Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Budapest

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Best vegetarian restaurants in Budapest

If you have decided to visit Budapest but you are vegetarian or vegan, you might not be sure if there are going to be enough vegan food options or vegetarian restaurants for you to enjoy during your stay in this lovely city. Thankfully, you will be able to get access to vegan food quite easily when you visit Budapest and there are vegetarian restaurants aplenty to enjoy while you're here. From vegan cakes to vegan pasta dishes, there is something for everyone when you visit Budapest. Budapest is a food lover's dream and there are more restaurants in Budapest for specialty dining that in many other places in the world.

Before you decide where to have your first meal when you arrive in Budapest, you will want to make sure that you have your luggage sorted out and stored. Store your luggage in Budapest so that you do not have to drag it with you or worry about it during your travels through the city center. You don't want to be trying to enjoy vegan street food while dragging your luggage behind you, so storing your bags is a must.

Once your bags are securely stored and out of the way, you can find the right vegetarian restaurants in Budapest for you and sit down for your first meal!

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Vegetarian food in Budapest

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Budapest

Many of the vegetarian restaurants in Budapest offer vegan food and gluten-free choices as well. It is easy to eat healthy in this city and vegan and vegetarian restaurants are everywhere that serve items for each meal of the day.

Flow Speciality Coffee Bar and Bistro

If you have arrived in the city in the morning, this lovely bistro is a great place for you to make your first stop. If you want to enjoy one of the best vegetarian restaurants that serves coffee, pastries, and treats, head to Andrássy Avenue and sit down here. The chairs are cozy, you can connect to quality wi-fi and there is always some kind of live music going on. There are vegan food options as well and you will find that their vegetarian dishes taste just like the real thing.

Try the oat porridge or get a fresh-pressed juice. If you like coffee, there is a full coffee bar as well as many delicious teas on offer.

Govinda Restaurant

For ayurvedic dining in Budapest, you can choose either of the two locations in this chain that are in the Fifth District. There are many delightful lunch and dinner options to choose from and the colorful and wholesome vegan food and vegetarian dishes offered here are sourced from all over the world.

The Indian dishes are to die for and you can also get delightful soups and chutneys to try with your vegetarian meal. The prices are excellent and the portions are quite large, so you can keep to a budget during your stay with ease when you choose Govinda for some of your larger meals. This is one of the many restaurants in Budapest that is nestled near the Danube, so you can head over to see the river or jump onto public transit to the city center with ease from this spot.

Napfenyes Restaurant

For vegan and vegetarian options that are Italian inspired, this is the right choice among the vegetarian restaurants in Budapest. Not only do they serve delicious vegan pizza here, but they also have a pastry shop with vegan food and vegetarian options on offer. This is one of the most well-rounded restaurants in Budapest, and you can get a meal here most times of the day.

One of the other nice features of making this choice is that you will be near metro Ferenciek tere on M3 and you can ride the blue line to other places in the city with ease when you're done with your meal.

Vegetarian and vegan cuisine in Budapest

Tökmag Vegan Street Food

This is a great vegan street food location and you will love that you can get everything from a pressed juice to vegan burgers here. This is one of the freshest vegan street food options in the city and the extensive menu is really impressive for a restaurant with a food truck aspect.

The zucchini burger is excellent and their melty vegan cheese is really delicious. You can get boxed meals from this spot and wander along the Danube to your next destination. You can also choose to sit down and enjoy your vegan food right near the truck and people watch.


If you love vegan burgers or vegan gyros, this is the place for you to visit! This vegan restaurant also offers you access to gluten-free options and really good dessert choices like vegan cakes. This is a really great vegan restaurant for your lunch or dinner, and you will love the great prices and the casual dining experience.

This is also one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Budapest for friendly and prompt service. You can easily sit down at this vegan restaurant and eat a quick meal that is filling and delicious.

Madal Food

This is the first vegan pasta bar in the city of Budapest and you can head here for plant-based pasta sauces, delicious vegan and vegetarian pasta options, and plant-based cheeses. You will not have to worry that there are additives that are not safe for you to eat here and the delicious food is filling and hearty.

This is a great choice for those who love Italian food but hate the heaviness of these meals or for those who do not usually get the chance to enjoy Italian cuisine due to the lack of vegan and vegetarian restaurants that serve this kind of meal.

