Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Berlin

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Best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Berlin

If you're cringing at the mere thought the only food they might serve in Berlin is schnitzel and currywurst because you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, you're overreacting. Berlin isn't the third world, but a cosmopolitan city that has a sensational food scene that's well in keeping with modern times and fully understands the need for eateries that break away from the traditional pork-based German diet.

There are not only first-class vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants in Berlin, there are organic vegetarian restaurants too. You won't be limited to meat-free burgers or vegetarian fast food snacks either as a lot of the vegetarian restaurants in Berlin serve dishes that are definitely vegan fine dining options.

While it's not a recent accolade, in 2015 Berlin was named the vegetarian food capital of the world. That's a few years ago now and things have done nothing but improve tenfold since then. The vegetarian cuisine in Berlin is prepared with only the best fresh ingredients by chefs who understand what vegetarian and vegan food are all about. You'll even come across some spicy international variations on dishes that will have you lining up for more.

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Fine dining vegetarian restaurants in Berlin

Great Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants In Berlin

1990 Vegan Living

What it's like:

While this vegan restaurant in Berlin may be named after a year that's long gone, it's certainly not behind the times in any way, shape, or form and serves some of the best vegan food in the city. In truth, 1990 Vegan Living on the city's Krossener Street brings to the table a modern take on vegan Vietnamese dishes that is worth going out of your way for even if you're not vegan.

1990 Vegan Living is housed in a smart building that doesn't immediately scream Asian food as the décor has the clean, contemporary lines often associated with modern German restaurants. Simple, colorful, and uncluttered is probably the best way to describe its interior. The pavement tables are great for outdoor meals so long as you don't mind being a little short of space.

The ethos of 1990 Vegan Living is to serve food as it would be in a Vietnamese home, so all plates of food like tofu curry, dumplings, rice, and crunchy Vietnamese warm tofu salads seasoned with soy are placed in the middle of the table ready to be shared. If you're looking for some of the best vegan food Berlin has to offer, you've found it.

Our recommendation:

Bring some friends and get ready to make new ones - sharing is caring at this restaurant.


Krossener Strasse 19, Berlin

Geh Veg 

What it's like:

If you find yourself wandering around Berlin in the summer desperate for vegan ice cream, you'll find one if you go to Geh Veg on Birkenstrasse.

Soy-based ice cream is just one of the delights they serve at this hip vegan cafe, so treat yourself to a snack or main course first. Don't leave it too late in the day though as during the week they close at four in the afternoon.

This is one of Berlin's top vegan brunch spots. Get here early and make the most of the heaving breakfast plates loaded with puffed rice, non-dairy yogurt, fresh fruit, and superb vegan pastries.

Our recommendation:

The vegan ice cream is the calling card of this restaurant and is the ideal Berlin summer treat.


Triftstrasse 37, Berlin

Vegetarian food in Berlin

Ataya Cafe

What it's like:

There are fusion foods and then there are fusion foods. At the Ataya Cafe on Berlin's Zelterstrasse, you may well have your first introduction to Afro-Italian. It's not a common combination, but one that definitely tempts you to try it, and the good news is, it's an entirely vegan cafe.

.Just like their vegan food, the décor of Ataya Cafe's premises is a mishmash of different styles though, with the dark wood furnishing and multi-colored throws, it seems more African than Italian. It's comfortable, casual and a nice spot to enjoy a relaxed meal.

Specialties of the house here are hearty bowls of spicy Senagalese vegetable stew, jollof rice dishes, and fried plantains with a dip. The Italian dishes consist of homemade fresh vegan pasta in a variety of forms and with vegan fillings or sauces. That Italian classic hasn't been forgotten either so here you can get a vegan pizza topped with vegan cheese. While Afro-Italian may seem like a strange combination of cuisines, it actually really works.

Our recommendation:

The pizza here is unique, so definitely worth a try.


Zelterstrasse 6, Berlin

Veggie & Vega

What it's like:

You may well start to be noticing by now that vegan food in Berlin doesn't have much of a German influence. Veggie and Vega are another of the city's vegan-friendly restaurants that use international flavors to make outstanding vegan food.

Veggie and Vega is located on the city's Bergmannstraße in a no-fuss, no-frills premises where green is the color theme of the day. The restaurant is actually named after one of Berlin's top vegan and vegetarian online publications so you know whatever you get, it's going to be good.

The dishes served at Veggie and Vega are heavily influenced by South Indian cuisine. so if you're a curry fan you won't want to miss dropping by here when you visit Berlin.

Our recommendation:

If you want to really spoil yourself go for the vegan thali which is a combination of five different curries in individual bowls served with basmati rice. It's sumptuously tasty and they provide both lunch and dinner options as well as an e-bike home delivery service.


Bergmannstrasse 27, Berlin

Eating vegetarian in Berlin


What it's like:

Kopps is quite possibly one of the best vegan restaurants in Berlin as far as their reputation for elegant food and drinks is concerned.

Kopps occupies a contemporary space in an urbanized area of the city on a street named Linienstrabe. If you want a vegan fine dining experience, this is where you need to be. The menu at Kopps isn't a big one, but every item on it has Michelin star quality taste and presentation.

At Kopps you can choose between five to seven dishes from their tasting menu and have each item paired with great wine to go with it if you want to. Naming the dishes here isn't going to do the final products justice by a long way, but to give you an idea, expect creative dishes like artichoke with kochia scorparia seeds and salted lemon or beech mushroom with leek kombucha and chickpeas.

