11 Unmissable Things To Do In Birmingham At Night

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The Arena in Birmingham, UK

Birmingham is a city that has come a long way over the years. Once the industrial heart of the British Empire, the city suffered from Britain's industrial decline and from the ravages of war. But in the postwar period, Birmingham's industrial base saw a shift toward the service sector as the city centre was revitalized. Now, the rejuvenated city centre is known as one of the best places to have fun anywhere in the UK.

With outstanding museums, great cultural attractions, plenty of green space, and a lively atmosphere, Birmingham has something to offer just about everyone. And if you're the kind of person who really comes alive when the sun goes down, you'll be pleased to hear that the same is true of Birmingham, too. There's no shortage of fun things to do in the UK's second city once night falls. So drop off your bags with Bounce luggage storage in Birmingham and get ready to enjoy everything it has to offer.

Things to do at night in Birmingham

Digbeth Dining Club

For a long time, the inner-city neighborhood of Digbeth was known as a place to avoid. The stomping ground of the famous Peaky Blinders crime gang, Digbeth was a byword for urban blight and industrial squalor. But the city of Birmingham has gone through an incredible regeneration in the last few decades, and Digbeth has been at the forefront of that. Now, as is so often the case, what was once one of the worst neighborhoods in the city has become one of its coolest and most fashionable.

One of the standout things to do in Birmingham at night takes place in Digbeth. Digbeth Dining Club has been operating since 2012 and has become one of the city's biggest street food celebrations. Taking place once a month, Digbeth Dining Club brings together some of the city's top chefs and food trucks to celebrate the delicious side of Birmingham. The festival also draws street performers and musicians who entertain the hungry crowds, creating a great atmosphere to enjoy street food. Without question, this is the place to find the best street food in Birmingham, and an excellent experience to have at night in Birmingham.

Custard Factory

If you're hoping to visit a factory pumping out the sweet yellow treat known as custard, prepare for disappointment. Birmingham's Custard Factory, located in Digbeth, doesn't produce custard, but it does produce some of the most lively and interesting cultural events in the city.

The Custard Factory occupies 15 acres of restored Victorian factories and warehouses, a legacy from the city's industrial past. When it's not hosting Digbeth Dining Club, the Custard Factory puts on a variety of events from live theater to musical performances. The area is also home to trendy boutiques and quirky stores, plus some great restaurants and bars. In short, you could spend the whole evening at this one location and still not exhaust everything it has to offer.

Live music in Birmingham

Broad Street

Lying within walking distance of Birmingham city centre and New Street Station, Broad Street has everything you need for a fantastic night out. This is the epicenter of Birmingham nightlife, and the restaurants, bars, and clubs in and around this famous street offer some of the most exciting things to do in Birmingham at night. Enjoy a few drinks at one of the many cocktail bars in the area or sink a few pints at a local pub. A pub crawl down Broad Street is as classically Birmingham an evening activity as you could possibly find, and it will bring you into contact with both local partiers and visiting night owls.

You'll also find plenty of hotels catering to the tourist crowd in and around Broad Street, so if you're wondering where to stay in Birmingham that will keep you close to the heart of the action, this is your answer.

Birmingham Symphony Hall

If the raucous atmosphere of Broad Street is a little too rowdy for you, or you just prefer something a bit more sophisticated, why not enjoy some classical music at Birmingham Symphony Hall? Located close to the city centre, this 2000 seat concert venue is the home of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.

Opened in 1991, the hall is reputed to have the best acoustics in the whole of the UK, making it an excellent place to enjoy music at its finest. And if you're not a fan of classical, don't worry. Plenty of other performances take place at Symphony Hall, including rock music, dance, comedy, and just about everything else. With around 270 events taking place each year at Symphony Hall, it's virtually certain that whenever you choose to visit, there'll be something worth checking out going on.

Gay Village

This neighborhood may not have the most subtle name in the world, but at least you know what you're in for. Birmingham's Gay Village is the home of the city's LGBTQ community and is a lively place to visit at any time of year. However, this is especially true in May, when the neighborhood comes to life for the city's Pride celebration.

This is where you'll find most of Birmingham's gay bars, and many of them host club nights and other events that are sure to give you a lively introduction to the community. Spending some time in the Village is guaranteed to be great fun, and you'll be helping to support a sometimes marginalized community at the same time.

