3 Days in Bucharest: Everything You Should Know

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Park in Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest is one of the most lovely and special cities in Eastern Europe and you will love everything about your visit here. Even if you only have 3 days in Bucharest to enjoy, you will be able to do so many fun things that will make your trip memorable and special. Bucharest has an old town area that you can enjoy as well as lots of delicious food venues and fun dance clubs and public spaces. This is a very walkable city as well and most of the things that you will want to do and see during your time in the city will be within walking distance of your hotel. You will also find that public transport is really easy to use here so you will not have to struggle to get from place to place efficiently.

The first thing that you need to do when you get ready for 3 days in Bucharest is make sure that your luggage is in secure storage. You will feel so much better when you have placed your luggage in secure storage in Bucharest and you will be able to enjoy your trip more with this peace of mind on your side. Getting your hands free can also make all of your vacation adventures more fun and peaceful overall.

Once you have your luggage in a secure place, it is time for you to make the most of your visit to Bucharest!

Street in Bucharest

Bucharest itinerary - Day 1

This first day in Bucharest should be spent getting a feel for the old part of the city. You will want to make friends with Bucharest during the first of your 3 days in Bucharest, and you will likely have just arrived with jet lag confusing your brain and making you think it's a different timezone altogether. If you have arrived via the Bucharest airport, it's a simple trek to most of the major hotels. You will then be ready to start enjoying everything that Bucharest has to offer!


Head to a breakfast spot like the Grand Cafe Van Gogh for a filling meal, and then get ready to move on to the city center. This is where you will find options for how you can enjoy your day touring the city center. You can opt to join one of the walking tours that leave from Unirii Square Park, or you can choose to visit Bucharest on your own terms and start your day in the order that you want to see most. Your 3 days in Bucharest are up to you and you can spend them in the old town area in any way that you choose.

Streets like the Strada Stavropoleos will lead you to buildings that are as old as the city itself and you should start your morning with a trip to the Stavropoleos Monastery Church. This used to be a working monastery for many generations and you will feel within its walls like the nuns who once thrived here are still in residence. You can then choose to head over to the Palace of Parliament so you can see the world's second-largest administrative building.

You will also have the option to head to the National Museum or the National Village Museum. These two museum options will give you insight into the history of the city, the history of the peasant class in Bucharest, and the way of life that used to be the heart and soul of this part of the world. The Romanian capital is full of modern amenities these days, but once upon a time, the huge peasant class was the backbone of Eastern Europe and they lived in a simple and rustic way.

Fall in Bucharest


There are lots of eccentric things to see in the city and you could choose to spend this part of the day looking into these items. Michael Jackson's fake grave is located in Herăstrău Park because he was so popular in the city while he was making music, for instance, or you could elect to visit the Romanian Kitsch museum which is more historical than it is bizarre. There are many different museum options in the city that you could choose to visit during your afternoon or you might want to spend a longer time seeing what the National Museum has to offer and skip over some of these smaller sightseeing diversions.

Romanian history is everywhere in the city and even buildings like the Romanian Athenaeum are worth stepping into just to see the lush and beautifully preserved interiors of the major buildings in the Romanian capital. You could easily spend your afternoon just walking through the city center, trying street food, shopping, and stopping in at places that capture your attention.


Enjoy your first evening in Romania with a nice meal at any of the various traditional restaurants in Old Town, or you can head to a place like the Pura Vida Sky Bar to see the city and enjoy the view of the architecture from up high. This is one of the most picturesque places in all of eastern Europe, and you should really take a moment to enjoy the way it looks at night.

There are more than 100 bars and clubs in this part of the city, so if you have the energy, you can have a really good time in the old town on your first night in the city.

Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest itinerary - Day 2


This is the day that you will want to head out to the Romanian countryside and see Bran Castle. This is famously Dracula's castle, and there are lots of other lovely things to do and see that are related to Romanian history in this area. The castle is in Brasov, so you will need to take some form of rideshare to get to this spot. Make sure that you start the day with a walk up to the top of Rasnov Citadel so that you can see the countryside around Bran Castle from a stunning height.

