Best Brunch In Berlin: The Definitive Guide

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Café in Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany, is one of the best cities in Europe for exploring on foot and so before you realize it, you can clock up a good few kilometers walking around before midday. One way to get through a day of sightseeing without your stamina waning is to treat yourself to the best brunch in Berlin.

There are so many good places in Berlin where you can go to refuel on good egg dishes in a beer garden that you may find it difficult to decide exactly where to go. That problem can get even worse if you need to find somewhere that's offering great food that's gluten-free, lactose-free, or is serving properly prepared vegan dishes.

That said though, you'll be pleased to know that many of the best cafes and restaurants for brunch in Berlin understand and cater to all types of special dietary requirements so you won't have to go shopping in Berlin feeling faint from hunger.

To save you time wandering the streets trying to sniff out where to go for your brunch which is somewhere that serves some poached eggs or doesn't use egg yolks in their omelet, we've compiled a definitive guide.

Brunch, as you know is just a good breakfast eaten late, containing a list of the best breakfast spots in Berlin. Read through it and you'll discover that there's much more on the menus in Berlin than bratwurst and sauerkraut. 

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Berlin, Germany

Top Berlin Brunch Spots 

Some of the brunch spots mentioned below are in the city center, but others are not. While having a great brunch place right next to your accommodation is a massive bonus, you shouldn't let it affect your choice of where to stay in Berlin, unless you want to have the same brunch cooked by the same chef and served by the same waiting staff every day.

As the old saying goes, variety is the spice of life and variety is what you'll find on the brunch menus in Berlin. So whatever you're doing when that mid-morning hunger strikes, whether it's visiting some of the best museums in Berlin or walking the Berlin Wall History Mile, make sure you stop for a Berlin brunch as you'll be missing out big time if you just pick up a pre-packed sandwich from the nearest supermarket.

Tucker Brunch Bar

Tucker Brunch Bar is an Australian-owned and inspired breakfast, brunch, and cocktail bar on Wühlischstraße that's one of the great Berlin breakfast outposts. If you've been visiting the Computerspiele Museum, it'll take you a brisk twenty-minute walk or a five-minute cab ride to get there.

Tucker's has a good understanding of what brunch is all about and offers super brunch time items like burrito bowls, avocado toast, scrambled eggs, french toast, and enormous breakfast buns stuffed with all sorts and served with roast potatoes. Tucker's also caters well for folks who want vegetarian meals, require gluten-free dishes, or just want a simple poached egg. At Tuckers they dish up brunch from ten in the morning until three in the afternoon and close on Tuesdays for a well-earned day off.

Café in Berlin, Germany

Die Stulle

If you're planning on spending the afternoon at Berlin's Zoological Garden or trekking through the Tiergarten Park, the Die Stulle is a good choice for brunch before you set off. Die Stulle on Carmerstraße serves an all-day breakfast menu from nine in the morning until late afternoon that is a definite cut above the norm. If you have an occasional breakfast meeting, business or pleasure, and want to impress, then this is the breakfast place to head for.

Die Stulle is renowned for their freshly prepared food including superb sandwiches made with bread baked in-house. They have a superior mixed bread basket, their American breakfast with pancakes, wild garlic, cheese, eggs, and smoked bacon, plus their power bowls.

Father Carpenter

If you're vegan or vegetarian you won't want to miss having a Berlin brunch at Father Carpenter's. Father Carpenter's is a trendy meeting point and an award-winning specialist breakfast-brunch bar on Münstraße which is a couple of streets away from the Alexanderplatz which knows one coffee bean from another.

All of the dishes on Father Carpenter's brunch menu except for one are either vegetarian or vegan oriented. If you're neither, the only breakfast platter they serve containing meat, on their current menu, is a good eggs benedict with pulled pork and chipotle sauce. The same menu is served here all day from nine in the morning until they close the kitchen at four in the afternoon.

Factory Girl

Factory Girl is another highly-rated foodie, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian option for brunch or a late healthy breakfast in Berlin where they serve creative dishes. Open since 2010, Factory Girl is the place to drop by for the health-conscious eater and those who want to tuck into Berlin's trendiest dishes. At Factory Girl, which is on Auguststraße, during their opening hours from ten to four you can gorge on such delights as gluten-free pancakes dosed with fruit and plant-based cream, Spanish-style cracked eggs cooked with potatoes and tomatoes, but no chorizo, eggs with shakshuka and zucchini fritters, all served in a super stylish way.

Berlin, Germany

Mattea – Brunch Cafe and Aperitivo Bar

For a seriously hearty Latin-style brunch in Berlin, that can only be described as breakfast comfort food, you have to go to Mattea's Brunch Cafe and Aperitivo Bar on Frankenstraße. Their very trendy and up-to-date premises are decked out with clean-looking pine furnishing and atmospheric lighting which creates a lovely warm atmosphere to eat in even when the Berlin weather is chilly. Popular brunch dishes here are Mattea's meze plate, shakshuka which is eggs cooked in a spicy tomato sauce and served with ciabatta, and their waffles, which come both savory and sweet treats.

