8 romantic restaurants in Berlin for the best date night

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Romantic restaurants in Berlin

When you're planning a romantic evening, the last thing you want to see on the menu of your chosen restaurant is bratwurst and sauerkraut. They may be delicious dishes in their own right and great for the right occasion, like Oktoberfest, but they're definitely not date night food.

You don't want to find yourself somewhere with peeling wallpaper either, but rather somewhere with a little old-world charm that has a fantastic head chef with a great signature dish, whether that be buttered fish or crunchy sushi rolls. Unintrusive but top-notch table service helps to create the right romantic atmosphere too. 

That doesn't mean you have to dine somewhere that has two Michelin stars. There are plenty of romantic restaurants in Berlin that don't have Michelin stars but are still perfect for a special occasion. A romantic setting, good quality food, and an interesting but not over-priced wine list are the details that come together, like a well-practiced recipe, to make your date night a success. 

Here's a quick tip. Don't spoil that all-important first impression by turning up at one of the best romantic restaurants in Berlin laden with bags. Cupid will probably flee the scene before you've even sat down if you do. Leave any bags that are surplus to requirements at a Bounce luggage storage facility in Berlin. That way, during your romantic dinner, you'll be able to play footsie under the table with your date rather than with your excess belongings.

Berlin's most romantic restaurants

Toca Rouge

Its beautiful ambient lighting makes Toca Rouge one of the most romantic restaurants in Berlin. The way this restaurant is illuminated with dim but colorful lighting makes it the perfect setting for a romantic evening.

Be prepared for an eyebrow-raising experience while reading the menu at Toca Rouge. It's provocative, to say the least, so if you're shy or a bit of a prude, this might not be the right restaurant choice for you.

At Toca Rouge, you'll be able to offer your guest a Deep Throat Avocado starter or get your message across to a vegan date by ordering My Tofu Concubine. Then again, that might not be quite the right way to get a new romance off the ground, so save it for a future date when you've gotten to know each other better.

Our recommendation

Scrabble Patrick, which is a creation of salmon tartare, that’s raw fish topped with wasabi and quail egg. Follow that with some Sticky Orange Love Pudding, and you could be in for an interesting evening.


Torstrasse, 195

Price level


The most romantic restaurants in Berlin

Restaurant Facil

The Restaurant Facil at the Mandala Hotel is the place to go for that special occasion when you really want to impress. In their own words, it's an oasis of culinary extravagance, and it's one that has been awarded not one Michelin star but two.

The dining room of the Restaurant Facil is posh, for want of a better word, so you'll need to be dressed to the nines to feel at home sitting by the floor-to-ceiling windows at a table swathed in a pristine white cloth. If you're messy when you eat, this place will probably help improve your table manners as you’ll be totally paranoid about spilling something. During the warmer months, they open a rooftop terrace for dining. It's an excellent spot and a little more relaxed than the formal dining room.

They don't have a food menu at Facil, but rather a gourmet menu of dishes like caviar with cauliflower and scallops with pistachio and parsnip. The plates are small, so you probably won't be full even if you go for the eight-course tasting menu.

Our recommendation

Go for the eight courses, and you'll get to eat everything on the menu. Add a wine pairing to it, and you'll be looking at a date night bill of around €400 a head. Gourmet doesn't come cheap in Berlin, especially when you dine at one of the city's best restaurants.


Potsdamer Strabe, 3

Price level

$$$$$ +

Best romantic food spots in Berlin

Tulus Lotrek

If you like flock wallpaper, pine flooring, and candles, then you may find Tulus Lotrek to be one of the most romantic restaurants in Berlin. You won't need to whisper sweet nothings to your date as the tables are far enough to be able to have a normal volume conversation without being overheard. That's great as it saves that embarrassing sorry, what did you say moment from occurring.

Tulus Lotrek has recently been awarded its first Michelin star, so fine dining is guaranteed. Although eating off pebbles and trays of sand isn't to everyone's taste, the culinary presentations make sure the food is as artsy as the French painter the restaurant is named after.

Our recommendation

Here they only serve a tasting menu made with fresh seasonal produce, so you won't know what you'll be getting for dinner until you're there. It will be delicious, though, and there's no doubt about it.


Fichtestrasse, 24

Price level



What makes the Skykitchen one of the most romantic restaurants in Berlin isn't its contemporary and somewhat basic décor. There's not a lot of fuss and frills here, but the views of the city from its windows are breathtaking.

This 12th-floor restaurant is located in the Vienna House Hotel and promises to take you on a culinary voyage. It will be a good one, as Skykitchen also has a Michelin star. While that may make it sound ultra-posh, keep in mind that most of the unique furnishings, like the velvet sofas and copper wall decorations, came from a local flea market.

This is a low-level fine dining experience created by one of Berlin's top chefs, Alexander Koppe, who has lovingly put together several tasting menus that also pay homage to the city.