After you have climbed to the top of the citadel, you will be ready to warm up and get some lunch. You can easily find a place in Brasov to get some stew, a mulled wine, and a yummy dessert. Brasov is also charming and you can walk around the city center of this smaller town before heading on to the main event of the day.


This is the part of your 3 days in Bucharest where you head to one of the most famous castles in the world. Bran Castle is well known not by its actual name, but as Dracula's home, and people travel here every here to learn about the supposed first of the vampires. Vlad the Impaler was a very real person and did live here, and you can find lots of historical exhibits and information inside the castle. The space inside the building is actually fairly small, so you might not spend all that long here. Most people are also not prepared for how cold it is in this part of the Romanian countryside, so pack warm clothes so you aren't uncomfortable!

Once you have finished touring Bran Castle, you really should not leave the countryside without heading to the stunning and beautiful Peles Castle. This lovely building is located 30 miles from Brasov and was once the home of the Kings of Romania. This is a picture-book castle that soars above the town below and you will love everything about making the time to see this place when you visit Bucharest.


You will have spent much of the day outdoors and you might be chilly if you have visited Bucharest in the fall or when the weather is not at its best. You can head back into the old town and look for a cozy little place to have a mulled wine and some dinner, or you might even just want to have room service tonight if your hotel offers it. You have just one more day for your 3 days in Bucharest, and you will want to recover some from your adventures in the countryside so you are ready for your last day in this lovely city.

Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest itinerary - Day 3


Start your morning with a visit to Ceaușescu Mansion. This indulgent, opulent, and slightly strange residence that used to be home to the leader of the country is worth a visit. It is a well-preserved property and the lavish interior and the amazing contemporary art that lines the walls are really impressive. This can be one of the more niche museum experiences you can have during your 3 days in Bucharest, but this home is an important place to learn about the Communist rule that was imposed on this part of the world for many generations.

Have brunch/ lunch at the Corso Brassiere if you want, or get something quick and easy to carry from a street vendor or a small shop. There are lots of options in this part of the city, so don't limit yourself with your food choices for a good meal.

Bucharest, Romania


If you feel like you are too tired to hoof it around the city but you want to see more, you can grab a ticket for the hop-on and hop-off bus tour. This is a great option if you want to be delivered to lots of unique places in the city but you don't want to have to book tours to each thing you see going by outside the window. Sit on the top deck and check out the old town area and other parts of the city and then jump off the bus if you want to see something in more detail.

This is one of the most relaxing and fun ways to learn about the city during your 3 days in Bucharest and your feet will appreciate taking a break for part of the day. If you went out into the countryside on the second day of your trip, you will not want to do much more than jump off here and there to check things out. You might have missed the National Village Museum or the National Museum, and you can add these to your day during your bus tour if you want.


Spend the last night of your trip at a karaoke bar. You will have so much fun jamming to people's versions of classics and there will even be lots of music in English if you do not speak any other language. Places like Mojo are fun for all ages and you will get good, affordable drinks here. You might also make some new friends that you can stay in touch with when you leave Bucharest!

Bucharest, Romania

3 Days in Bucharest Can Offer You Time for Lots of Fun

If you were feeling pretty down about only having a few days to travel around Bucharest, you should be feeling much better now! There is so much to do and see here that you will fill up your days, but the city is so easy to navigate that you will not get lost or waste time wandering around. You can see as many museums as you want to while you are in the old town area, or you could choose to head out to the countryside to make the most of the castles that are located near the city.

No matter what your plans are for your 3 days in Bucharest, you will want to be sure that your luggage is securely stored. Getting your luggage into secure storage can make your trip much more fun and once your hands are free, you will be able to have a great time without having any worries about your things getting in the way or being stolen. You will have a busy three days in Bucharest, but this itinerary will help you maximize your time in this lovely city!

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