Cairo Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Cairo, Egypt

Egypt's capital city Cairo can be an overwhelming location to visit. This sprawling metropolis of over nine million people is the biggest city in the entire Middle East and one of the biggest in the world. An ancient meeting place of both Eastern and Western influences, Cairo is overflowing with vibrant life. Home to Egypt's top cultural institutions, Cairo is also the place to try some of the country's best restaurants.

And yet, Cairo is almost literally overshadowed by its past. Its skyline is dominated by the ancient pyramids that rise just outside the city and bring millions of visitors to Cairo every year. East meets West, past meets present, and travelers meet endless adventure in Cairo. Drop off your bags at a Cairo luggage storage service and prepare for the trip of a lifetime.

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9 Best Ways to Experience Cairo in 2024

Cairo, the Egyptian capital, is about as big and bustling as cities come. The sprawling metropolis receives millions of visitors every year, many of them drawn by the opportunity to explore ancient Egyptian civilization and the Pyramids of Giza. But there’s much more to Cairo than the pyramids, as spectacular as they are. If you want to get to know the city on a deeper level, you’ll need local help. The following companies can show you various facets of this endlessly fascinating city and ensure you have a great adventure on your trip to Egypt.

Best Hurghada tours – Hurghada Daily Tours

Located on the shores of the Red Sea, Hurghada is one of Egypt’s most popular resorts. The warm water and sand beaches are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, and many other beach activities. This company makes it easy to reach the beach from Cairo with daily tours that will show you all the best spots on the Egyptian Riviera. They even offer multi-day tours that will let you get a deeper experience of the area. To book, contact them at or 201006949281.

Best package tours – Eco-Adventure Solar Empire Travel

Sometimes, you just want to enjoy yourself on vacation and let somebody else worry about all the details. That’s where package tours come into their own. Although package tours often have a bad reputation, there’s no easier way to see the main attractions of an area. And Eco-Adventure Solar Empire go out of their way to provide package tours that take the hassle out of travel. See Cairo, the pyramids, and other world-class attractions the easy way by booking a tour with this company. You can contact them at or 201016082957.

Best local experience – Egypt Attractions

Like so many Cairo tour companies, this tour provider can take you to see the pyramids and the bustling markets of the city. But they set themselves apart by offering some really unique experiences. For instance, you could enjoy breakfast with a local and learn what it’s like to live in modern Cairo. Or you could take one of the meditation packages and discover the spiritual side of the desert. Whatever interests you, there’s a good chance this company offers a tour that will appeal and be a long way from ordinary. You can contact them at or 201128543024.

Best wildlife tour – Ramashka Tours

This company offers several different tours of Hurghada, including snorkeling and diving trips that will bring you up close and personal with the thriving wildlife of the area. One of the most tempting tours they offer is the Dolphin House tour, which will take you to local spots where you have a very high probability of seeing wild dolphins. You can swim and snorkel with these magnificent mammals before enjoying a delicious lunch on board your boat and a leisurely cruise over the Red Sea. It’s bound to be an unforgettable experience on your Egyptian vacation. Contact them at or 201122227277.

Best ancient Egyptian tour – Dahab Safari

The Egyptian pyramids, the Sphinx, and the other relics of ancient Egyptian civilization are truly wonders of the ancient world. It’s these attractions that bring millions of visitors to modern Egypt every year. Dahab Safaris can take you to the ancient city of Luxor, the pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the Egyptian Museum, where knowledgeable guides will tell you more about the fascinating stories behind these enigmatic monuments. The company also offers tours to the stone city of Petra in neighboring Jordan and private tours of Abu Simbel. Contact them at or 201282162989.

Best Cairo tour – Book Tour Egypt

Many of the tour companies in Cairo seem like they can’t wait to whisk you away to somewhere else. That’s because Cairo is surrounded by so many incredible attractions. Still, the city itself is also well worth exploring, and that’s where Book Tour Egypt come in. They offer fascinating tours of Cairo where you’ll get to see the Saladin Citadel, the Egyptian Museum, the Mohammed Ali Mosque, and other highlights of the city. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to explore Cairo at least a little, and this is the company best equipped to help you do that. Contact them at or 201000835673.

Best desert tour – Excursies Egypte

Cairo is surrounded by beauty, and the desert around the city has a barren grandeur of its own. This tour company can help you get better acquainted with trips to the Black Desert, the White Desert, Siwa, and the many oases in this arid landscape. You’ll come away with a better understanding of how the desert has shaped Egyptian culture through the centuries, and you’ll have unforgettable memories of this unique landscape. Contact them at or 201224789162.

