The 12 Best Museums In Belfast

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The capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast is a buzzing city packed with culture, history, remarkable architecture, shopping opportunities, and industrial prowess. It is the birthplace of the world-renowned Titanic and is famous for its historical sites, such as Belfast Castle, Belfast City Hall, and Peace Walls, which are must-see places for your city experience.

Everywhere you look, there’s history to discover and stories to tell. But there’s probably no better place to revisit the past than the best museums in Belfast. Take a fantastic journey back in time by train or horse-drawn carriages at Ulster Transport Museum, or go to the very place where the RMS Titanic was designed, constructed, and launched. A tour of the infamous Crumlin Road Gaol is also one of the best spots to learn about the history of Northern Ireland.

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Ulster Museum

Located in the idyllic Belfast Botanic Gardens, Ulster Museum is the largest museum in the region and is part of the National Museums Northern Ireland. It has a rich history, dating back to 1929 in an old building and moved to a new location in 1972. Since then, it has provided a unique platform for fresh perspectives, inspiring and encouraging people to look at the world beyond.

Ulster Museum boasts some of the valuable treasures of Northern Ireland that allow visitors to make sense of the past, present, and future. They include impressive collections of art, history, and natural science. Get up close and personal with dinosaurs, Egyptian mummies, and Spanish sailors. See real meteorites, marine life, plants, and different artifacts from various historical periods. There are also interactive displays and specimens you can handle and touch.

Invite your friends and loved ones to Ulster Museum. It can be explored any time between Tuesday and Sunday, from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Location: Botanic Gardens, Belfast BT9 5AB, United Kingdom

Titanic Belfast

No visit to the capital of North Ireland is complete without checking out one of its most famous tourist spots, the Titanic Belfast. It is situated in the heart of the Titanic Quarter, a short walk from the city center, offering the most authentic retelling of Titanic’s story in the place where it was born. The Titanic Experience offers self-guided tours featuring more than nine galleries, while a Discovery Tour allows you to learn how the world-famous shop was constructed.

Dive deep into the RMS Titanic’s history and uncover the legends and myths surrounding the ship’s story. While no original artifacts from the salvaged RMS Titanic’s wreck in 1985 are currently included in the exhibition, it’s still fascinating to see many items of historical and cultural interest at the museum. It includes the Original White Star tableware, Dr. Simpson Letter, the last lunch menu the First Class passengers enjoyed, and more.

Location: 1 Olympic Way, Queen's Road, Belfast, County Antrim, BT3 9EP, United Kingdom

Ulster Folk Museum

Drive a few miles east of Belfast’s city center, and you’ll find Ulster Folk Museum. It’s where you can celebrate daily skills, customs, cultures, and unique traditions passed down over countless generations. Opened in 1964, this living museum allows visitors to get lost in the moment while immersing themselves in the past through an astounding collection of objects and heritage buildings.

Visit Ulster Folk Museum and see how your ancestors once lived over a hundred years ago. The museum’s team of talented and knowledgeable guides, demonstrators, and interpreters will take you on an amazing journey of discovery. Meet historical characters and watch folk activities and demonstrations of traditional crafts, such as wool spinning, forge work, and willow weaving. Ulster Folk Museum is open daily except on Mondays, from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Location: 153 Bangor Road, Cultra, Holywood BT18 0EU, United Kingdom

Crumlin Road Gaol

Dating back to 1845, Crumlin Road Gaol is one of the iconic museums you can find in Belfast. For 150 years, it operated as a working prison until it closed in 1996. The structure was a witness to a troubled period of Irish history. The story it holds was brought to the spotlight when it was renovated and repurposed as the now-enjoyed museum in the city.

You can walk through much history as you enter the premises of Crumlin Road Gaol. Inside, you will feel what it was like to be in the shoes of the 25,000 prisoners who spent their days in prison. To know more, you can take a guided tour to absorb more information about the museum. Aside from being a museum, Crumlin Road Gaol also serves as a venue for concerts, conferences, and other events. This place is open every day from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Location: 53-55 Crumlin Rd, Belfast BT14 6ST

Ulster American Folk Park

The Ulster American Folk Park combines sightseeing and cultural exploration at the open-air museum in Northern Ireland, a short drive from Belfast’s city center. It will take you from the Old World of Ulster to the fascinating New World of America through exhibits, family-friendly activities, and events.

Understand what life was like centuries ago in rural Ulster as you marvel at the traditional farmhouses and stroll through the well-trodden pathways. The Ulster American Folk Park will give you an insight into the life and story of the emigration of Ulster people to North America in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. One of its new exhibitions is Bad Bridget, highlighting the struggles and adversities of girls and women when they migrated from Ireland to North America in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Location: 2 Mellon Rd, Omagh BT78 5QU, United Kingdom

Whitehead Railway Museum

If you're looking for a fun and different activity to enjoy over the weekend, consider visiting the Whitehead Railway Museum. This place was formed in 1964, and for years, it has continued to preserve Irish steam locomotives, rolling stock, and carriages. You will find the museum on the Causeway Coastal Route, just 15 miles from Belfast.

The Whitehead Railway Museum has five exciting galleries brought to life by interactive displays and videos. Aside from the attractions, you can also walk through several carriages and learn how a heritage steam engine works by stepping onto its footplate. There’s also a children's play area where kids can dress in Edwardian clothes and live their imagination. To enjoy this experience, you can visit the museum from Thursday to Saturday, opening at 10:00 AM and closing at 2:30 PM.

