Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Brisbane

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Ferris wheel in Brisbane

Brisbane is a really delightful place to visit, and you will love that there are so many great opportunities for shopping here. There are shopping mall options, boutique store locations, and special markets that you can enjoy when you head to Brisbane City for your trip. Whether you are in the area for business or you are heading to the city for a vacation, you can shop for all kinds of items during your stay.

The first thing that you need to do when you head to Brisbane, is to make sure that your luggage is safe and secure. Placing your bags in secure storage in Brisbane will offer you peace of mind while you are having fun shopping and enjoying all that this city has to offer. Whether you want to store your luggage at Brisbane Airport, or Brisbane Central Station, there are options for you to secure your bags that are perfect for your plans.

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Shopping in Brisbane

Queen Street Mall

This is a really nice shopping mall that offers some of the best shopping in Brisbane. There are designer brands on offer at this huge mall, as well as some local flagship stores that are specific to the Brisbane City area. You can find local designers as well as major brands, and the mall is esthetically beautiful.

Queen Street Mall is an open-air shopping location, so you won't have to miss out on the ideal Brisbane weather while looking through the fashion boutiques. Head here for the complete shopping mall experience that you can't get in other parts of the city.

Tattersall's Arcade

For an exceptional couture shopping experience, you need to head to this Queen Street mall location. This is a special shopping center that offers you access to designer brands. You will get excellent attention when you head here, and the shopping experience feels very boutique and extravagant.

Come here for a tailored suit or other clothing, and enjoy access to designer brands in a curated environment. Tattersall's Arcade is an elegant shopping experience that can bring you into contact with designer brands as well as Australian designers that you might not have been familiar with before your visit.

James Street

This is a great place for local shopping of all kinds as well as being one of the best places to head for some yummy street food. Come here for name brands and local boutique shopping. You can get everything from a vintage store shopping experience to a box store trip in this location. Fortitude Valley is also a great area to visit a cinema and to walk along the street, seeing the stores lining it.

Being able to wander and snack on street foods while taking in the sights is half the fun of coming here. This is one of the best ways to navigate the city and you will find that you can enjoy all kinds of special shopping experiences in Fortitude Valley just on foot.

Brisbane Arcade

Located on Adelaide Street, this arcade was built in 1923 and offers you terrazzo floors, ornate decor, and beautiful wood paneling. This is the place to head for fashion brands and couture bridal stores alongside vintage stores and local boutiques.

There are really excellent food options here, and you are by the inner city, which gives you access to all kinds of attractions. There are lots of market areas to shop that are near Brisbane Arcade and the Queen Street Mall area is a very classically Brisbane City shopping experience in every way.

Elizabeth Theatre in Brisbane

Boundary Street

For an edgy shopping experience, you need to go to Boundary Street. This is a great place to enjoy a good brunch, live music, and eclectic shopping. This part of the city attracts a younger crowd, and you will have access to all kinds of shopping from homeware stores to local Brisbane shopping.

The city centre area offers many fun shopping experiences like this, and you will love heading here to see what the local shopping is all about in Brisbane. You can shop for international labels in this city as well, but the local shopping streets are your best bet for a unique shopping experience you can't get anywhere else.

Collective Markets, South Bank

This is an eco-driven shopping experience that is also a pop-up market. This is Brisbane shopping at its finest, and the unique and eclectic stores that show up here along the South Bank offer you access to all kinds of different shopping. Come here to enjoy the Wheel of Brisbane and find some special boutique or locally-made items for people at home.

The city centre areas like this one are popular for so many reasons and you will love taking a break from regular box store purchases to enjoy boutique shopping and local artisanal purchases.

Fortitude Valley and Emporium

This is a luxury retail location that offers international brands and grungy Australian favorites. You will love the atmosphere here and visiting 'The Valley,' as the locals call it, can be a really special shopping event. This is a great place to head during the festive season as well as its location in Fortitude Valley is quite a nice shopping area.

There is even a bespoke eyeglass store here, and the unique shopping that is offered in this location includes fashion house shopping alongside more basic stores.


This is the place to head if you love vintage stores of all kinds. You can buy vintage clothes, furniture, and much more in this part of the city. The Woolloongabba Antique center is home to more than antiques, and you can enjoy air-conditioned shopping for urban clothes and home goods.