Best shore excursions – Emo Tours Egypt

Egypt is becoming more and more popular as a cruise destination, and it’s not hard to see why. If you find yourself visiting the country on a ship, you may only have a limited time to explore on land before heading to your next port. That’s where Emo Tours come in. This company offers incredible tours from Sagafa Port, including a day trip to Luxor to see the ancient Valley of the Kings. If you have a little more time on your hands, they also have longer trips that will let you see more of the area. Contact them at or 201223471972.

Best Nile cruise – King Tut Tours

You can’t visit Cairo without cruising along the Nile, the river that was so central to ancient Egyptian civilization and remains the heart of the city to this day. There are many companies that offer Nile cruises, but King Tut is one of the best around. Enjoy a relaxing cruise along with a meal and entertainment and appreciate the Egyptian landscape from a whole new perspective. Contact them at or 201125110595.

A weekend in Cairo

A weekend in Cairo is never going to be enough to see everything the city has to offer. But it will give you a chance to see some of the top attractions and perhaps start planning for your next visit. Drop off your bags at a Cairo bag storage, where they will be safely looked after while you explore.

  • It may be a cliché, but you can't go to Cairo and not see the pyramids. Literally; these ancient tombs can be seen from the city. But if you make the short journey out to the desert, the Great Pyramids of Giza are absolutely stunning and a true bucket-list destination.
  • To learn more about the pyramids and the ancient Egyptian culture that built them, visit Cairo's Egyptian Museum. One of the world's great museums, it would take years to see everything this massive collection houses. The Tutankhamen galleries are particularly stunning.
  • See more of Cairo's past at Al-Azhar Mosque. Built in 972, this mosque is incredibly well-preserved, and is home to one of the world's oldest universities. It remains an important religious site, so make sure to respect local customs when you visit to admire the gorgeous architecture of the mosque.

Cairo lockers

Cairo can't be summed up in one word, but if it could, that word might be overwhelming. In the best possible way. The huge population and lively street culture of the city make it a fascinating place to explore, but you'll be a lot more comfortable if you don't carry more than you need to. Drop off your bags at a Cairo suitcase storage so that you can travel light. The less you have to carry, the more you'll enjoy your time in the city. And you'll have peace of mind knowing your bags will be safely looked after until you pick them up.

Off the beaten path in Cairo

Cairo receives millions of visitors every year. Plus, its huge population can make it feel as though you're always in a crowd of one kind or another. But if you delve a little deeper into what the city has to offer, you can still find some lesser-known attractions that are well worth exploring.

  • Al-Azhar Park was only opened in 2005, but it's a much-needed breath of fresh air in the crowded city. This tranquil green space is the perfect place to take a stroll in the evening and enjoy sunset views of the old city.
  • Explore Cairo's hipster quarter on the island of Gezira. Zamalek is the city's trendiest neighborhood and is full of cafés and restaurants that are worth exploring. You can also visit the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art while you're there to learn more about the modern culture of Egypt.
  • The river Nile has defined Egyptian society for millennia. Visit an ancient form of river control at the Nilometer of Monastirli Palace. Built in 861, the Nilometer was used to measure the annual flooding of the river so that the rulers of Egypt could plan construction and food production in the city.

What to do alone in Cairo

Solo travel in Cairo can be thrilling. The infectious energy of the city means you'll never feel alone, and traveling solo can help you escape some of the tourist crowds. Drop off your bags at a Cairo luggage locker, and you'll be perfectly set up to enjoy your time in the city.

  • If you're looking for a vibrant atmosphere, you can't do much better than Khan el-Khalili. This sprawling bazaar is a labyrinth of different stalls and traders. While the main streets are devoted to tourist items, the sidestreets offer a more authentic glimpse of Egypt. Be ready to haggle and abandon all notions of personal space as you explore this intriguing area.
  • Explore Middle Eastern art at Cairo’s Museum of Islamic Art. This institution holds one of the most important collections of Islamic art in the world, and the exhibits span centuries. Explore the history of Islamic art and culture and come away with a better understanding of what makes Egypt the way it is.
  • See another facet of Egyptian civilization in old Cairo. The Coptic Quarter is home to the relics of this ancient people, and also houses many of the city's Roman ruins. Check out the Coptic Museum and the Hanging Church next door to explore Christianity's history in the Middle East.

The best souvenirs in Cairo

With its sprawling markets, Cairo is a thrilling place to shop. You can pick up a plastic pyramid or Sphinx just about anywhere, but be prepared for some lengthy haggling over the price. Also, incense is a classic Egyptian item, and you can smell it almost everywhere you go in the city's markets. Khan El Khalili has a great selection. And for ancient Egyptian-themed statues and stones, check out Ashor bazaar. Handcarved wooden jewelry boxes also make a fantastic souvenir of Egypt. These elaborate boxes are as beautiful as any jewelry you could put in them, and you'll find plenty of authentic items at Al Zoghaby Bazaar.

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