Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Brisbane

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Vegetarianism is not new in Australia and rapidly growing in Brisbane. So if you’re wondering if it’s easy for anyone with a dietary requirement to find delicious dining options in the Queensland capital, don’t worry! Veggie lovers can rejoice knowing there are plenty of excellent vegetarian and vegan food options in this laid-back city.

Many vegetarian restaurants in Brisbane, fast-food chains, and companies go out of their way to avoid using animal ingredients whenever possible. If you need to cook or prepare your food during your stay, you’ll discover various vegan and vegetarian brands in the supermarket. Everything, from vegan sauces and biscuits to breakfast cereals, alternative milk products, and vegan cheese, is available for meat-free customers.

Whether you’re a dedicated vegan, full-time vegetarian, or certified meat-lover, you’ll definitely enjoy dining in Brisbane as restaurants continue to go the extra mile to make plant-based food fresh and flavorful. But before exploring the neighborhoods for some delightful vegetarian and vegan dishes, store your bags safely at a luggage storage facility in Brisbane. It’s the best way to dine without worrying about where to put your extra bags or dragging them around.


What’s it like:

Serving tasty vegetarian dishes in Brisbane for over 20 years, Govinda’s Restaurant offers healthy casual dining experiences to its customers. It serves affordable and authentic Hare Krishna food in the central business district and West End areas, with online order and take away choices. It may not be the most luxurious spot to eat in the city, but its food is undoubtedly filling and satisfying.

Don’t come to the restaurant expecting coffee, alcohol, or tea. Instead, you’ll get fruit juices, organic ginger beers, coconut water, and lemonade for drinks. For a meal to enjoy later, you can order ready-made frozen dishes that can last for a week. Although Govinda’s is a vegetarian restaurant, it also has great vegan options and gluten-free meals you can try.

Our recommendation:

Try the large feast meal with mixed vegetable curry, salad, savory vegetable puffs, and jasmine rice. But if you’re not too hungry, you can order the regular feast meal that doesn’t come with the salad of the day. There are also best-selling specials, such as lasagne, spinach and feta roll, and koftas.


358 George Street, Brisbane City; 82 Vulture Street, West End

Grassfed Vegan

What’s it like:

Are you craving some vegan burgers? Head to South Brisbane and check out the famous vegan burger place called Grassfed. As an all-vegan burger shop, expect everything to be plant-based and healthy without sacrificing taste and flavor.

Their menu may be small, with six burger options and five side dishes, but they take every vegan food that comes out of their kitchen seriously. The vegan burgers are made with quality vEEF burger patties (vegan beef), vegan cheese, bacon, egg, and other meat-free ingredients. There’s also a limited range of specials that regularly change so you can try something new every time.

Besides the burger, you can order comfort foods like crispy buffalo cauliflower and loaded fries. For dessert, they have vegan ice cream and smoothie shakes.

Our recommendation:

Grassfed is a pretty popular restaurant, but it isn’t very spacious, with only about five tables. So don’t be surprised to find a line outside waiting to be served delicious burgers. You’ll have to arrive early when planning to visit.


67 Fish Ln, South Brisbane QLD

You Came Again

What’s it like:

You’ll visit once and definitely come back for more at You Came Again, the first vegan tapas bar in Brisbane. Situated at the end of West End among a line of historic shops in the area, this vegan restaurant and bar offer festive tapas to satisfy your hunger. It includes vegan pesto stuffed mushrooms, beetroot carpaccio with dill capers, vegan meatballs with romesco sauce, Asian-style sesame green beans, and more.

Everything on their vegan menu is gluten-free, but you’ll have to ask for gluten-free bread if you have a specific dietary need. For drinks, pick from a range of local craft beers, and there are also boutique spirits and cocktails you can enjoy, as well as non-alcoholic beverages.

You Came Again offers a funky space with a sit-down dining area at the main bar. There’s also casual seating on one side and more spaces at the back with a lawn area where you can sit and have a picnic under a massive tree.

Our recommendation:

You’ll have to book a table to reserve a spot at the restaurant. Two people can book for an hour and 90 minutes for three guests or more. However, you can always request longer when booking a table. You may also visit You Came Again on Friday night to enjoy live music from talented artists.


245 Boundary Street, West End


What's it like:

Vegeme is a vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurant that infuses Asian flavors with the classic taste. Apart from the famous vegan and vegetarian delicacies, the restaurant offers excellent outdoor and indoor spots. So you'll have the option to experience the garden feel while enjoying your greens or a more sophisticated dining experience inside the restaurant.

When you enter Vegeme, you'll see the large logo of carrots, indicating the wealth of healthy options the restaurant has in store. You can choose healthier variations for your orders, from small dishes to sweets, at affordable prices. Vegeme is one of the top-ranked vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the city, so this place is certainly worth dropping by.

Our recommendation:

You wouldn’t want to leave Vegeme without trying their best-selling Rice with Bean Sauce. With seasonal veggies, bean sauce, and chili sauce, this vegan dish has customers returning for more. Other must-tries include the Sweet and Sour Pom Pom Mushroom, Bibimbap, and Sesame Noodle Soup.


Shop 9, 220 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane


What's it like:

What started out as a gamble by a vegetarian individual has now become one of Brisbane's most popular vegetarian restaurants. VegeRama is a family restaurant that offers vegan and vegetarian delicacies. The restaurant founder believes food embodies care, love, and honesty and should build connections and strengthen bonds. With every order, you'll taste and see how this passion translates into scrumptious delights.