Our recommendation

Unless you're taking two other couples with you on your date night, you'll only be able to choose between one or the other tasting menu. Each menu consists of six courses of delicious food, but there are 12 dishes on each menu, and both have vegetarian options. Book in advance and ask for a window seat. It's worth it.


Landsberger Allee, 106

Price level


Date night restaurants in Berlin

Steakhaus 1775

Dining outside makes for a romantic evening, but in Berlin, it's something you can't do all year round. If you have a summertime date night, then make the most of it and go to Steakhaus 1775. The rustic timber patio of this restaurant is surrounded by trees, and they illuminate it after dark with hundreds of night lights to create a really romantic atmosphere.

As well as being undeniably romantic, Steakhaus 1775 is one of the best restaurants in Berlin for a more casual evening. An evening meal inside this historic premises when it's cold outside is great, too, as there are lots of intimate spots where you can get away from everyone else, so don't cross it off your list.

While the food offerings here are mostly focused on steak that they cook on lava stones. But there are other dishes on the menu, like burgers and ribs, plus a varied choice of sides. After your meal, you can always take a romantic stroll by the famous Kreuzberg Canal which is right nearby. 

Our recommendation

Don't take your date here if they're a vegetarian. It won't go down too well if all they get to eat is fries and a side of sauerkraut.


Hauptstrasse, 2

Price level


Restaurants in Alexanderplatz

Revolving Restaurant Sphere

The Revolving Restaurant Sphere in Alexanderplatz is literally a romantic restaurant that's way above many other romantic restaurants in Berlin, and that's because it's at the top of the Berlin TV Tower. You'll have a unique date night experience here as the dining room looks out over Berlin from a height of over 200 meters, and if that isn't enough, it revolves through 360 degrees while you're eating. If your date turns out to be boring, don't worry. The panoramic views will more than compensate for the bad company.

The food menu at this restaurant won't drive you wild, but there are a few good dishes on it, like pumpkin cappuccino soup and venison roulade. There are several more vegetarian options too, but the added bonus is that while the location and views are seriously impressive, the prices are pretty down to earth.

Our recommendation

The cod with mustard sauce served with carrots and a pea puree is light but tasty, and you'll have enough room left to finish off with a chocolate volcano. The wine list isn’t overly exciting, so drink in the romantic view instead.



Price level


Zur Haxe

When in Berlin, do as the locals do and have a romantic evening Bavarian style. To do that, you'll need to go to Zur Haxe, where the waitresses wear dirndls, and the waiters wear lederhosen. This restaurant's premises are decorated in a Bavarian-style too. Here you can share a wooden bench with your date, which is a good excuse for getting closer than you would if you sat on the opposite side of the table.

There's no denying that the food at Zur Haxe leans more toward hearty home cooking than it does fine dining, but there's nothing wrong with that. Many a romance has blossomed over roast pork and potato dumplings. If you want to appear a little more refined, go for the duck with cherry sauce or the schnitzel.

Our recommendation

Avoid ordering the pork knuckle soup. It tastes delicious, but chewing on a huge bone isn't going to win you many points with your date.


Erich-Weinert Straße, 128

Price level

Romantic restaurants with a view in Berlin


You'll have a spicy date night if you book a table at Vedis. This Indian restaurant ranks on this list of most romantic restaurants in Berlin for its colorful interior and Buddha statues, which add a really calming vibe to any romantic dinner.

You can have an icebreaker cocktail here to get the date started on the right foot, as the restaurant has its own cocktail bar. They have a generous happy hour, too, which soon puts paid to any date night nerves. You'll probably need something refreshing to sip while you eat, as this place is renowned for its authentic Indian spice mixes. If your date stops talking, it's probably because their tongue is on fire.

The selection of Indian food they serve at Vedis is almost endless, and they have a huge selection of vegetarian dishes too. If that's not enough and you have a particular favorite that's not on their menu, all you have to do is ask for it, and they'll make it.

Try to make sure your date doesn't feel forgotten while you're reading through the menus at Vedis. There are individual ones for each different type of meat, for rice, fish, tandoori, vegans, salads, soups, and side dishes, not to mention the menu of the day. After browsing the menus, you'll know your way around Indian cuisine, and that's a fact.

Our recommendation

The Kadahi Ghosht, which is a piquant lamb dish flavored with peppers and ginger. If you're not into spice, then just ask for a piece of steamed buttered fish. It's pretty unadventurous but still nice.


Schonhauser Allee, 142

Price level



A date night in Berlin doesn't have to be all about going to one of the city's most romantic restaurants. There's a fantastic street food scene in Berlin, too, so if you're short on cash, give that a go instead. If you still want to make your date special, then either start or end the night in one of Berlin's rooftop bars. The drinks are always amazing, and the twinkling of the city lights will make up for any lack of candles on the table.

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