Our recommendation:

Take your credit card. This vegan restaurant doesn't come cheap.


Linienstrasse 94, Berlin

Lucky Leek

What it's like:

Lucky Leek is definitely one of the best vegan restaurants in Berlin and while it may not, so far, have a star, it is mentioned in the Michelin guide so big kudos to them for that achievement. It's well-deserved too.

Luck Leek is a trendy vegan restaurant with a modern, but comfortable interior décor on Kollwitzstraße in Berlin. Lucky Leek concentrates on producing vegan delights with a truly authentic taste that are incredibly inventive dishes that culminate in a truly exceptional dining experience. Plus, they offer a great wine menu alongside their tasting menu so here you get the best of both worlds.

Our recommendation:

At Lucky Leek, you can enjoy flavorsome vegan spreads like black bean hummus with coriander oil, a rich and tasty barley mushroom risotto, and cauliflower dumplings before finishing with the sugary sweet heaven of a vegan rhubarb cheesecake. Delicious desserts don't get much better than that.


Kollwitzstrasse 54, Berlin

Best plant-based restaurants in Berlin

Hum Vegan Cuisine

What it's like:

Hum Vegan Cuisine, a vegan restaurant on Berlin's Raumerstrasse, worships the human spirit as much as they do vegan food. Do they make vegan pizza or a truly amazing vegan burger? No, they don't.

This vegan restaurant serves Vietnamese food in a restaurant that has a real Zen vibe. Think pictures of Buddha, and statues of Buddha plus a few smoking incense sticks and you'll imagine the right image.

Ingredients used in the making of the dishes served at Hum are selected as much for their health benefits as they are for taste. Here you can dive into dishes like bitter gourd soup garnished with slices of crispy lotus root, rice rolls flavored with ground sweetcorn root, and cucumber noodles in golden berry sauce.

Our recommendation:

There's lots more on the menu at Hum and everything has that undeniable feel-good factor. The bonus? Even their decadent and delicious desserts, while they're not vegan ice cream, are all good for you.


Raumerstrasse 38, Berlin


What it's like:

Samadhi is not about boasting they're the best vegan restaurant in Berlin. They've been serving great vegan food since they opened way back in 1994, but is that experience enough to let them lay claim to the number one position as one of the best vegan restaurants in the city?

The statement may be fair enough; they do prepare some amazing vegan Thai food that you won't find on the menu in many other places. As Samadhi is open seven days a week from midday until 11 pm and is located right in the city center on Wilhelmstrasse, it's the sort of place you can drop into for an eclectic vegan brunch if you enjoy mushrooms and chunks of tomatoes drenched in soy sauce thrown in a bowl and masquerading as soup for breakfast.

Our recommendation:

Rice and spring roll dishes are good here, so if you go, don't miss giving them a try.


Wilhelmstrasse 77, Berlin

Best vegan restaurants in Berlin

Lia's Kitchen

What it's like:

If after reading this far you're starting to despair because there's been no mention of vegetarian or vegan junk food, don't worry. It's on its way.

Lia's Kitchen on Berlin's Kollwitzstrabe is an attractive looking, bare brick and stained wood, vegan fast food joint that specializes in appetite satisfying, hefty veggie burgers made from ingredients like seitan, quinoa, lentils, and various types of mushrooms. Not all in the same burger though, so don't get too excited.

Just to keep your fast food even more mouth-watering, at Lia's they also knock out some amazing BBQ pulled jackfruit burgers, incredible grilled cheese sandwiches, and great sweet potato fries smothered in a creamy vegan cheese sauce. 

While all of those are literally vegan junk food classics, you won't have to feel guilty about indulging yourself if you accompany your vegan burger with a quinoa mushroom salad or one of the vegetable-packed smoothies served at Lia's.

Our recommendation:

Sometimes, nothing beats a hearty burger. The pulled jackfruit offers a taste of the southern USA in the heart of Berlin.


Kollwitzstrasse 47, Berlin


What it's like:

If you're one of the unfortunate that is blessed with a sweet tooth and are craving vegan desserts, the vegan cafe called Maria on Falckensteinstraße is one you'll want to sniff out when you're in Berlin.

Maria doesn't believe in providing a fine dining experience. This place, and its shabby-chic décor, is all about comfort food in the form of pretty incredible vegan cakes. They also serve other forms of junk food like hot dogs sandwiched between the two halves of a roll made from locally baked bread topped with fried onions and vegan ketchup. Do they make hot dog soup? Does anyone? If they did, it probably isn't something that should be included in vegan diets.

At Maria, they don't serve the usual cafe fare, so when you want colorful breakfast plates loaded with goodies or a couple of vegan donuts with a cup of organically grown coffee, they've got you covered. 

Our recommendation:

The vegan cakes are definitely a standout here.


Falckensteinstrasse 37, Berlin

Best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Berlin


Now you know that in Berlin they cater to most vegan diets, you can stop worrying as you'll have no problem whatsoever finding something decent to eat. You won't need to resort to a street food market or to buying vegan groceries and eating in your room either. In Berlin, you'll be able to sit down in a great cafe or elegant restaurant and enjoy a meal of vegetarian dishes in super surroundings prepared just the way you like them.

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