Music Festivals in Bucharest in 2022

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Concert in Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest is a great place to visit for so many reasons but there are lots of great performances and music festival options that you can enjoy while you are visiting the city. The winter months are too cold for festivals, but the warm part of the year is the time when some of the best music festivals happen in Bucharest. You will love that there is world music as well as well-known artists like David Guetta who play at these events. You might already have been thinking of heading to Romania during the summer or the fall, and this is a great choice because many of the festivals take place during these seasons.

It can be really hot in the city during the summer, so you will need to consider if concerts in the outdoors in that kind of heat are right for you. The summer is also a very popular time in the city, so you might need to make sure that you are ready for the cost and the busy nature of the city at this time of the year. Bucharest offers really enjoyable weather for most of the months of the year, so if you want to avoid the heat of the summer, you will still have lots of music options and events that you can enjoy while you are visiting.

The first thing that you need to do when you head to Bucharest is get your luggage securely stored. You will want to be sure that your luggage is in secure storage in Bucharest, particularly if you are in town for a music festival. Most festival locations will not allow you to bring in much in the way of bags, so having all of your items stored will make your trip much more fun. This city is really easy to navigate, so you will not have any trouble getting from place to place, especially once your bags are stored.

Once your bags are in secure storage, you will be ready to head out to the rock, jazz, or indie concert that you have come to the city to enjoy!

The best music festivals in Bucharest in 2022

Always make sure that you have planned in advance for your music festival experience. Be sure that you have local cash on hand to be able to get water and food when you are inside the concert or festival space and that you have the right kind of bags in your hands that will pass through security without issue. You will not want to be without your things when you attend a concert, but you cannot hope to bring in a regular backpack or purse these days due to security.

You will already have made sure that your bags are in secure storage, so you just need to be certain that you are not neglecting your own comfort and safety during the concert by having the wrong bags in hand. Make sure as well to wear sunscreen if you are attending an event in the summer in Bucharest. It can get quite hot in the city during June and July and you do not want to become a heat casualty because you did not plan ahead.

Saga Festival

This event takes place during the first few days of June in Bucharest. The event takes place in Izvor Park and if you love electronic music, this is the right festival for you! You can easily place your bags in storage in Old Town and then head over to this event if you wish. Headliners like Afro Jack, DJ Snake, and Marshmello are playing at this event. Make sure that you get your tickets well in advance because this festival sells out quickly.

There are many affordable places to stay nearby, but be aware that this festival is quite noisy and you might want to avoid having to listen to music from the festival for the entire time that you are away from the festival grounds. This is one of the largest events that is hosted in the city each year, so you should also expect crowded conditions during the days of this event. This might be right up your alley, but it can be a discouraging factor for some.


This event is in July and you probably guessed from the name that you will be able to see that ocean while you are enjoying the event. This event is located in Constanta which is not far from Bucharest and you can see the Black Eyed Peas and other huge headliners at this event. You will also be able to catch Romanian artists at this event as well which can be really fun. This is a really unique and fun music festival because of the location and the way that the different artists are placed in relation to the water.

If you love a good outdoor festival and want to avoid the heat in Romania at this time of the year, this is the right music festival to enjoy. You will also find that this is a pretty affordable event since it is just EUR 104 for basic tickets.

EUROPAfest 2022

If you love jazz and blues, this July festival is the right choice for you. Some of the biggest international Jazz artists play at this event and you will be able to pay at the gate to get in. You will also appreciate that this festival takes place indoors, so you will be more comfortable during the hot part of the summer. If you love a music festival but have been worried about the heat during this time of the year, you need to consider this jazz festival for your needs.

This is considered one of the finest jazz concerts in this part of the world, and artists from all over the world come to this event to play and share their music.

Bucharest Metal Nights

Another July event, this fun festival is for metalheads everywhere. There is a short list of well-known artists who are popular in Eastern Europe playing at this event. You will appreciate the smaller size of the event as well if you are not a fan of crowded and crazy music concerts and events. This is one of the various smaller concerts that take place in this area in July, and you will not regret buying tickets for this festival if you love metal music of all kinds.

Diynamic Festival Bucharest

Another concert series that makes a stop in Bucharest, this event takes place on July 15th in the woods in Bucharest. You will be able to discover your next favorite indie artists or Romanian group at this event, and you will love the casual and chill vibe of this festival. This is one of the more low-key and smaller events that is hosted during this time of the year, which can make it a really good choice if you don't want to have to deal with big crowds at a rock or pop concert.

Concert SABATON - The Tour To End All

If you love metal music, this concert is for you! You will love the headlining group, but the openers are just as good. This is a one-day event in July and you will be able to have fun doing other things during your stay. This can be a nice choice if you love metal music but you really don't want to feel compelled to have to stop in day after day at some of the other music events that are on this list. Traditional festival options that do not take numerous days to complete can be a nice change of pace if you usually go to large events that are pretty overwhelming.

Summer Well Festival 2022

This festival takes place August 12-15 in the nearby city of Buftea. You can head here for rock, indie music, and world music artists. Last year the event was hosted as a limited edition, and previous editions were smaller than this year's event will be. As the event has gotten more popular, the organizers have been able to add more artists to the list of performances.

This event takes place in the woods, which is really nice for days when it is hot and you will love this festival because there is also a gastronomy event that takes place at the same time. This is more than just a music festival and you will have a great time here eating, drinking, and listening to amazing music.

Craft Beer Festival 2022

If you are in Bucharest in September, you are in for a treat. The Craft Beer Festival 2022, offers you the chance to try many local brewery offerings while listening to live music and even orchestras playing. You will find lots of good food to enjoy here as well, making this is really well-rounded event that has something for everyone. This is also a great time of year in Romania for the weather and you will appreciate the cooler temperatures as well as the fun atmosphere of this event.

George Enescu International Competition 2022

Also part of the concert offerings in September, this fun event allows young artists and groups to be discovered around the world. This event focuses on the works of George Enescu, and all of the groups and performers present his works with their own unique twist. This is a fun music competition and you will love getting to be present to see artists who are just being discovered. This is one of the events that locals look forward to all year, and you will have a great time at this event, especially if you love televised musical competitions.

For those who love orchestral music, this is a really special event as well. There are few concerts that are this large or well-attended and you will love being able to discover this composer in so many new ways.

Old Grave Fest 9

This is another local event that is a favorite and it takes place in October. Come to this event to see Anal Vomit, Lord Vicar, and more. You will love all the headliners at this event if you love metal and the fun, smaller size of the event can be really nice if you are tired of being stepped on and bumped into at rock concerts. This is one of the most fun metal concert events in this area all year and the season is one of the quiet times in the city. If you want to be able to spice things up a little when you have traveled to Bucharest during the quieter months of the year, this can be the right event for your needs.

Planning to stay some more days in Bucharest?

If you have more days to spend in Bucharest, you will want to check out our 3 Days in Bucharest guide. There are so many cool things to do and see in this city even after your music festival is over. You can easily spend your remaining days in the city checking out museums and the palace or enjoying street food of various kinds.

If you have come to Bucharest with the intention to experience something really unique, you will need to take the time to head out to the Romanian countryside and see Bran Castle and some of the other lovely castles and buildings that dot the area around Bucharest itself. These are some of the biggest tourist draws in the area, but this is for good reason. You can also make time to head to the beach or up into the mountains if the heat has gotten to you.

No matter what plans you have for your time in Bucharest, you will want to be sure that your bags are in secure storage right off. Having the peace of mind to know that your luggage will not be stolen or lost can make your trip much more enjoyable overall.

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