Music Festivals in Budapest in 2022

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Music festivals in Budapest

Budapest is one of the most amazing places that you can visit during nearly any season of the year. If you love music festivals, there are many great options to enjoy in and around this lovely city during your stay. Budapest, Hungary is full of culture, history, and delightful architecture, and it is also a great choice for those who love food and drink. Many of the festivals that are held each year in Budapest combine music and delicious food options so you can enjoy them both at the same time!

The first thing that you need to do when you get to Budapest is to make sure that your luggage is secure and safe. Use our secure luggage storage locations in Budapest to make sure that you don't have to think about your belongings or your bags while you're having fun at your festival. Having your luggage in safe storage can make everything about your festival experience more enjoyable.

Once your bags are taken care of properly, you can enjoy your planned music festival with ease and peace of mind! It will also make it that much easier to get to and from the events. Check out how to get around Budapest for more information on navigating the city's transportation options.

Budapest music festivals 2022

Music Festivals in Budapest 2022

Budapest attracts various headliners all year long to play their own concerts in this memorable city. You can count on big names like Ellie Goulding, Ed Sheeran, and more to make a stop in this big city to play for a few dates if possible. This means that you might be able to enjoy a music festival and also a concert during your stay. You should look and see if there are any artists that you have always wanted to see who might be coming to town during your trip. Chances are that at least one of them might be putting on a show while you're in town.

Music festivals are not the only way to enjoy music in this lovely city and street performers in the city center, as well as dinner entertainment, are common ways to access musical experiences during your stay as well. Budapest has a huge local music scene as well as providing opportunities to enjoy large events full of colorful local performers, major stars from all around the world, and experiences that you will never forget. Always make sure to get tickets for the events that you want to go to well in advance of your trip. Most of these larger music festivals sell out quite quickly and you don't want to miss out.

Budapest Spring Festival

While not entirely devoted to music, this festival is one of the longest-running events that is held in Budapest and it's very popular. You will enjoy cooler temperatures during this time of the year in the city and you will not need tickets to enjoy most of the events that are going on as part of the Spring Festival. The event runs from April 29 to May 15, so it's easy to take in a show or two if your dates coincide. This is more of a city-wide fest than a festival that is held at a specific location like Óbuda Island.

Classical music and jazz concerts are offered during this festival and there are circus and street performers on the streets during the event. Movie premieres and new musical groups debut during the Budapest Spring Festival and you will love finding out about new artists that you might never have heard of. This is a very popular two-week period in Budapest, so you will want to get your hotel reservations and any tickets that you might want early. This is a busy time to be in the city but you will have a great time at this festival that celebrates all things Hungarian.

Kolorado Festival

The Kolorado Festival takes place annually in June and is devoted to electronic music. The venue is nestled in the forest up above the city and you will love the eclectic mix of artists who are attracted in to play at this event. This is a smaller and less crowded venue which can make it more accessible and the dreamy atmosphere can be more fun than being in the hot summer sun even if you are near the water.

If you love electronic music, this is a fun event to go to and one that you might want to put on your list of things to consider doing during your summer visit to Hungary. It is certainly a local favorite and you will see a bit of everything on display so you're bound to have a good time.

Classical music festivals in Budapest

Volt Festival

This is a five-day event that is held in June and you should plan on attending this festival if you want to enjoy pop, jazz, rock, and urban music. This is the sister festival to the Sziget Festival and it offers the same kind of amazing energy and excitement around the music and performances that are going on during the event. The Sziget team knows how to put on a quality event and you can expect this level of attention to detail at the Volt Festival.

This festival is hosted in Sopron and this year the Killers, Muse, and Sum 41 will all be playing. The lineup of famous names is extensive and you will probably recognize most of the artists that are slated to play during this festival. This can offer you a lot of bang for your buck since you will get access to so many amazing artists all for one ticket price.

This festival is always a good time and usually benefits from great weather along with a scenic location and amazing music.

Balaton Sound

Held near Lake Balaton, this festival is devoted entirely to electronic music. This is one of the biggest festivals in Europe for this kind of music and you will enjoy the open-air atmosphere and the incredible energy of the experience here. Created by the Sziget Festival organizers, this event offers the same kind of festival atmosphere combined with summer fun and great weather near the water.

