Fenway Park Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Fenway Park, Boston, USA

Established in 1912, Fenway Park is the oldest major league ballpark in the country and so it comes with something of a pedigree. It can seat just short of 38,000 fans and is, of course, home to the famous Boston Red Sox. Major League enthusiasts fondly refer to the stadium as the country’s ‘most beloved ballpark.’ 

The park isn’t just about baseball either. It frequently hosts soccer matches and big-name ice hockey games, as well as large patriotic events, so check out what is happening when you prepare for your visit. 

Its superb position also makes Fenway a great base from which to explore some of Boston’s other highlights. Drop off your bags at a luggage storage facility and then head for the Museum of Fine Arts, the famed Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum or even just walk the Boston Common. They are all within easy strolling distance.

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Fenway Park, Boston, MA

Fenway Park bag policy

You won’t be allowed into the park with a bag that is larger than 5 x 9 x 2 inches. You also will be unable to bring in glass containers or hard-sided coolers. 

Fortunately, you can drop off your baggage at Bounce’s Fenway Park luggage storage depot. From there you will be free to roam unhindered. You will need to book online in advance, but this only takes a matter of minutes.

The facility offers up to $10,000 of protection cover, so you will have complete peace of mind as you enjoy the city or the ballpark. 

Fenway Park food policy

You are not able to bring your own food into the ballpark. You are free to bring in water, provided it is in bottles of less than 16 ounces, and not in a glass container or a can. Don’t let this restriction alarm you. When it comes to food, you are spoiled for choice in the park itself. 

Concessions in the stadium will offer you everything from peanuts through to lobster rolls, and all options can be washed down with a choice of beers or soft drinks. Lobster is synonymous with Boston but if shellfish is not to your taste, then how about a portion of “slammin’ onion”?

Fenway Park camera policy

You are welcome to bring a camera providing it is not a professional recording rig. Although you are encouraged to take videos and photos as a memento of your visit, you are not permitted to record events for replay purposes. Your equipment should not interfere with other spectators’ enjoyment of the game.

If you are carrying a large bag for your photographic kit, it will not be allowed into the stadium if it falls outside of the 16 x16 x8 inch restrictions. You can avoid this becoming an issue by simply storing your kit bag in one of the nearby locker facilities near Fenway Park.

Getting there

For ease of access, you can’t beat the subway. Follow the green line and take the C, D, or B train to Kenmore, or take the D train to Fenway. You are now just minutes away. There is car parking in the vicinity starting from $10, but expect major traffic jams for big games. Another option is the MBTA and getting off at either Brookline Avenue or Yawkey Way, both of which are right in front of the park.

Fenway Park rules

  • Fenway Park puts the safety of its patrons at the top of its priority list. With this in mind, you will not be allowed to bring any weapons into the park. This includes knives, box cutters, and guns.
  • It should be noted that the restriction on firearms applies equally to licensed gun holders and off-duty policemen.
  • Visitors need to be aware of flying balls that get slammed into the stands on occasions.
  • Please keep cell phone calls private and respect the environment by removing your litter.

Fenway Park lockers

Fenway Park has a locker truck located by Gate E and, within just a few minute’s walk from the stadium, you can find easy access to five Bounce luggage storage locations.

Being free from having to haul your cumbersome baggage will help you to better enjoy this historic ballpark and the iconic city within which it is so conveniently situated. Once you discover all that Fenway Park and the historic city has to offer, you may well feel inclined to extend your stay.

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