This is also a great place to head for food. The 50's style milk bar here offers shakes and other classic soda-shop food offerings, and you can take a break from wandering through the stalls at one of its tables. This is a quintessentially Australian experience that you will not want to miss out on during your time in Brisbane City.

Shopping in Brisbane


This site is actually called Direct Factory Outlets. This spot is at the Brisbane Airport and offers you access to stores like Bardot, Esprit, French Connection, and others. This is a unique shopping experience, and you can even start your trip here if you want. You can just walk off the plane and get right to shopping when you visit Brisbane.

There are mid-level fashion stores here as well, and you will have your pick of some local designers and boutique shops plus anchor stores that are bigger-name brands.

The Myer Centre

This spot is between Elizabeth Street and the Queen Street Mall. Come here for some really nice basic shopping that will fill any need for any taste. This is a classic fashion mall, and you will find gifts, clothing shopping, and restaurants here to fill up your day nicely. If you love an all-in-one shopping experience, you will be happy to come here for your gift-buying or personal shopping needs.

This is a great basic shopping spot and one of Brisbane's best places to head for fashion and for housewares. This is one of the most well-rounded shopping options in town, and you can spend your whole day here if you wish to enjoy shopping under one roof.

The Barracks Shopping Center

This is another nice shopping mall that is located on Petrie Terrace. Head here to shop for fashion and to enjoy a classic shopping mall experience. There are restaurants here as well, and you will find that this is a nice option for an eclectic mix of stores that fit the needs of almost anyone.

The parking is really accessible at the Barracks if you have rented a car, but the area is also highly walkable. You will be near Brisbane's downtown when you visit, which can make this one of many stops that you make during a day that is devoted to shopping of all kinds.

Eatstreet Northshore

This is a really fun fleamarket experience that you might want to add to your list of things to do when you are in Brisbane. This area offers access to food carts, local sellers' stalls, and regular stores. There is also live music here during some days of the week, and it's open both during the day and in the evening.

There is a small ticket fee to enter the location, and you will have to ride the ferry over. This is a really fun experience that is totally unique from anything else that is offered in the city. Getting here is truly part of the appeal. At Eatstreet Northshore you'll find a fun carnival feeling that you cannot enjoy at other locations around the city.

Edward Street Shopping in Brisbane

New Farm Galleries

If you want to shop for art, you just need to head to the New Farm neighborhood. This is a really great place to find your next piece of art for your home or your business. You can enjoy a quiet shopping street experience here, and the unique pieces that are sold in these gallery locations are not available anywhere else in town.

This is one of the most special ways to find art and custom creations in the entire city. Head here for exhibitions of Aboriginal art as well. For an art immersion experience, you need to add New Farm to your list of things to do.

Westfield Chermside

Westfield Chermside is a VIP shopping mall that offers high-end boutiques along with main anchor stores. This is still a family-friendly shopping location, and you will enjoy access to an indoor/outdoor shopping mall when you visit. There are restaurants here as well as lots of stores to tempt you. It's easy to spend hours wandering through the many shops here.

Even if you don't want to shop for high-end items, you will love that you can enjoy access to this kind of shopping experience. This is a really special location that is just outside the city and that would not be possible in many other places around the world.

Edward Street

For bespoke shopping of various kinds, you need to head over to Edward Street. This location is close to all the other downtown shopping that you might discover, and you can even browse custom jewelry stores along this route.

Many Australian artists and designers make this area their home base, and you will not have any trouble ordering custom items with ease here. This can be a really memorable way to commemorate your trip. If you want just to enjoy an extraordinary shopping experience, you will need to head over to Edward Street just to check out the stores.

Boutique shopping in Brisbane


When you are considering shopping in Brisbane, you will have lots of different fun and unique choices open to you. This is a world-class city with some of the best shopping around. There is so much to do in Brisbane, and shopping is just one of the attractions that this city provides. When you are planning a trip to Brisbane, you will want to think about making time for at least one day of shopping. But, you'll need to make time for the fabulous restaurants, museums, dance clubs, and galleries, too. The problem just might be fitting it all in, but of all the challenges to have, this is a good one.

Always make sure that you put your luggage in storage before you head out to have fun, and you will be able to enjoy a really pleasant and memorable visit to Brisbane.

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