DJs and live performers from all around the world come here to show their talent and you will enjoy concerts put on by many artists that you would not be able to see anywhere else except here. For lovers of dance music, this is the summer festival to plan to get a ticket to. Make sure that you secure your tickets early for this event since this is the peak time for tourism and also a very large and popular event in Europe. Tickets definitely sell fast and the festival runs from June 29 to July 2.

Budapest Music Festival

This is a choir and orchestra festival that is held in Budapest from the end of June to early July. If you love classical music and talented vocals, this is the event for you to plan your visit around. The artists that perform during this festival are local favorites and the talent that is displayed at this summer event is second to none.

This might not be the kind of music event that you usually enjoy, but if you are in the city and you want to try something totally new, this is a great music adventure to go on. Classical music and choir have a big place in Budapest culture and this is one of the best ways to partake of this historical part of the culture. You will hear the most beautiful singing and the loveliest orchestral music during this week in Budapest and you might find that you enjoy this kind of music more than you thought!

The best music festivals in Budapest

Sziget Festival 2022

The Sziget Festival is one of the finest and most well-known festivals in all of Europe. This event takes place in August from the 10th to the 15th on Obuda Island and it's a very memorable and special experience to plan to enjoy during your stay. The Hungarian capital is the perfect location for this unique experience and the Sziget Festival 2022 is slated to be one of the best of all time as a comeback from the pandemic and lockdown procedures.

The festival lasts for 6 days and you can see headliners of the same quality as Ed Sheeran, the Gorillaz, and more. There is also a full schedule of cinema presentations that go on during the festival and you can see contemporary circus acts performed on-site as well. Obuda Island is a great place to visit for its own sake and the combination of this memorable event and the interesting location makes this festival high on the list of options for those who love music festivals.

Strand Festival

Also held at Lake Balaton, this festival takes place in mid-August and it is a really fun music event that people of all ages can have fun at. The lineup for 2022 is amazing and includes Ellie Goulding, DJFresh, and WellHello. You will have a great time here on the beach listening to music and you can enjoy the water and the island while you take in the performers. If you were planning to come to Budapest for a week or so, you can enjoy seeing lots of your favorite artists at this event during your trip.

This festival has a more casual feel than some of the others on this list and it can be a good choice for those with teens or younger kids who want to have fun at a concert without worrying too much about their children. The Lake Balaton area is really enjoyable as well, particularly when the weather is hot and other parts of the city might be too toasty for comfort.

Since the lake is so large and so shallow, you can play in the water here safely, even with younger kids. This is one of those combined experiences where the music festival offers one kind of fun, and the lake itself offers another. The season that this event takes place might be busy for tourism, but it is also a great time to enjoy the outdoors and to have fun at the lake.

Ozora Festival

Held in August, this is a camping and outdoor kind of music festival that waits until late in the game to get its list of artists assigned and announced. You will find that there is nearly every kind of music represented at this event each year as well as local artists and craftsman selling their wares. You can also enjoy local food and drink which can be a lot of fun for those who are more inspired by food than music.

Head here for a gritty and outdoorsy experience that is more casual than some of the other Hungarian events that are going on in the summer. You might choose to stop in at this festival as a balance for some of the more serious or larger events that are going on in the days before and after Ozora.

The best classical music in Budapest

Planning to stay some more days in Budapest?

If you want to enjoy musical events at a scale that might not be available to you near your home, your visit to Budapest is the perfect time to do so. But, Budapest is so much more than a home for great music. You can find great shopping, amazing food, and lots of history to learn about and enjoy while you're here. Consider adding at least a few days extra to fully experience this magical city, and our 3 days in Budapest guide will make planning your itinerary painless. A visit to Budapest offers up all kinds of ways to have fun and things to experience including scenic parks and world-class museums. Even if you can only add one day to your trip, you should absolutely do it.

There is no wrong way to enjoy Budapest and the many cultural events and concerts that go on all year will make it easy for you to plan to attend at least one of these experiences during your stay. Make sure that you plan to put your luggage into secure storage when you arrive in the city so that you will have your hands free to have the time of your life! Luggage does not belong at a music festival and storing your bags securely will make your trip much more enjoyable.

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