Location: Castleview Rd, Whitehead, Carrickfergus BT38 9NA

W5 Belfast

The W5 Belfast Museum is Belfast's award-winning science and discovery center and is the city's pride as it is a place for all ages to enjoy. It has two floors with four exhibition areas with over 250 hands-on exhibits on different learning fields like engineering, medical science, climate change, and nature.

To get this engaging learning experience, you can visit W5 Belfast on its opening days. The center is open the whole week except on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesdays, they open from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, while on Thursdays to Sundays, they open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Location: The Odyssey, 2 Queens Quay, Belfast BT3 9QQ

Museum of Orange Heritage

Another must-visit location in Belfast is the Museum of Orange Heritage, located at Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland's Headquarters. It is an interpretative center that showcases the culture, tradition, and history of the Orange Institution.

The museum focuses on the journey of the Orange Institution, which begins with the Glorious Revolution to the modern day. It also emphasizes Orangeism throughout the world through its wide range of artifacts and fascinating collections displayed.

Location: Schomberg House, 368 Cregagh Road, Belfast, County Antrim, BT6 9EY

HMS Caroline

If you’re looking for an extraordinary museum in Belfast, HMS Caroline is the place to go. It’s the first World War-rea battleship restored in a must-visit floating museum stationed at the historical Alexandra Dock. It’s also the last surviving warship from the Battle of Jutland in 1916, welcoming visitors to experience and witness the highs and lows and unpredictability of life at sea.

Step on board and admire the world-class interactive displays in the Virtual Access Suite, where you can learn about the stories of real people who served on the ship over a century ago. If you need a break while exploring, stop for a bite at the themed café or relax in the picnic area and maritime-themed playpark with your kids.

Location: Alexandra Dock, Queens Rd, Belfast BT3 9DT, United Kingdom

Ulster Transport Museum

People passionate about engineering, technology, and design would no doubt enjoy the Ulster Transport Museum at Cultra, south of Belfast. Become informed about Ulster's transport and social change history since the birth of the modern era.

Entering the Ulster Transport Museum is like celebrating the history of innovation and invention. It houses one of the most comprehensive transport collections in Europe. Here you can explore traditional horse-drawn carriages, vintage motorbikes, Irish-built motorcars, and many more.

If you want to explore the museum, they are open every day, except on Mondays. Opening hours from Tuesday to Friday are from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. On Saturdays and Sundays, they open from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Location: 153 Bangor Rd, Cultra, Holywood BT18 0E

Royal Ulster Rifles Museum

Royal Ulster Rifles Museum features an extensive collection of badges, medals, uniforms, and regimental memorabilia that cover the history of the infantry rifle regiment from 1793 to when it was formed. You can also witness many special exhibits, such as the Peninsular War, the regular and service battalions during the first world war, and many more of the regimental history.

If you want to visit, you don't have to worry about fees since admission is free. The Royal Ulster Rifles Museum is open every Tuesday to Thursday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Location: 5 Waring St, Belfast BT1 2EW, United Kingdom

North Down Museum

If you’re planning a day trip from Belfast, the North Down Museum is a lovely destination just less than half an hour’s drive from the city center. It offers a lot for a small museum nestled in the gorgeous grounds of Castle Park. It tells the story of North Irelands’ history, wildlife, and archaeology through a series of intriguing exhibits and audio-visual displays.

At the North Down Museum, visitors can see samples of archaeological treasures dating from 500 BC, a 9th-century handbell, and the Ballycrochan Swords. They’ll also experience life as a Viking in the longhouse replica. If you want to go further, why not discover the wildlife of Castle Park?

Location: Town Hall, The Castle, Bangor BT20 4BT, United Kingdom

What are the best free museums in Belfast?

It’s great news for history buffs, art lovers, and curious visitors! Many museums in Belfast are free, including the Ulster Museum, allowing anyone to explore its four floors of local and international collections without spending a dime. Entry to the Royal Ulster Rifles Museum is also free. Instead of paying an entrance fee, visitors are encouraged to donate. After you've seen your favorite museums, read our guide to more free things to do in Belfast.

Which are the best museums in Downtown Belfast?

If you’re looking for the best museums in the heart of Belfast, head to its vibrant historic city center, the famous Titanic Quarter. It’s a favorite meeting spot and tourist destination where you’ll find the Titanic Museum, SS Nomadic, and the science museum, W5 Interactive Discovery Centre. They are a short walk from each other, so you can plan a day to explore these cultural sites.

Are there any cheap museums in Belfast?

Don’t worry about having a limited budget on your trip to Belfast. After checking out the free museums in the city, your next stop is the budget-friendly cultural facilities and museums. Consider the museums at the National Museums North Ireland, including the Ulster Folk Museum, Ulster Transport Museum, and Ulster American Folk Park. If not free, they only require a minimum fee for individuals and groups.

Visiting the Best Museums in Belfast

Learn, discover, and deepen your understanding of the past while making sense of the present and future through the top-notch museums in Belfast. Whether you love history or not, you’ll find the permanent and temporary exhibitions, interactive displays, and events fun and enjoyable. Take your family and friends or explore on your own and see what else Belfast has to offer!

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