Plant-based eating in Budapest

Szabad Bisztro

This lovely gastropub in the city center offers you a full list of great pub food options as well as vegan and vegetarian wines and beers to enjoy. For a vegan restaurant with a great atmosphere, there is no better place to sit down to eat.

The kitchen serves here until 10 at night and you can order takeout to bring with you. You will love the well-rounded menu of actual dining options and snack fare. You can sit down here and have a bagel and a pint, or get a full dinner or lunch if that is more up your alley.

Naspolya Nassolda

If you prefer eating raw and you want to even avoid things like honey in your dining, this vegan restaurant is the right place for you to visit. You will find that most of the offerings on the menu here are delicious vegan raw cakes and other kinds of light vegan fare. This is a fantastic vegan food spot for a light meal at a sidewalk table that offers access to vegetarian and vegan interpretations of classic snacks as well.

Mennyorszag Szive

This small shop offers you quick meals that are a bit like vegan fast food. You can get access to Chinese dishes that are really excellent as well as vegan junk food. There are few vegan restaurants in the city that offer such an eclectic and unique mix of snacks and meals and you will love your stop at this little shop. Because vegetarians and vegans don't always want to eat healthy!

You can also get icy refreshing drinks of various kinds here in the summer and warm and soothing warm drinks in the winter.


If fine dining is on your list of things to do while you're in town, this is one of the best vegan restaurants in Budapest for you to visit. This is one of only six Michelin-starred restaurants in Budapest, and you will sit down for a lavish seven-course vegan and vegetarian meal when you dine here. The carrot tartare is delicious and the Jerusalem artichoke dishes are excellent as well.

There are few places in the city that are as special as this dining location, and you might want to dress up and head here for a truly visionary dining experience.


For a quick grab-and-go dining experience, this little vegetarian shop is the right choice to make. The menu is never the same two days in a row and the family that operates the location makes everything on offer by hand each morning. You will find few vegan restaurants in the city that offer such authentic and delightful dishes.

Make sure not to walk right by this little hole-in-the-wall location as it is easy to miss. This is a great place to enjoy Hungarian cuisine and since the menu changes so often you will be able to come here for new dishes each day if you wish.

Plant-based restaurants in Budapest

Epoch Vegan Burger

This burger stop offers you access to three different kinds of vegan burgers. You can choose from oat, seitan, or mushroom burgers and they have delightful vegan cheeses to make the perfect fried cheeseburgers that we all crave. Their sauces are made in-house and you can also get vegetable chips and other vegan-friendly sides.

This spot is dog-friendly and you can eat your delicious vegan food outside if you wish. This is a good choice for vegan fast food that does not feel like it was made quickly to order while you waited near the food stand. There are many vegan restaurants in Budapest that offer this kind of burger, but few of them are this delicious or offer you so many options.


This is a street food location where street food trucks congregate to offer a wide array of delicious vegan and vegetarian food options. You should take the time to wander around the stalls before you decide on what you want to eat and you can easily add desserts and drinks to your meal after you sit down.

There are all kinds of food options here and even those who do not normally eat vegan or vegetarian will find lots of intriguing menu items. This is a great choice if you want to spend a little time in the middle of the day sitting down for a lunch and enjoying the atmosphere in this part of the city.

Vegan Love

The well-rounded menu here gives you access to burgers, gyros, and so much more. This is one of the vegan restaurants in Budapest that offers a menu that is full of choices, and all of them are excellent. Try their fried donuts and you might want to add a really good lemonade to your order as well.

You can also get gluten-free options here and it's a great place to head if you don't already know exactly what you want. Something on the diverse menu is bound to tempt you. This spot is right near metro and tram stops as well, so it can be a great place to sit down for a bite to eat in between sightseeing adventures or other activities that you have planned for your day.

Best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Budapest


There are few cities in the world that are as vegetarian and vegan-friendly as Budapest, especially in Europe. You will be able to find vegetarian restaurants on nearly every corner in this city and most of them offer vegan food as well as gluten-free food. Eating to your dietary preferences or demands can be hard in some locations, but not in Budapest. You can head to any part of the city to sightsee or enjoy cultural events without worrying about what you will eat when you get there. Simply put: it's easy to be a vegetarian or vegan in Budapest.

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