for your stay can also often be used to take you around to other nearby cities. There are lots of easy and short rides to other local cities and places of interest that can be accomplished by bus. The bus system is so easy to navigate and you can readily buy passes and tickets online.

The bus is affordable in Bath and this can be a great way to get around the city from visiting the Bath Abbey to seeing the main tourist attractions if you wish. Many of the bus tours are actually 24 hours a day and there are so many stops that you will be able to jump off the bus when you need to. The bus station locations are also convenient, so you won't struggle to get connected with a bus whenever you want to ride one.

Car rentals and taxis in Bath, UK

How to Get Around Bath By Car

It can actually work well to rent a car or to use ridesharing in this city. There are so many outlying areas that you might want to access without having to get on the bus. If you are not planning to head to many of the places that are linked by bus station locations, you might be able to get away with just using the car park locations around the city to park and walk in to see the sights.

The Central Bath area is so walkable that your car can be parked at the edge of the city and you can explore Bath on foot. This can be a flexible way to head out into the areas that are around Bath and save money on some public transport options that you might not need. There are various car parks in the city as well and you will be able to get your car into parking near the city center fairly easily, except during the busiest summer weekends.

When you visit Bath, you will likely plan to walk to most things, but there are reasons that you might want to leave the city in a car. If you don't want to rent a car to get around, you can easily get a private car or a rideshare to take you around to locations that are a bit farther away. This is a common means of solving this problem for people who are not interested in renting a car but still might need to access the benefits of this kind of travel solution for a part of what they are planning to do.

If you have been wondering if you can enjoy a day trip down to Bath with your rented car, you should have your answer now. There are so many great places to park and enjoy Bath and the surrounding area, and you might be able to get a really good deal on your park and ride situation for your needs. If you are going to stay outside of Bath and visit the city when you have part of the day to devote to sightseeing, this might be your best bet.

Having a car to drive can make it easier to enjoy the main sights that are outside of the city but there is some cost that is associated with park and ride. You might want to check on these costs before you commit to renting a car and then planning to park it near the middle of town on and off during your trip. Bath is not so hard to navigate that you should be intimidated by having your own car for your trip, but you should still consider costs and what other side trips that you want to try before you rent a car. Also, depending on where you're from, in England they drive on the left, so the steering wheel might not be where you expect it to.

Navigating Bath on foot

Can I Get Around Bath on Foot?

Bath is really easy to navigate on foot. Due to the history of the area, the city was built around a city center that is mostly contained. This is a city that is well-organized and you will be able to see almost everything that you want to enjoy when visiting Bath while on foot. The city center holds wonders like the Royal Crescent and the Circus, and you can easily access walking tours in the city for this reason as well.

The Bath skyline tour is a simple bus ride away and you can walk around to see many other things in this area as well. You will be steps away from food, drink, and shopping when you are on foot in Bath, and the cozy nature of the city has been one of its main attractions since the Georgian era.

The top attractions of the city are all clustered near the city center. Even the Bath Abbey is not far from the middle of town. St. John's Place and other shopping streets are all positioned near the middle of the city as well and it's a leisurely walk to Royal Victoria Art Gallery and various parks.

Pretty much anything that you want to see in Bath is a short walk away from the middle of town. Even if you have to hop on a bus briefly to get something, you will not have to ride around on this kind of conveyance for long. Public transport is fairly limited in this city because it just really is not needed for the most part.

Most people use a combination of bus travel for easy hop on and off trips, and walking to get around the city. There is really no reason that you will want to navigate Bath any other way, but you might have plans to take a day trip outside the city that might necessitate that you have a rented car or plan a train ride to another location. Because buses run frequently and well into the evening, you will always have the choice to save your feet and spare yourself some walking if you want during your day.

How to get around Bath


Bath is one of the most walkable places in the UK and you will love that you can wander all day on foot seeing the sights with ease. There are a few places that you might want to enjoy after a brief bus ride, but you might also just want to see where your feet take you during your daily travels. If you have come into the city the easy way, you will have arrived on the train but this is likely the last time that you will ride the train in and around the Bath area.

Bath is very easy to walk around in and you might never need to use any transportation except your feet in this city. Many people do use rideshares and park and ride to be able to get to areas near the city that are also worth checking out. You can balance your need for a car with a few days where you just walk during your trip as well.

If you have been sure to place your luggage in secure storage during your trip, you will be able to walk all around the city with ease and with peace of mind about your bags. There is nothing worse than trying to drag luggage around the city when you would rather just walk and wander around.

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