VegeRama will soon offer ready meals, which are fresh and ready-to-eat plant-based food. Moreover, the restaurant aims to achieve sustainable development by using biodegradable packaging. VegeRama offers dine-in, takeaway, and catering services, opening on Mondays to Fridays from 8 am to 6 pm.

Our recommendation:

One of the latest additions to VegeRama's menu is the pumpkin and leek tarts. They also have a wide array of plant-based burgers available at affordable prices. In addition, you can let the staff know of any allergies or special dietary requirements as you order.


241 Adelaide Street, Brisbane

Otto Ristorante

What’s it like:

If you’re in Brisbane, head to the riverfront at South Bank, and you’ll discover an Italian restaurant that offers spectacular river views, vibrant interiors, and outstanding customer service. With multiple locations in Australia and beyond, Otto Ristorante guarantees excellent food in a fantastic dining atmosphere. No wonder it was awarded the Best Italian Restaurant in Queensland in the Delicious 100 list in 2019.

Otto Ristorante is one of the best restaurants in Brisbane for plant-based eaters, offering a vegan fine dining experience you’ll love. It has a separate vegan menu and vegetarian-friendly dishes, like Risotto, Fragola, Fiori di Zucca, and many more.

For meat lovers out there, don’t worry. This restaurant doesn’t leave anyone out. You can get 100 perfect Angus beef and locally caught seafood delicately cooked on the wood grill, served with olive oil and lemon.

Our recommendation:

You can’t go to an Italian restaurant without trying its vegan pasta, so order their Strozzapreti Alla Norma. There’s a vegan option available for this dish, so make sure you mention that when ordering. For dessert, try the Cioccolato, which is dark chocolate with orange and hazelnut. It is open for lunch and dinner from Wednesday to Sunday and we recommend a reservation to ensure you get a table at the restaurant.


Sidon Street, South Bank, South Brisbane

Fitz and Potts

What’s it like:

Approximately ten minutes from Brisbane CBD, Fitz & Potts is a hip food bar that will make you feel at home. It boasts vividly colorful and retro-inspired spaces, including a lounge space with paisley wallpapers and adorned with macrame and velvet. You’ll also love chilling on the bright tiki-bar style balcony, ideal for sipping a glass of refreshing mojito on a hot afternoon.

The best thing about this bar is that it’s vegetarian- and vegan-friendly. Aside from being guaranteed delicious, everything on the food and snack menu is plant-based, including their meaty vegan pizza. It has a tomato and hickory barbeque sauce layered with pan-fried meatballs, char-grilled bell papers, spicy chunks of chorizo-style delights, bratwurst-style sausages, and topped with vegan cheese.

Fitz & Potts also offers an array of delicious comfort foods, such as cheesy vegan jaffles, popcorn chicken from plant-based ingredients, and burgers. You can also order some steaming dumplings on cool nights and other snacks you can share with your mates.

Our recommendation:

If you’re visiting with a group, try the Jaffle Platter. It's a vegan platter that contains five mixed jaffles, which they pick randomly for you, and lots of potato crisps. It will save you five dollars off the total price if you buy them individually.


Level 2, 1180 Sandgate Road, Nundah, 4012 QLD

Okuman Karaage & Ramen Bar

What’s it like:

Have Japanese vegetarian and vegan food at Okuman Karaage & Ramen Bar. While it’s not a dedicated vegan restaurant, this Japanese bar and restaurant has a separate vegan menu with a few options. These include vegan ramen, sushi, karaage, and the classic bento boxes. They even have vegan curry served in a bright, welcoming Japanese atmosphere.

Okuman Karaage & Ramen Bar is a real treat for veggie-lovers and your non-vegan friends. It is open seven days a week from 11 am to 3 pm and 5 pm to 9:30 pm. It also offers a quick takeaway menu where you can order sushi, udon, tempura, bento-box, and more.

Our recommendation:

If you want to try different vegan food in one meal, you should go for vegan bentos. There are three options you can pick from, though the sides are pretty much the same for all the boxes. Only the main dish is different, but if you don’t know where to start, you can try the vegetable tempura first.


6/220 Melbourne St, South Brisbane QLD

Banh Mi Now

What’s it like:

Banh Mi Now offers an authentic Vietnamese experience by serving the best banh mi in the city. You can also order the sizzling hot Pho perfect for non-vegan customers, delicious snacks, and healthy noodle salads. Banh Mi Now isn’t a 100% vegetarian and vegan restaurant, so don’t expect everything to be plant-based.

However, they still have flavorful vegan dishes, including sandwiches stuffed with tofu and other vegetable goodness, vegan rice bowls, and rice paper rolls. You can also have fresh Bahn Mi with vegan mayo made from soy, salad, and bread.

Our recommendation:

For those who don’t have time to go to the restaurant, you can always order and enjoy Vietnamese food from the comfort of your home. You can order everything online, including the dishes on their vegan menu, such as the tofu Bahn Mi, noodle salad, vegan spring rolls, and other vegetarian dishes.


1/235 Zillmere Rd, Zillmere QLD; 10 Austin St, Newstead QLD

Brisbane vegetarian and vegan food

Tracking down incredible vegetarian and vegan eats is no longer a huge pain, with multiple bars, cafes, and restaurants in Brisbane offering mouthwatering vegan food and vegetarian treats.

Many owners have also committed to using sustainable and local ingredients. It means not only can you enjoy delicious food in the Queensland capital, but you’ll also help the environment and the local farmers.

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