8 must see parks in Bucharest

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Bucharest, the capital of Romania, offers incredible experiences to all who visit, from its live bars and world-class restaurants to its spectacular architecture, art, and culture. Summer here can be pretty hot and humid, but thanks to the abundance of parks in Bucharest, you have plenty of places to stay cool during the warmest months.

Whether you’re busy with work or sightseeing around museums and attractions in the grand Old Town, you’ll need a moment to pause, get some fresh air, rebalance, and refocus your energy. Looking for free things to do in Bucharest? Spend a few hours outdoors and soak in the rich nature of the Romanian capital.

This guide includes some of the best parks in Bucharest, their most prominent features, and what you can do there. If your hands are full of bags or other items that make you want to skip a trip to the nearest park, use our safe luggage storage facilities in Bucharest. Our easy-to-use Bounce app contains helpful information to help you book the best storage spot to drop off your belongings.

Carol Park

Carol Park has everything you expect from a city park: picnic spots, fountains, a children's playground, lush vegetation, a quiet lake, and monuments. The stairs that lead to the monument offer a beautiful view of the park and the city. Although one of the famous parks in Bucharest, it rarely gets crowded. On weekends, you’ll likely see locals and tourists strolling the park, chilling by the lake, walking their dogs, or eating a snack.

Young visitors and adults will have a wonderful time at the park. Children can run around or get busy at the play area while adults can marvel at the several points of interest at Carol Park. These include the Giants Statues, the Mausoleum or the Monument of the Nation’s Heroes, the Zodiac Fountain, the Cantacuzino Fountain, and the Water Tower, constructed in 1906. It also serves as a site for the Dimitrie Leonida Technical Museum, which covers various physical sciences and engineering topics.

At Carol Park, you can combine nature, culture, history, and art in one visit. If you’re done exploring the monuments here, train your endurance and run to its highest point. You can also check out the nearby shops selling refreshing drinks and snacks.

Herastrau Park

Bucharest is teeming with people and activities that create an energetic atmosphere. If you want to escape the chaos of city life, even just for a short moment, there’s no better place to go than Herăstrău Park. Also known as King Mihai I Park, Herăstrău Park spans over 187 hectares, making it the largest park in Bucharest and the biggest within a city in Europe. Many locals and visitors enjoy their warm summer afternoons here, but it’s so vast that it never feels crowded. Even on the busiest days, you’ll quickly find a spot for quiet contemplation.

We recommend a day out in Herastrau Park to experience all its offerings. With tons of things to do and sights to see, it can be challenging to choose first, but take your time exploring the paths and stop if you find something that piques your interest. It has a vast green landscape, sculptures, and a wonderful lake. Bring your camera, as you’ll find endless photo opportunities throughout.

A scenic walk along the water is pure relaxation to the soul and spans about eight kilometers. Although summer is a great time to visit, winter is a special moment that brings different magic you must experience. If you’re unsatisfied with just walking by the lake, go on a boat ride and sail on the water or bike along the scenic trails. You can also visit the Herastrau Aquarium, Village Museum, and Japanese Garden and soak in the calming atmosphere. Several cafes and restaurants are also dotted throughout the park to indulge in a delicious meal. No matter what nature adventure you're looking for, Herastrau Park never fails to deliver.

Tineretului Park

A few minutes from the Old Town will take you to Tineretului Park, one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Bucharest. It’s a place for young and old, with wide walkways, sports facilities, playgrounds for children, and green spaces for picnics and strolls. It opened in 1965 and has since become a much-loved recreational park.

It’s easy to forget you’re in the middle of a bustling city at Tineretului Park. You can walk with your family, a four-legged friend, or along, ride a bike, or lie down on the well-maintained grass near the central lake. Rent a rowboat to navigate the tranquil lake and see the park in a different light. If you need a quick break to refuel after running or touring the park, the Cafeneaua Actorilor de Vara is located by the lake, serving light snacks, vegetarian dishes, and tasty meals that will get you through the day. Other snack bars and restaurants are also in the park.

Tineretului Park also features a skate park, where you’ll spot skateboarders and skaters performing tricks on the ramps. On the south side is the Oraselul Copiilor, an amusement park perfect for families with children. It features numerous rides and attractions, including roller coasters, bumper carts, a lazy river, a merry-go-round, a go-kart track, and more.

Bucharest Botanical Garden

Don’t miss the Botanical Garden when you visit Bucharest. It’s nestled in the western part of the city, covering an area of 18.2 hectares. From a relatively small area of seven hectares in 1860, the Garden grew and evolved into a green space with approximately 500 annual and perennial plant species, shrubs, trees, decorative vines, fruits, and flowers. It’s a paradise for plant lovers and history buffs interested in the Garden’s intriguing past.

Besides the verdant trees, shrubs, and flowers, one of the interesting you’ll spot here is the Old Greenhouse, built between 1889 and 1891. Although a deteriorating structure, you can always imagine what it looked like in earlier times. Behind the Old Greenhouse is Grandma’s Garden Sector, which gives a glimpse of the traditional Romanian gardens.