Flamingo Fresh Food Bar

The Flamingo Fresh Food Bar is a trendy cafeteria and one of Berlin's particularly stylish bistros serving high-quality food on Neustädtische Kirchstraße. Centrally located, you'll find the Flamingo Fresh Food Bar super convenient as it’s close to the Friedrichstrasse station, Museum Island, and the Brandenburg Gate.

The all-white décor and polished wood flooring gives the premises a really fresh feel and fresh is how they serve their food. Brunch is served when the breakfast sitting is over, but there's still a little morning sunshine on the go, which is usually from eleven-thirty onwards. As well as delicious grilled sandwiches, soups, and salads, they have special menus for different days of the week. Items that are gluten-free, lactose-free, or vegan are clearly marked on their menu by a numbering system.


Roamers is a classy brunch joint on Pannierstraße which has made its mark in the brunch territory with a small but very select menu that will have you considering getting a Berlin brunch every day of your stay just because of their avocado cream. Housed in a quaint, but somehow totally modern premises with mismatched vintage furniture, the chefs at Roamers create art with their brunch food. If you're a fan of gourmet dish presentation, like tapas-sized genes portions, or fancy yourself as the next Masterchef, then you'll be rushing to get to grips with Roamers' roasted cauliflower taco or wild boar banh mi. While the menu is small, there's plenty of vegetarian and vegan options on it. Don't be too late getting there though as Roamers is only open from ten in the morning until four in the afternoon.

Berlin, Germany

Cafe Anna Blume

Cafe Anna Blume is a great Berlin brunch spot with a relaxed atmosphere that's located on Kollwitzstraße which is just a few minute's walk from the planetarium and the WOW Gallery. You may have to fight your way through the flourishing greenery on the gorgeous terrace to get to a table as this charming cafe is also in part a florist, but it'll be worth the struggle especially if the weather's nice. One of the best brunches here is the mixed cold breakfast platter of which there's a superb vegan version and the breakfast towers for two that they serve until five in the afternoon. They also make incredible cakes.

What Do You Fancy, Love?

What Do You Fancy Love is the place to drop into if you had a heavy night out and need a detox brunch. They have two premises. One is on Knesebeckstraße in western Berlin and the other on Linienstrasse in east Berlin. Their menu doesn't change during the day so no matter what time you call by, you'll be able to sip on a revitalizing smoothie or a superfood shake. The food they serve is health-conscious too so if you want a breakfast plate more substantial than a filled bagel or avocado on rye then this is not the brunch place in Berlin for you.

Route 66 Diner

If the only thing that will satisfy your brunch cravings is a big juicy burger then you need to head for the Route 66 Diner. There is nothing German about this eatery on Pariser Straße which is close to the media museum, CO Berlin. It is one hundred percent American from the booth tables to the gleaming Cadillac to the jukeboxes belting out Elvis tracks. At Route 66 they serve their short brunch menu from eleven until three and have a selection of burgers including a vegetarian choice.

The Reed

The Reed is an upmarket restaurant on Karl-Liebknecht Straße which is conveniently close to the Alexanderplatz square and station. Sunday brunch is a specialty of The Reed and they serve it buffet-style from ten in the morning until four in the afternoon. It's a popular weekend brunch buffet spot in Berlin, so it's advisable to book a table in advance if you can. Whether or not the buffet will be available when you visit Berlin depends greatly on the Covid restrictions at the time. If the buffet is not permitted due to hygiene reasons then The Reed serves an a la carte brunch menu reflecting the usual contents of the buffet spread.

ABC - Allans Breakfast Club and Wine Bar

Drop in at ABC -Allan's Breakfast Club and Wine Bar for a Berlin brunch and as well as delicious food, you'll be met with a warm and cheerful Aussie welcome at the door of this brightly colored, rustically decorated, but homely cafeteria. Located on Rykestraße halfway between the WOW Gallery and the Kollwitzplatz park, Allan's offers stereotype brunch dishes like eggs benedict with smoked salmon, french toast, baked brioches with a variety of fruit, and for those who want to have a liquid brunch,so many creative cocktails like mimosas and bloody marys.

Stilbruch Kaffe

The Stilbruch Kaffe on Revaler is close to both the East Side Wall Museum and the East Side Gallery so an ideal brunch spot if you're visiting either of those. Stilbruch Kaffe's premises are decorated in a stylishly modern, but comfortable way that resembles a Victorian conservatory. Here you can indulge in a brunch of American-style pancakes, a huge cheese and sausage cold plate – or the vegetarian version of it – or a late English breakfast with all the extras. Stillbruch Kaffe also serves power food combinations, a large range of fresh sandwiches, and hot bowls. Their vegetarian choices are excellent too.

Now you know there is a never-ending list of options where you can eat brunch in Berlin. Some that cater for vegans and vegetarians and some that don't. Some that serve revitalizing smoothies and power bowls and others that concentrate more on midday food for the soul that will cure a lingering hangover. Whichever restaurant, bar, or cafeteria you choose to eat brunch in, you can guarantee that in Berlin the food you get will be of a very high standard and exceptionally tasty so take the time to enjoy it then go back another day for more.

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