Evening activities in Birmingham, UK

Arena Birmingham

Arena Birmingham is one of the city's top venues for the performing arts. With over 15,000 seats inside, this is the third-largest indoor arena in the UK. The list of famous artists who have performed here is like a roll call of the stars of popular culture, and the arena also hosts some of the top sporting events in the country. Keep an eye on the schedule to see what's happening at the Arena when you're in town; chances are good that you'll find something you want to see.

Glee Club

As a large city, Birmingham isn't short of venues where you can enjoy comedy shows. One of the best is the Glee Club, located in the city centre just a few minutes' walk from the Bullring. Opened in 1994, this was the first purpose-built comedy club in the UK outside of London, and in the years since, it has hosted all the biggest names in British comedy along with many touring international stars.

As well as comedy, the club sometimes hosts musical, spoken word, and other performances. It also operates a well-regarded restaurant, so you can enjoy a meal while you take in a show and really enjoy your evening out in Birmingham.

Birmingham Repertory Theatre

Located next to Birmingham library in the heart of the city, Birmingham Repertory Theatre is the best-regarded and most popular out of all of Birmingham's many theaters. The Rep, as it is affectionately known, has been part of the city's cultural landscape since 1913. However, the theater underwent a major renovation in the 21st century, reopening in its current incarnation in 2013.

Nowadays, the theatre is divided into three separate venues ranging in size from 140 seats to 825 seats. This makes it ideal for hosting everything from large-scale traveling productions to intimate performances by up-and-coming talents. The Rep may have been around a long time, but it has a reputation for being one of the most innovative and forward-looking theatre companies in the UK, often hosting productions that surprise and challenge audiences in the city.

Check out the Rep's schedule while you're in town and see there's a performance that appeals to you.

Best things to do in Birmingham at night

Flight Club

Birmingham isn't exactly short of bars, so if you want to stand out in the city, you need a unique angle. Flight Club, located right in Birmingham city centre, has found that angle by providing the city's only fairground-themed bar.

This fun bar is known for social darts. You and your friends will be able to take over a semiprivate dartboard and play a variety of different dart-based games that will keep you entertained. Flight Club is also known for serving excellent pizza and has a variety of craft beers on tap as well as a good selection of cocktails and wines. It all goes along with the unusual decor to provide a unique and exciting place to spend an evening and enjoy one of the best things to do in Birmingham at night.

Jam House

There are few better ways to spend an evening that enjoying some live music. Stop in at Jam House in Birmingham's popular Jewellery Quarter, and you'll be able to enjoy some of the best jazz in the city. Local acts rub shoulders with big-name touring groups and artists to provide a great atmosphere, and you're bound to discover something new here.

Plus, Jam House offers more than just jazz to enjoy. This intimate club hosts everything from ska to reggae to rock to rap, so go with an open mind and you're sure to be entertained. Jam House also has a popular balcony restaurant so you can get a meal while you enjoy the show and experience some of the best of Birmingham's nightlife.

Birmingham City Centre at night

Brindley Place

With so many great places to enjoy a drink in Birmingham, it can be hard to choose where to spend your time. One of the best options is to pick an area of the city and spend your evening exploring it more in-depth. Broad Street is a popular choice for those who want to enjoy a rowdy atmosphere, but Birmingham also has several other places that are worth checking out once the sun falls.

Brindley Place is most definitely one of those. The tree-lined streets and renovated warehouses and factories along the quiet canals make this one of the most atmospheric locations in the whole city. And at night, the area comes alive with trendy bars and restaurants that offer a surprising variety of different atmospheres. You could drink in a German beer hall, enjoy a stylish waterside cocktail lounge, or relax in a classic British pub, all without leaving this revitalized district.

Brindley Place is also home to some of the city's major attractions such as the National Sea Life Aquarium and Ikon Gallery, and these institutions often host evening programs where you can enjoy art or experience nature in less crowded surroundings. Brindley Place offers many of the best things to do in Birmingham at night all in one small area, so it's definitely a place you need to explore if you get the chance.

Birmingham at night


Birmingham may be the UK's second city, but this industrial town has often been overshadowed not only by London but by other big cities like Manchester, Liverpool, and Edinburgh. However, Birmingham's late 20th-century revitalization has changed the city forever and made it a place that more and more people choose to visit for fun.

Birmingham's nightlife has come a long way from the days when a pint of lager at the local pub was the best you could hope for. Now, the city is home to concerts, major sporting events, cultural activities, and intriguing bars and restaurants that rival any in the country. Drop off your bags at a Bounce luggage storage and you'll be ready to explore the intriguing nightlife of Birmingham. Who knows? Once you've seen for yourself all the city has to offer, you may begin planning your return visit before you even finish the first one.

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