Some pathways at Bucharest Botanical Garden are paved, while others are pebbled and rough, so wear a pair of comfy shoes when visiting. Check out the greenhouses and watch birds flying around and ducks and swans swimming in the pond.

Cismigiu Park

Cismigiu Park is another crowd favorite due to its beauty. It’s smaller than the previous ones we mentioned in this guide, but it deserves a spot in the top parks in Bucharest due to its elegant features and awe-inspiring look. Despite its popularity, only a few know it’s the city’s oldest park, inaugurated in 1854.

Since the beginning, Cismigiu Park has had a special place in the hearts of its visitors, although its frequent guests are the elites and riches people in Bucharest because of the strict regulations for those who explore it. Today, anyone can access it for free, providing a refuge against the sun and an opportunity to rest their mind and body.

When flowers bloom, the gardens at the park transform into a dreamy place with colorful flowerbeds and lush greenery. In summer, the lake becomes a welcoming place for animals to swim around and visitors who can rent a boat from the dock or have a romantic walk with someone special. When the lake ices over in winter, it transforms into an open-air ice skating rink.

If you’re in the mood for a stroll, the gorgeous tree-lined walkways stretch for a few miles. And if you get tired, you’ll spot benches in every corner to rest and observe people from all walks of life chatting with others or sitting contently alone. This well-maintained park is in Bucharest City Centre, within walking distance from several Bucharest hotspots. It’s also easily accessible from the Old Town by bike, public transport, or on foot.

Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park

Be one with nature and interact with pleasant wildlife animals at Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park. It used to be a neglected lake surrounded by abandoned construction sites and land. Today, it’s one of Bucharest's best-reviewed and most famous parks.

Many people don’t actually call it Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park. They are more familiar with the name Titan Park or IOR Park. So if you’re new to the city and want to visit, ask about Titan Park instead, and locals know what you’re talking about. It’s safe, clean, and well-maintained, perfect for roller skating, biking, and playing for children.

Walking or running along the dedicated paths is a popular activity here, but you can always rent a bicycle and ride on one of the bike trails. You can also ride a boat or a hydro bike and explore the lake while watching the birds that have made it their home. Older visitors can play a game of basketball or football and practice their skills at the skatepark.

Parkgoers can head to the ParkLake shopping area to shop, dine, or watch the latest movie at the cinema. If you want to take your bored furry friend out for exercise, Titan Park has an island for puppies called Dog’s Island. It also often organizes contests and puppy adoption.

Văcăreşti Natural Park

Just five kilometers away from the city center, you’ll find yourself in Romania's oldest urban nature park. It spans 183 hectares, making it Bucharest’s largest green space. Although it isn’t too far from the bustling capital, it feels like you’re miles away from the city due to its serene atmosphere filled with wildflowers, bushes, and birds.

Bring a blanket for a picnic in the grassy area or lounge on the open field while reading a book. It has 136 bird species, so you’ll likely find some when exploring the park. It also has marked bike and walking trails, ideal for those who want to witness the city’s rich flora and fauna.

The park site was one of Bucharest’s neighborhoods. It was claimed for government use during communist rule in the country. They planned a reservoir and constructed a concrete dam surrounding it. However, the plans fell through, abandoning the development project during the 1989 Romanian Revolution. Eventually, nature took over the area until it became a wildlife utopia. Vegetations now thrive in the area, along with animals like weasels, otters, foxes, and birds that call it home.

Drumul Taberei Park

Sector 6 is Bucharest’s administrative district, home to a vast lake that’s popular for waterskiing and sailing. If you’re in the area, specifically the Drumul Taberei neighborhood, and looking for more relaxing water activities, check out Drumul Taberei Park. It’s a small park, but don’t let its size fool you. It was recently renovated to meet everyone’s growing need for a relaxing green space to chill out and engage in nature activities.

One of its highlights is the impressive, suspended bridge that looks bright at night. As you stand on the bridge, you’ll have a great view of the water feature and the surrounding area. It has playgrounds for kids, a large fountain, trees, flowers, and alleys you can walk. There are also places for sports, including open areas for running and ping pong tables.

The modern, artisan fountain on the lake's surface is a remarkable sight that attracts attention due to its size and shape. Go around the fountain by renting a water bike and get up close and personal. Every winter and summer, the Greenhouses feature plant displays from desert, Mediterranean, equatorial, and tropical areas. You can admire the exhibits for free during the visiting hours.

Best Romanian parks and natural wonders

There’s much more to the Romanian capital than its eclectic nightlife, intrinsic architecture, and iconic Old Town. Bucharest parks offer a perfect mix of adventure and relaxation that will make you want to spend more time outdoors. You can stay active by playing sports and participating in activities like cycling, boating, running, and jogging, or enjoy your downtime in a relaxed setting surrounded by colorful wildflowers and lush greenery.

Craving some beach time? You should check out our guides on the top beaches near Bucharest. And if you want more challenging routes, read our list of the best hikes in Bucharest to satisfy your wanderlust.

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